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  1. DarkFate

    Exhausting cards

    It doesn't exhaust when you use it but take note that it is not an event so it has to be in play first before you can use it. So you need to pay 2 to play it then you can use its ability as long as it remains in play.
  2. Yes, I believe you can do that.
  3. DarkFate

    Number of packs allowed?

    Players are supposed to bring their own cards so each player can use a pack themselves.
  4. DarkFate

    Aftermarket thoughts

    I don't think there will be many people buying more than 1 copy of the game unless its on clearance or something but people might be more interested in having their own copy of the game if they like it rather just play with their friend's copy. I also don't think that opened copies are going to sell for more than retail prices. But there will probably be demand for certain components like the character cards.
  5. Why so? That is pretty logical since you would want to avoid putting your cards into someone else's deck and then lose the card if you forgot about it.
  6. DarkFate

    Labyrinths and Unidentified Upgrades

    No one in the 3 groups realised that they can't put the upgraded unidentified solutions into their decks?
  7. DarkFate

    The Next LCG

    Even though i would like a battletech LCG, i think they should just make LCGs based on their own IP from now on to avoid premature death like netrunner.
  8. DarkFate

    The Next LCG

    If it is a sci-fi themed co-op LCG, I would want a netrunner/shadowrun-esque game.
  9. DarkFate

    Circuitous Trail questions/ideas

    I think it will probably be an area in the campaign log where you can mark the supplies. Perhaps the players have to decide what they want to bring to the expedition by spending their starting resources.
  10. I don't think i like him all that much. Even on healthy characters, i find that they can get into dangerously low health/sanity after some bad encounters. I think he is going to have many shortened adventures. Maybe it is because my group usually plays 4 players games so maybe he wouldn't be so bad in 1-2 players games.
  11. DarkFate

    Silas Marsh Announced (New Novella)

    I missed the timing part as well. Not as good as i originally thought but still pretty good. I think if he is able to rogue cards up to lvl 2, he might be in a good position to make use of all those succeed by 2 cards. Double or nothing seems nice on him too.
  12. DarkFate

    Threads of Fate

    If you get both strange solution and archaic glyph it could save you 7 exp. I think it is worth it in that case even though i will not be able to choose the upgrade. At least now i will get to use the ones i would never normally choose otherwise. I think when you upgrade you just randomly pick 2 out of the available upgrades . I am really interested in seeing the other classes level 0 permanents as well. These cards are really going to dictate what upgrades the players are going to prioritise.
  13. DarkFate

    Threads of Fate

    The permanent keyword doesn't say anything about not being able to be included at the start in the first place. But I think you should still have to pay for the mental trauma.
  14. DarkFate

    Lola Hayes & Stick to the Plan

    Only events can be attached to sttp though.
  15. DarkFate

    Night of the Zealot Redux

    I am not actually sure whether this is an alternate to the core scenarios or an actual return to the core scenarios where we can play it after we did the core scenarios. Anyone has a better reading?