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  1. Your friend is wrong. Hemispheric applies as long as its condition is met. Being only to commit cards with its respective test doesn't matter to it. Another thing to note is that if you have like say higher education, you can use it to buff your stat even if it is not the stat used in the test. Additional, you can even use it even if it doesn't have any effect other than maybe to spend the resource if you have dark horse for example.
  2. Have been playing it with my friends almost everyday since the lockdown.
  3. Are you able to upload the assets on tabletop simulator or equivalents? I think more people might be able to get access to the scenario this way.
  4. Well going inside rifts and doing something inside is kinda how they usually close rifts in regular Arkham horror.
  5. If you really really need to play that spell this round then you can just choose not to use the ST.
  6. If you fail on the shining trapezohedron check, you get refunded the action cost as well so there is really no downside to it other than any effects on a failed check.
  7. Winifred would be the one i am most interested in playing now for regular multiplayer. For solo it would be Jacqueline with a seal all the good tokens playstyle. Harvey is great but i think i still prefer Daisy. Then it is Stella with a full out fail to succeed playstyle. Lastly it would Nathanial. He is a strong combatant but just doesn't seem particularly interesting.
  8. I think you can't include all 3 unless weaknesses isn't considered a player card which is unlikely. But as they always say, it is your game. Do what you like. It isn't particularly game breaking to have all 3 anyway.
  9. Probably a long way off since there is a freeze on new products releases at the moment.
  10. The first 4xp survivor card but i don't think it is really worth it.
  11. I think they will probably only include singles of the reprints which will complete the singles in the core set.
  12. Better than i hoped it will be. Definitely a buy for me. Nathanial seems interesting but would probably be resource strapped like most guardians. He probably wouldn't need to invest in another weapon other than his gloves though. I think Jacqueline might be better off using the good old shrivelling and rite of seeking than the spells that came with her. While i welcome Harvey and his card drawing prowess i don't think he is any better at it than Daisy or Minh. Winifred seems good. Finally have a good reason to use opportunist. Fail to succeed gameplay of Stella doesn't seems quite newbie friendly even if she does have a 8/8. The card that stands out most for me is this reveal robes of endless night. It perfectly complements most if not all mystics. At 2 xp even sub mystics can use it, uses the body slot which is an unused slot most of the time, have a 2 health soak and allows spell events without aoo all at the price of only 2 resource. What more could a mystic ask for?
  13. Like i said, the pdf version cost only a few dollars. The story is the same. People are paying the novella price for the cards. I am not saying whether it is worth the price or not but whether people are willing to pay for the packs.
  14. Seeing as people (myself included) are buying novellas for alternate investigators and a short story which can be bought for a few dollars in pdf, I think this investigator pack will be an even better buy than that.
  15. It was advertised as a grab and play of sorts though so i would think it would be play ready out of the pack. My question would be the proportion of new players cards to reprints. I think they might also include some exp cards. It probably wouldn't have off class cards like marvel but not impossible.
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