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  1. Not sure what you mean. DH1e had "Blood of Martyrs" which indeed did have "faith powers" (e.g. spend a fate point to allow an ally to regrow a lost limb. "Its a miracle!"). Generally speaking, it wasn't well received, or at least viewed as massive power creep. In Enemies Within, SoBs now just have access to a couple speciality talents, much like the Inquisitor elite advance. Thematicly they draw upon the zeal of the Battle Sister, generally through manipulation of the Fate Point economy (they have a few things that allow them and allies to regain Fate Points, as well as a few extra uses of Fate Points for relatively short term but sizable boosts to statistics). Dang... Oh well. At least I know what they do now. Oh well I can make up talents for hidden cults.
  2. Can some one explain the faith powers? I wonder how they work. I was thinking of making new ones to do hidden cults that provide power for a measure of faith.
  3. I always view the imperial cults as lay priests and the ecclesiarchy as the official priests that regulates the lay priests. If a single cult gets out of line it is up to the ecclesiarchy to step in and make some "corrections". Which is actually needed considering Imperium is so vast that it is physically impossible for the ecclesiarchy to be every where. The imperial cults is a necessary tool to keep the faith in the empire.
  4. Nimsim you cannot make everyone happy and that is a simple fact about life. Not everyone is going to buy Dark Heresy and play it either. Not everyone is going to playing your game no matter how inclusive you make it out. By inclusive I mean playing styles for clarifications sake. Your bound to rub some one the wrong way and they will avoid your game. Like wise some one will rub you the wrong way and you will avoid his game. Cail is not in the wrong. He just wants to GM his game in a certain way that rubs certain people the wrong way because it doesn't fit their play style. They don't play his game and he can focus on the players that do fit his play style. This is called full filling a niche for a specific need.
  5. It appears to me that Tzeetch is upset that he didn't get Beta 1.0.
  6. I went for the warhammer wiki since I thought that would have the evidence I need. Still it proves that atheistism is more acceptable from the servants of chaos than any imperial loyalists.
  7. It is chaos. When is it not silly, unexpected, or disobeying everyone's guidelines? It does whatever it wants. Edit: Still your research ability is better than mine. Then again I only look at 40K stuff. I never went to fantasy.
  8. I could be wrong. I look at Warhammer 40K wiki and didn't see it. Then again Warhammer 40K lore is often enough proven to not be trust worthy (*Shakes fist at Games Workshop for the constant shift in canon). Like I said this second to how many hand knowledge.
  9. I knew the emperor himself was Athiest, but my friends point me that in the older editions there was more than four chaos gods in the warp. One of them was the god of athiestism.
  10. As a fan of Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2, and Demon's Souls I actually love this new sector. It is doomed and no matter what you do the sector is lost. The old age of Imperium is dying and only a handful of people are fighting to keep order. Eventually they too must leave the sector, or become lost to the growing warp storm. There are many things you can do with this. Hell I am grabbing the Blood of the Martyrs book to make custom cult powers. Some of those noble families might not be align with Chaos and are seeking alternatives. Still heresy, but could be useful as well. Up to my players if they want to use these cult abilities, or not.
  11. Wow... Your GM is a waste of time and should be kick out a week ago. Seriously he is penalizing you for role playing your character which is WRONG. He should never be a GM again because of that ****. That anti-religion attitude might be acceptable in Black Crusade as there might be a minor warp god of Atheistism. No I mean that literally from the older editions. The more you disbelieve the more powerful that god gets and the more you believe the weaker that god gets. That is what I been told by people who been Warhammer 40K fans for decades so I don't know if that is accurate, or not. Still in Imperium and in loyalist campaign that is just stupid. That goes against every thing that setting is about. You every right to be angry with how that is done in the setting. This is why I don't even GM games with heavy meta plot because I don't want to be your GM and ruin the game for everyone.
  12. Who cares? It is just make believe. Sorry, but I was raised knowing there is a reality, fantasy, and a massively wide chasm that separates the two. What effects one thing does not effect the other. Seriously why should battle nuns be any different? Why should they be spared from rule 34 when so many other things fall victim to that? Well not really a victim since it is made up fantasy. As long as their creators aka Games Workshop is not doing it why should we care for what one person does in the lonely corners of the internet? I swear most of you people get all dramatic over the dumbest things. It is no wonder the older generations are looking at us as if we lost our minds. We are having a discussion over the morality of made up pretendy stuff that has and will never have a impact in real life. First world problem much people? There are real people in the world that get killed base on their gender alone in third world countries yet what attention do they get? ******* none because we are too busy taking fake things too seriously. Seriously we had a discussion over pronouns and one of us accused the thread creator of being a sexual creep. Wake the **** up people. Just wake the **** up.
  13. Cps your such a idiot and I do hope you get ban from the forum some day. As for you Blefuscu. Your a pretty cool guy and I am sorry you got scum questioning your motives. Though thankfully you stand up to him. Just take my advise and put cps on ignore since he does deserve it. Now for your question. No inquisitors are not celebite. Some choose to be of course, but many more don't. Unlike real life the 40K warhammer inquisitors do not work for the church. In fact while there is a large faction of inquisitors that suck up to the church many other factions don't. Some factions are even secular in their beliefs as they have to deal with many imperial creeds and what is normal to them is strange to the inhabitants in other worlds.
  14. It went Only War and thank you god it did. The new rules are horrible and people hated it. Fantasy Flight had no choice, but to go back to Only War. Sad for Fantasy Flight, but great for my table who took a whole hour to figure out rate of fire. Seriously those "new rules" where broken in the worst kind of way.
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