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  1. Night of the Zealot Redux

    I am not actually sure whether this is an alternate to the core scenarios or an actual return to the core scenarios where we can play it after we did the core scenarios. Anyone has a better reading?
  2. Norman Withers available with new book

    The way i read it is that you get to change the card first then apply the x for the current card.
  3. Duels...Dueling...Duelist

    Bidding 1 is as honorable as a duelist can be. But honor is not just about how a person acted but also how others think that person acted. So when the opponent played something that reduces his bid to 0, it doesn't mean that the character action becomes more honorable or that his opponent becomes less. It just means that he makes other think so.
  4. Really? Then how can the status of the first pack of a cycle be shipping and the second pack still be at the printer? Did they put up false information?
  5. Hour of the Huntress

    Shipping is going to cost more than twice as much as the book itself for me. Hopefully it will be more readily available over here somehow. What i find interesting is the possibility that the investigators signature cards can be changed. But with only 1 investigators per book, will they publish 1 for each investigators so they all have the option?
  6. New Emergency Cache (III)

    No, you cannot distribute the resources to other players. Only the supplies can be distributed.
  7. It simply means you can get either resources or supply tokens so long as the total equals to 4.
  8. Six Packs In Six Weeks

    You guys are so lucky you can get the whole cycle in a relative short time. If it happened for Arkham horror lcg i would be celebrating. What i think is that perhaps the packs instead of being evenly mixed between the clans, it is focused on 1-2 clans. To avoid too much imbalance, they decided to release the first cycle this way.
  9. New Emergency Cache (III)

    I don't see myself using it but maybe Sefina might be able to find some use for it if she had too many exp to spare.
  10. Echoes of the past announcement

    Limit and max are different though. Maybe they think that putting "limit 1 composure per investigator" may make the player think that they can only put 1 kind of composure card in their deck so they put "in play" instead.
  11. quick question about Agnes' ability

    1) No, you only get to deal the damage if a horror is placed on her not when she had a horror. 2) Yes, she can potentially deal 4 damage in a turn at a cost for 4 horror. Note that it had to be horror that is placed on her and not on her assets.
  12. Right for us?

    I don't buy it. If it scales well then the difficulty should be the same whether 2 or 4 players but in this case the scenario is easier with 2 players.
  13. When playing the epic mode does each group of players need their own labyrinth pack or just 1 for 3 groups?
  14. I think it might be a result of them mirroring their artwork.
  15. Right for us?

    Usually the game scales well except for those scenarios with ancient evils. When my group of 4 plays the last scenario of the core campaign, we kept drawing ancient evil and the act/agenda also keep reshuffling the encounter discards back into the deck.