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  1. sch4fchen


    very sad that there hasn t been an expansion yet… hopefully there will come 1-3 expansion(s) … before 2030… i guess the game would be even (a lot) more fun with more cards (and perhaps summoned creatures and stuff)!
  2. More event cards and more mission cards would be perfect! (like in the Mission Pack 1, just more :-)
  3. see here: http://forum.hds-fantasy.de/viewtopic.php?f=216&t=10710
  4. sch4fchen


    Hope expansions are going to be released in (near?!) future….
  5. i really would like to see an expansion (… or better a few expansions) for this game. A print-on-demand expansion with more cards for almost all type of cards would be a perfect expansion. Additional heroes would be cool to but not as necessary as simply more cards (perhaps some Descent Heroes crossovers (with or without the minis) like here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=186&efcid=1&efidt=594099 ).
  6. one thing i forgot: you don t loose if 2 or all 3 zones are burning i think the first variant should work with 4 players, too
  7. 12 players is way too much... i prefer playing in a smaller round, otherwise downtime is too loing. 4-7 players is good
  8. deckbox.org is good if u want an "offline" database you could use http://www.octgn.net/
  9. i haven t played many multiplayer rounds yet, but the two variants worked very well (only played it with 3 players): -burn 1 zone of each opponent to win - burn 3 zones to win, but you aren t allowed to burn 2 zones from a player in a row (if you burn a zone of opponent A fist, then u have to burn a zone of opponent B next, and then one of opponent 3
  10. hi in Augsburg we are playing sometimes WHI (in our "gaming club": http://www.spielespieler.de/news.php ) and if you should have enough time or sometimes visit Augsburg, you can drop me a message, i m always happy to play a game of WHI
  11. very bad thing, that we can t get the 1st edition expansions... even if i probably will buy the second edition i have started the game some months ago, and in germany only the first expansion (Well of Darkness) and the last (Sea of Blood) are available at the moment (and reprints are made only if FFG reprints too)
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