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  1. I don't post too much on this particular forum so you most certainly can't call be part of some sinister cabal of forum posters. You spent multiple pages making factual incorrect assertions trying to couch them as your opinion. When people told you that no 2+2 does not equal 5, you accused them of trying to stifle your opinion. Accusing you of trolling in this thread is other people giving you the benefit of the doubt on your posts.
  2. By not having invites pass down what you are encouraging is the exact type of behavior you are worried about. It encourages people to opt out of playing in top cut games because why would they want to deny invites to other people? This is doubly true once it goes invite only. You're going to have alot less climactic tournament ends because people are just going to concede games rather then burn invites. Now before you call that collusion, it isn't. Legion isn't a big community, people are going to be aware of if their opponent doesn't have an invite. There doesn't need to be any conversation for a player to concede so that their opponent gets the invite. FFG has also already stated their collusion rules as written aren't what they intended and they are looking to rework them as they are currently unenforceable.
  3. You just don't see it in single issue sales, which is an area in decline across the board. Ms. Marvel has sold best in trade and digital formats since her introduction. Which shouldn't be that surprising since she's a character introduced in 2014. That she would be consumed in a different format then character from the 60s shouldn't be a novel concept in anyway.
  4. And if they didn't accept it meekly you would do what exactly? Assault someone? We are talking about ethics here and this is the type of stuff you want to post, physically intimidating people at an event?
  5. Organized Play has already acknowledged that the way the Collusion rules are written does not accurately define what they would consider Collusion. What they have now is not remotely enforceable.
  6. What advantage are they gaining? They've already advanced. Matt Holland has also indicated that the section on collusion will be revisited as it current iteration isn't enforceable.
  7. In your rush to unnecessarily get on a soapbox did you not stop to look what characters are included in the box. Are you really trying to say that they didn't include staples in their core set when 4 of the 5 characters have had 1 or more billion dollar solo movies; two of which are Iron Man and Spiderman. The core set is all staple characters, except for 1. So honestly what are you even talking about in that regard?
  8. Eye of Agamotto, but yes it isn't the Infinity Gem. Just like the Cosmic Cube (Tesseract) isn't either.
  9. Because a character that doesn't control their ability that litterally transformers them from alter-ego to hero would be a really bad choice for a game with a core mechanic of being able to switch between those two things turn to turn. Specifically in a core set where you want things to not violate too many mechanics off the bat. I don't think you really thought this question through in a rush to declare pandering. And the Hulk is included as an ally. And true to his comic book form he makes a big impact but is unreliable.
  10. I mean he took money and then provided a comically unacceptable tournament that forced players to drop and the event to end prematurely. Perhaps if he had secured a proper venue that knew what was going on, or was getting any money from the event?that wouldn't have occurred.
  11. Again why was anyone 4 and 1 in an event that should only have 4 rounds? You had an undefeated player at the end of round 4 and played another round only to muddy the waters. That's the venues fault. And going to a different game isn't going to fix that.
  12. I mean it's not as if the TO came up with that on their own, that's the format for that type of event at that attendee level.
  13. Because the event rules say no Top Cut at 16 players. The more important question is why were there 4, 4-1 players at a 16 person event? You're only suppose to play 4 rounds.
  14. Again MM is the retailer with these same consistent issues regarding their representation of their pre-order availability. That it happens occasionally to others doesn't absolve it happening consistently with MM. Even posters that utilize their services are mentioning they don't have faith in their pre-orders. They over extend themselves on pre-orders and then don't communicate the issue until the purchaser starts poking around asking. That the former occurs is understandable except when its reoccurring. That the later occurs at all is inexcusable.
  15. They always say FFG shorted them. But other retailers don't consistently have the same issue that MM does with fulfilling FFG pre-orders. So are they the only ones getting shorted? Or are they just taking pre-orders they have no business taking because of expected stock?
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