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    Snowman0147 reacted to DeathByGrotz in New Supplement in the Works   
    As far as "grimderp" goes, our group took a long, good look at the tyranids. We then decided to save the galaxy from the nids, videotape how and send our new status as "heroes of humanity, champions of the milkyway and saviours of the universe" to imperial worlds, the inquisition and personally addressed to the high lords of Terra and any Eldar craftworld we knew.
    This promises to be an entertaining "black crusade". I can taste the ultramarine tears already
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    Snowman0147 reacted to AtoMaki in New Supplement in the Works   
    It is a post-cyberpunk setting put into the 40k universe. Pretty much a quasi-xeno protectorate of the Imperium (kinda like the Jokaero, just much bigger) that has a very heavily emphasized grimbright theme rather than a grimdark one. Her you have advanced technology everywhere, psychic enlightenment, safe&fast warp travel, lots of personal freedom, and stuff that keeps the uglies of the galaxy in check. On the downside, everyone is mega-competitive, people can (and will) screw you up in very interesting ways, ethics and morals are both considered overrated, and the guys in those shiny skyscrapers are often more fiendish than the four Chaos Gods combined. 
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    Snowman0147 reacted to enentol in New homeworlds in FG are nothing much to look at.   
    I haven't seen the book yet, as Canadian retailers haven't really received their copies yet, but I'm a little disappointed if the Rogue Trader ship is a Homeworld option instead of a Background option.
    Why wouldn't they use a Rogue Trader Crew as a background option instead of a Homeworld? Surely it would add tons more flavour and could be uniquely different from the other options in the core rulebook?
    It seems like there would be so many different options if that were the case. A Voidborn character with the Rogue Trade Crew background could be someone born into servitude on the ship, where as a Highborn Crew member could be one of the Rogue Trader's trusted officers or even a disgraced Rogue Trader him/herself?
    Seems like a missed opportunity...
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Radwraith in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    This is the best I've heard it stated yet! I would've entertained a whole new system if it was indeed better! To be fair, I don't remember any of the trolls I mentioned leveling death threats specifically (Although who knows what they did by E-mail!) but I do remember some pretty unkind comments directed at other playtesters and FFG! I feel pretty much the same about that as I do about threats in general; It's Irresponsible, Immature and reprehensible! As a community that generally and rightfully prides itself on it's intelligence, we should demand better!
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    Snowman0147 reacted to N0-1_H3r3 in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    With regards to "rewrite" vs "copy-paste"... rewrites take time. Lots of time, and consequently money (because those writers you've pulled back in to rewrite the game they spent months writing will need paying all over again, if you want to get it done in any reasonable time-frame). Time-consuming and costly rewrites in the middle of the playtest when you're aiming for the game to be out by GenCon is a big problem.
    Games development isn't an easy or quick process. Being asked to redo a chunk of it half-way through the process is a really bad proposition at the best of times. Especially as the biggest decisions in a game are done right at the beginning (game design) with all the writing and testing done after that (game development), and the kind of rewrites some people were asking for were changes to the design.
    Basically, FFG were in a difficult situation and handled things as best as they could.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to htsmithium in You know you're playing Black Crusade, when...   
    When a player becoming a mecanical, flaming skulled, centar and is still considered the most normal of the group
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Bore in You know you're playing Black Crusade, when...   
    When you decide it's a better option to just kidnap your fellow PCs in the middle of the night for unnecessary enhancement surgery.
    When you decide it's a better option to also "put them back where you found them", albiet, unconscious, so they are none-the-wiser you did something to them.
    When you spread the taint of Chaos through proper schooling and education.
    When you slight-of-hand away a dead Marine's geneseed for in-depth study later because a currently alive Marine is otherwise watching you to make sure you don't do that very thing.
    When you find out accidentally that your psychic thought-sending will set off the Khorne Marine into a frenzy, which will cause another Marine to burn infamy to stay alive, but minus one arm, which you will later turn into a monstrously powerful cybernetic.
    When you plan on "accidentally" on-purpose use thought-sending on the Khorne Marine for your own selfish purposes.
    When you steal your fellow PCs equipment, only to replace it with better equipment, simply because they can't make an aquisition-roll to save their life and are too much of a jerk to accept a gift. Because they are paranoid you might have trapped it.
    When you "trap" your fellow PCs' equipment with explosives.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Vaeron in Possible Fix for Aptitudes   
    I like the aptitude system. Not everyone can be good at everything. I'm sure someone will come up with an and/or house rule and share with the community at some point, but I definitely don't think the game is harmed with the current setup. It definitely beats the ridiculously restrictive talent trees from the beta, where you couldn't use suppressive fire without first purchasing overwatch, rite of clearing, independent targeting, and bulging biceps in that specific order.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to DeathByGrotz in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    Just going to repost my edit:
    And oh snap, I just checked the actual book. XP for noncombat isn't a variant.
    It's not a variant in the errata either. The problem with the errata is, since you didn't open the actual book, but only looked at the web page, you completely failed to notice that the variants only refer to the paragraphs they're put in front of, not the text below. CR for noncombat encounters is NOT a variant rule. It is NOT in a side box.
    Again: Stop quoting out of context and read the actual thing. If you had, actually, read the DMG and weren't simply talking out of your ass, you would not have called whatstheword [the summary of a buttload of non-combat XP suggestions...] awards a "variant". You'd also not be trying to tell me, here, with the DMG open on my desk, that the majority of its content is about dungeon crawling...
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Veruca in Book Binding   
    That's just crazy. I think an official statement from FFG might be in order, since more and more people are reporting this issue. It's clear that this is a production error, and not some random book falling apart.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Kainus in Book Binding   
    I'm beginning to seriously feel bad for FFG- This game must have something of a cursed reputation around the office.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to ThenDoctor in Book Binding   
    CPS is good at instilling paranoia in anyone, I'm still not entirely sure he isn't a servant of the ever changing one.
    Papa Nurgle provides to his followers.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Robin Graves in Book Binding   
    I'm finding it ironic that the tome of decay apears to be better made than DH2.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Gridash in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    I don't have any DH1 books so this is definitely a good purchase for me as well. I love the 1.5 system.
    Haters gonna hate. 
    And the "copy-pasting" is the same with the star wars lines. People don't have any problems with that, these are just seperate product lines. FFG is still a company so yeah.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to LordBlades in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    On the other hand, does every one who would be interested in Dark Heresy already own Only War? For example nobody in my group ever thought of buying any Only War books because we had no interest in an Imperial Guard game.  For us, DH2 would be a worthwhile purchase even if all the mechanics were 100% copy-paste from Only War.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to The Laughing God in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    well it can hardly have been a surprise. everyone knew that after some initial wandering around the new system would gravitate back to something akin to DH 1.5/Only War system. A choice I personally applaud cause it means I can still use my meter and a half of old FFG W40K books in four game systems.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Radwraith in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    Oh the ongoing Mewling of the "I hate DH2" crowd! Get over it already! If you can't get over it move on! We're no longer in beta and I recognise the same people spouting the same things! The verdict is in. FFG and Tim would not have opted for the expense and effort of retooling DH2 to it's current form if their feedback on the first beta hadn't been pretty convincing! Secondly, Please don't be disingenuous in your Criticism! DH2 is not OW copy pasted into a newly colored book. Only the Skills, Talents and combat system have a direct correlation. This is in order to maintain some cross correlation across the line. The CharGen is significantly different from OW or BC. The Narrative tools section, which many of us thought was the best part of the original beta, was retained completely! That entire section was entirely original and thematically well suited to an investigative game! As to not listening to their beta players, I personally already have found things in DH2 that were things I recommended during beta (Although I'm probably not the only one!). So maybe some of you should try being a little more constructive for a change!
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Adeptus-B in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    Mm, I don't know, I don't think it was as dry and objective as that; it seemed to me that there was an element of panic in the decision. FFG didn't just 'make changes' to the Beta1 system- they completely scrapped it (the popular parts and the unpopular parts) and went back to Only War.
    I was one of the people who was leaning toward what the Forum was calling 'DH1.5' over Beta1, and even I was a little disappointed that Beta2 had so little advancement beyond the OW ruleset.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Fgdsfg in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    The few things in the original DH2 beta that wasn't a complete mess didn't have to be thrown away for backwards compatibility, though.
    I think what people really reacted to was that a lot of changes didn't seem to be warranted, and ended up being changed for the sake of change, and it wasn't worth breaking the game line for it. As Adeptus-B mentions, the combat system was a complete mess, but there were also a whole slew issues, such as the Talent Trees and the gamification of very basic actions (You know Overwatch? The act of looking in a given direction and shooting when you see someone or something happens? It was a Talent. Wrap your head around that for a while.)
    The original DH2 Beta had some - albeit very limited - merits. But the best part about it was actually the fact that a lot of content seemed to have been re-written and reviewed, something the WH40kRP line desperately need, instead of the constant copy-pasting that results in sometimes very wonky interaction between older mechanics and newer ones.
    I have the feeling that instead of listening to the critique, FFG just back-pedalled to something older, before people complained. A very.. reactionary response, regrettably. The intent of the very valid criticism targeted at the original DH2 Beta was never to simply coat Only War with a red and black tint.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Fgdsfg in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    If you want to be cynical about it, what basically happened was that people had very strong, very legitimate complaints about a wide range of changes, and when poked at, someone in charge felt insulted or indignant, and instead they copy-pasted Only War.

    As Adeptus-B said, they pretty much threw the baby out with the bathwater. While the combat system in the DH2 Beta was wonky as all hell, the Action Point system could easily have worked well, the Fatigue system was better, etc, etc, etc. The DH2 Beta had some really good ideas and a lot of really terrible ones - and they ended up scrapping all of it.
    And now we're back at trying to work out RAI between systems due to copy-paste inconsistencies (I'm a bit flabbergasted that Degrees of Failure/Success mechanics were never adjusted after BC/OW changed how it worked).
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Adeptus-B in What happened to 2nd edition?   
    I assume you are talking about Narrative Damage (instead of 'hit points') and Action Points (instead of 'two Half Actions and one Reaction')?
    Narrative Damage, while a cool idea, had it's share of bugs. Playtesting results showed that it slowed combat down to a crawl (and slow combat is already a problem with WH40KRP). Plus there were built-in nonsensical results (taking a single hand cannon shot to the head was virtually never fatal, but five minor scratches and you were as good as dead), and it didn't 'scale up' well to take non-human adversaries into account (necessitating silly stopgaps like all daemons having force fields, for instance). Like I said, it was an interesting concept, but it needed more development to be 'ready for prime time'.
    Action Points are a different matter. The negative comments about them on the Forum were almost exclusively in reference to Beta1's absurdly complicated Rate of Fire rules. I think Action Points would have been an improvement to DH2 if they had been applied to the 'standard' WH40KRP RoF rules, allowing us to replace the cumbersome Half Action/Full Action/Reaction language with "You have three Action Points- spend them however you want." I think ditching Action Points was a case of 'throwing the baby out with the bath water.'
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Bladehate in General thoughts on Askellon   
    Speaking personally, the source material in both DH1 and DH2 for their sectors is perfectly suitable.  DH1 might have had a slight edge, but I think that might as well be nostalgia as any actual indication of quality.  At the time of publishing DH was doing something that we really hadn't seen before, and just getting to immerse yourself in the WH40K setting was a powerful thing for many of us. 
    That said, what really hooked myself as a GM and my player group were the adventures because they took this grimly iconic setting and breathed it into RPG life.  Edge of Darkness was just awesome on so many levels.  A well-crafted introduction to setting and mechanics.  House of Dust and Ashes leading into the Haarlock epic saga was also potent, even if the ending was badly fumbled (in my opinion).  Time will tell if the DH2 adventures can provide that same level of punch.
    But the actual sector setting info is what it is.  DH1 had story hooks for every planet.  So does DH2.  Those hooks are just considerably more Cthulhu/End Times than it was in DH1.  Since that's what this new sector is all about, I would say its within the theme they've set out.  If that's not your cup of tea its ridiculously easy to dial it back a bit and turn Askellon from apocalyptic and into something with a different theme.  Wild Space Askellon?  Frontier sector, with a rich history?  Done and done.  Does it require even an iota of rewriting?  Not really.  The data and hooks are all still there, but how you perceive and present it is all that's changed.
    I will say this:  Calixis was monolithic.  It was established.  It had hundreds of Inquisitors, and seethed with a thousand, thousand plots.  Anything the players did was likely to be swallowed by all the setting noise or countered by any number of rival factions.  As a GM it was a wonderful setting, with a massive amount of material and story ideas.  For my players, probably not as much.  After all, most of them didn't devour the books in the same way I did. 
    In comparison, Askellon really puts the focus on player actions.  The grim dark is heavy, but ironically I think Askellon gives the players more impact.  I think that's a worthwhile thing to consider.  Its not necessarily about being better or worse than Calixis, but I do think its closer to the freedom and empowerment of Rogue Trader without the sandbox.  I think its a pretty good compromise personally.
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Keffisch in new supplement just anounced fr q4   
    IF it is Necrons, the Pandaemonium might be mankind's "salvation".
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    Snowman0147 reacted to GauntZero in new supplement just anounced fr q4   
    If it is a C'Tan, the Pandaemonium will become the sectors smaller problem...
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    Snowman0147 reacted to Radwraith in Problem Reigning in a Game   
    Wow! Just...Wow! Run from that Gm! Go fast! Go far! Assuming you are telling the whole story (And I have no reason to believe your not!), this is abusive ignorance in full display! As others have noted, the 40k universe is heavily predicated on the Imperium being a largely facsist and theocratic culture! The Irony is that they are still the "good guys" (Comparatively). The abuse and Ignorance your Gm is showing is inexcusable! You should leave that game immediately or better yet "kick" the Gm!
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