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  1. I just don't buy it. Having not seen a new Deathwatch book in over two years but other items like board and card games from the 40k license makes the future of the L5R RPG very worrisome in my opinion.
  2. Read the tweet carefully. The word " Future " stands out. Especially since we are posting these in a LCG forum not a RPG one. I'm sure that's not just a oversight. If we see anything L5R related it will probably be a year or even 2 after the LCG release in 2017.
  3. Stormcrow77


    I find it interesting that the time line has been advanced to modern times, as Calixis was i believe a few hundred years behind current times. If i remember correctly this was because GW didnt want FFG writing anything that could become courant cannon. So has that changed? Or maybe just maybe GW is about to advance the timeline themselves...
  4. Stormcrow77


    What year is this set in?
  5. Stormcrow77

    One too Many

    I myself am looking forward to Only war. I own the DH core, RT core & all the DW books. I have been running a weekly DW campign for almost a year. A lot of you have been suggesting a core book for the 40k universe or that we will see 2nd ed books. But in my own humble option each time the new core book comes out it is the same rules with a tad bit changed here and there. BC was made , partly i think , as a rules upgrade for the 3 games before it. But i must say there is one thing i really dont like about FF and the 40k system and that the handling of xenos and other threats. Want stats on Dark Eldar and Necrons? Buy the BC . Really that and the new combat tweks in the only driving force for me to get this book. Daily i search Ebay for a $25 copy. I will NOT pay $60 for it. But i will for Only war.. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Stormcrow77


    Now i realize that Chaos does not equal evil in a philosophical sense, Hell i ave a Chaos star on my left for arm. But some great points were brought up that i would like to touch on. Yes most Evil campaigns are about power. And that is usually there down fall. The players start to fight amongst themselves. I see this being true esp in DH if you have players mixed together from all 4 different gods of Chaos. Perhaps it is a little closed minded of me but i just dont have any desire to run in/play in a game where wickedness is encouraged. I will explain why. A long time ago (96-97ish) in a AD&D game of Evil PC's i had a player describe how his character (a orc shaman) was going to **** a elven captive. The argument that followed was heated and pretty much killed the campaign.Even though he had a good argument "Im just playing my character" Yes, it is a game. Yes, it is a pretended. But some lines of Evil should not be crossed. And there is the crux of the whole point. If you even restrict yourself as a player or your players (if your running the game) your not running a true game. If you even hold back a little , it all becomes a waste of time.
  7. I think it is just a matter of personal prefferance. But personaly i would start with Dark Heresy. Do you have a GM? Are you going to be running the game? If so what are you the most intrested in?
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    Its been in my mind for awhile and i find i have to bring it up. While i love the 40k game system, i will not be playing this system. Its for thhe same reason that i wont DM a evil campign. its not a moral thing its just do to the fact that i have never enjoyed running a evil game. IDK Thoughts?