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  1. The app isn’t an app. It’s a website in a wrapper. thats 99% of the problem.
  2. Am i incorrect in remembering way back when the quick building feature was announced, it was announced that it would be in the app? Was it just completely dropped? lol... this is why you dont outsource to india FFG.
  3. Except they are instant lose conditions. Because lets say the investigators DID prepare, and give away the knife, grouped up etc. Well now the investigator that pulls the insanity card, he instantly loses. Because the other investigators prepared for that situation and now the insane player is stuck with a loss and no way to win. Not fun. There is literally no outcome from these cards that allows for someone to not feel like the win didn't get straight stripped away from them due to RNG or some factor out of their control.
  4. this seems to be the crutch of your argument but its a flawed one. Just because a specific thing isnt mentioned in the rules doesnt mean anything. The book doesnt explicitly say players can throw their minis into the wall before every turn, and its assumed they could. but its not expected. Nor does it say they cant completely re-arrange the board to whatever shape they want using the same tiles displayed. The rules say the app explains how to lay out the map. but nothing about changing it afterwards. You can argue this however you want and come up with an infinite amount of 'unlisted' rules. I had a friend tried to argue this kind of stuff with descent 1st E. But its wrong. A lack of evidence is not in itself, the presence of evidence. Some common sense has to be applied. just like its not expected a player is suddenly going to decide to purposefully lose. i mean come on this isn't how people play, and you are simply arguing to argue as devil's advocate. Literally no one agrees with you here. Including your gaming group. Maybe this should tell you something.
  5. are you kidding me dude? players want to win. so they are either forced into doing something they dont want to do to 'win' and then no one is happy or they are forced to lose when everyone else in a co-op game wins. all potentially from actions COMPLETELY out of the player's control. They were simply told by the game 'you take horror damage because the app says and now you have a card that says you lose. enjoy' like... this is bad. what about this do you not get? Take your head out of 'lore' and whatever other muddy waters you are confusing yourself with and understand this is bad game design.
  6. Almost all of this argument loses its ground when i re-bring up the previously mentioned fact that there is no way to stop an insane person from throwing the game. The mechanics of allowed actions do not allow players to stop someone that has clearly been flagged by the group as insane. How do we stop the person from making fire? we cant. How do we stop the player from landing in our space with a weapon they already had? we cant. How do we stop an insane player mixing up a puzzle to throw the game like already mentioned? we can't. Thats why it feels cheap and leaves a bad experience. Its not thematic, because thematically the group could stop the insane player. its just lame.
  7. Im 90% sure im going to have the same problem with the deep one cards as i do the traitor cards. I dont care about having traitor cards in the game if theres ways to deal with the situation once they have revealed themselves. Currently in the game however, theres absolutely no way to stop someone once u have suspicion. They just freely do whatever they want and u have to just watch them ruin the game. Thats really, really lame.
  8. I believe hes saying that if the game ends pre-maturely because of some random insanity card that was drawn it *feels* like everyone loses. regardless of wether or not the text on the card says the insane player "wins." Which for my groups I play with I can say without a doubt is the feeling at the table every time. Sure the card says they win. But the reality is it still feels like they lost. And they only lost because of a random card they drew. Its also not fun to ride it out then have the text of the card basically say, oh look everyone at the table won BUT you. Which may not even be so bad, but there are mythos events that can drive you insane and it be completely out of your control. You dont even get to roll dice. cool... great experience.
  9. It was actually my understanding from the OT that Wedge was actually a better pilot than Luke. As per your examples given.. and the battle of Hoth being the biggest example.
  10. im surprised they took this direction with biggs. It was the general assumption that xwings struggled with balance in v1 due to biggs' ability. So its really odd they are putting themselves in the exact same position again. Even more so as it seems buffed from previous. They better pray balance doesnt get out of whack again.... (lets face it we know it will)
  11. I somehow lost all of the mini cards for the characters in the carcosa expansion. I guess I accidentally left them in the box when i threw it away. Is there an email or a number I can contact in order to get a set of replacements? Im willing to pay obviously.
  12. we never felt it was as troubling or anti climactic in other games as this game though. My guess its because of game length.
  13. with as many minis that come in the game, I honestly just base coat, dry brush, then wash. it produces pretty good results. https://ibb.co/ieL4ZS https://ibb.co/cyH7on this is before the matte finish protectant i use https://ibb.co/cXURg7
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