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  1. You don't have to assign to a single card unless it is direct damage/horror in which case you can only assign it to the specified card.
  2. Damage/horror is assigned simultaneously and then dealt. In short you can give the poor guy both the damage and horror but you can't give him more damage/horror than he has health/sanity. You have to discard it after the scenario unless the scenario says to add it to your deck. I don't know how to say it any clearer than that.
  3. Read rules reference under page 7 "Dealing damage/horror". You don't get to keep cards you get during a scenario unless it explicitly says to add it to your deck. (Usually at the resolution of the scenario)
  4. The icons on the top left are used when you commit the card to a test. The +1 combat in the text box are only active when you played the card out.
  5. Cover up doesn't prevent you from gaining clues. You can choose not to use the reaction ability. The only thing it does is give you a trauma if it is not cleared.
  6. Fight, evade, parley and resign doesn't trigger any attack of opportunity at all. You can still fight it. You don't have to engage it to fight it unless it has aloof.
  7. I think open gate is pretty good and will probably become a staple in any mystic deck that i would build. Provided that myriad is not a harmful keyword of course. Sure it needs 2 copies of it to work and it not always useful for all scenarios but i still think the usefulness outweighs that. 1 thing to note is that the effect says investigators may move as if the locations are connected which means the locations are not actually connected but only when moving. So it is also good to avoid hunters who have to take a longer route than the investigator. It also means it doesn't work for "ranged" effects too.
  8. The problem with council's offer is when are you going to play it? When you are in a bad spot, you can hardly afford the actions to play and unlock it. When you are in a good spot, do you really want to play it considering it is a exile card? I guess maybe if you just want to have a good story to tell about the time you used it to pull a agency backup or other big guns out. The effect is cool though, I might just buy it on the last scenario of a campaign.
  9. Ancient evil isn't so bad if you are playing solo or 2 player. The problem is that with 3 or 4 player, not only does your chance of drawing it increases but drawing 1 basically reduces everyone's turn by 1. If it removes itself from the game, it would still be ok but usually when the agenda advances, it would be shuffled back again for another round of test your luck.
  10. I don't really like the list but the good thing is that is optional so I can just ignore it.
  11. What happens if the effect of the first token is to reveal another token? Does it stay there with its effect and modifier, just its effect or also returned?
  12. Thats the weird part. If you trust her and let her go without questioning her, she ended up not trusting you fully. You need to mistrust her and question her then you can get the second cultist token and gain her trust.
  13. The problem is they don't have a effect in the token reference card. Either there is a mistake in not removing them or there is a mistake in not putting their effect in the reference card.
  14. Hmm Yithian cats and dogs.... Those enemy weaknesses is even more funny.
  15. I think we should be able to put the statue below Diana even if it is the last charge. If the discard is as soon as the last charge is used, then we couldn't use the effect on the last charge since the card is no longer in play. So I think the discard would have to happen after the effect resolves which in turn allows Diana to interrupt the process and put it under her.
  16. You can only activate Diana's ability after you actually cancelled/ignored something so i don't think defiance will placed under Diana on a failed guess.
  17. But wouldn't drawing the token itself be considered a game effect?
  18. It is not a big deal but it doesn't have to be a big deal. Why do people go to the trouble of making their own dividers? Why do people store everything in a big box instead of the package it came in? For convenience and their own aesthetics and preference.
  19. I think it is a missed opportunity for them to replace the 2 encounter sets. It could have been the decisive factor for people who are on the fence on buying this if it allowed the dunwich legacy to become standalone. It would have very little effect on the sale of the core set since 99% of people buy multiple for the player cards not for the encounter sets. In the first place nobody buys return to dunwich without having already bought dunwich legacy and nobody buys dunwich legacy without having already bought the core set. It would also generate goodwill among players who are going to buy this regardless and give them more incentive to buy the other return to sets.
  20. I don't quite agree with the deck building clause for multi faction cards but after thinking for a while i think it has got to do with the way the deck restrictions is worded. Diana can use the card with just her unlimited access to mystic cards because she doesn't have restriction against seeker cards. Whereas for Ashcan Pete although he has unlimited access for survivor cards, he effectively has restrictions to only 5 other cards.
  21. It doesn't exhaust when you use it but take note that it is not an event so it has to be in play first before you can use it. So you need to pay 2 to play it then you can use its ability as long as it remains in play.
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