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  1. We are currently experimenting with something like that. Scrap secondary aptitudes completely and link skills, talents and stat advances only to primary, but use levels of primary aptitudes. Everyone starts as if having 1 in each primary aptitude like this: WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wil Fel 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 which means he buys anything for the same price and he can move up to three to strenghten some and weaken other, so an assassin looks like this WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wil Fel 1 2 0 0 2 0 2 1 1 which gives him cheaper advances where 2's are, and more expensive where 0's are (along with linked skills and talents). Now there are a few talents which have to be relinked double team - general, offence - > ws weapon training - general, finesse -> ws or bs (depending on weapon) double tap - bs two weapon master - finesse, offence - ws and bs (cheaper when having both at 2, more expensive when having one o two at 0) It needs more playtesting, but character creation and early advancements seems ok so far. Characters are somewhat stronger, because they effectively get 9 aptitudes instead of 7, but that can be easily reduced.
  2. As my heretek had **** WS, I decided to even out things in melee by creative usage of toys and talents - I attached 4 lesser minions with shock whips and double team to myself. I let them act first to shock opponent/let him use up his reactions, but he even then he almost always ended up shocked, sa suddenly I had +60WS (+20 ganging up, +20 double team. + 20 shocked). Also always trusty plasma pistol with weapon MIU next to doom siren (makes wonders with weapon-tech) on one shoulder and servo-arm on the other (as can opener for space marines).
  3. Considering that to attach a cyber arm you already need quite an invasive surgery I don't think attaching it somewhere else would be much different. also a picture (from lathe worlds I think) for proof of concept.
  4. I've read some chapters and found some bugs/errors/things I dislike. You probably want to finish the rest of the chapters before mass removing bugs but I hope a list would be helpfull in the future chapter 3 (updated) talents Psychic Martyr - mindlinked as prerequisite? monstrous telekinetic - telekine as prerequisite instead of telepath (or some telekinetic power that allow lifting objects) visions of the abyss - "they reduce the amount taken by –1" - "reduce the amount taken by 1" ? warp conduit - "on Psychic Phenomena when he makes as a result of this talent" - "that he makes"? warpshield - "The Psyker can sacrifice using his" - "sacrifice usage of his" (also I have some problems with this talent, specifications at the end) nascent power - what is effective psy rating for powers that need it (e.g. do damage)? How to handle powers that require opossed tests? Use unmodified Willpower? chapter 9 "Telekinetic Shield" on page 2 (discipline view), "Telekine Shield" on page 8 (powers descriptions) chapter 10 Is Adeptus Arbites Discipline telepathy for the sake of discipline focus and mastery? closer than flesh - should i work on any telepathy power (because then Broadcast Thought to all in range can instantly make you insane) or on those where there is clear two-way contact? warpshield - why is this talent so much better than telekine shield/dome/barrier? A power which can stops any atack, is very cheap and you can start the game with it. I love it but I feel it's very unbalanced and easy to abuse.
  5. Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix's special ability would prove, that DoS matter: If DoS don't matter, this ability is worse than worthless, as it also has negative consequences
  6. More like morte from Planescape Torment. Sir Robin: What's he do? Nibble your bum? -Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Also in mind came Murray from Monkey Island. At least this thing doesn't have trouble moving around. More like Morte from Planescape Torment.
  7. Combat formation may be better, as it can give a whole team a boost. I once made knowledge servo-skull (lower minion) with 1 BS, but I gave it hand flamer. But if you add BS, some camo-armour, and somehow a modified weapon with accurate, you'll have nice invisible sniper.
  8. Still, a great number of weapons wouldn't work in airless environment.
  9. As heretek, you'd probably be the one who can fix things. So when your friendly Space Marines' power armour gets full of melta gun holes, be sure the one to patch it up. And if by mistake you add a possibility of remote detonation of their power sources, that's just a honest mistake. Also be usefull as hell. The best insurance is when they don't want for you to get hurt because you are the only one who can fix their plasma gun/missing limb.
  10. You could make some talents for them using 'double team' as a base (as they shouldn't probably get these bonuses for free)
  11. Normal as non-warp and non-augmentics. While gene-therapy isn't 'normal', how much can it really upgrade your already heavy upgraded muscules?
  12. That's about the only sensible usage of this talent I can think of.
  13. I guess that's right but is still somewhat feels wrong.There is a limit to how much you can enhance something with normal means and I to me CSM are already at that limit. But that's just me.
  14. Look up "some rules clarification form ffg" topic. I think there as something about it there.
  15. In the topic "Some Rules clarifications from FFG" it states this: For clarities sake Multiple arms appears to work like this: Multiple Arms (3) - gain +10 to climbing/swimming, gain 1 extra attack (3/2, round down) Multiple Arms (4) - also gain 1 extra attack, 2 total (4/2) Multiple Arms (5) - no benefit (5/2, round down), 2 extra attacks total Multiple Arms (6) - also gain 1 extra attack, 3 total (6/2) Where multiple arms (3) means you have 3 arms.
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