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  1. I was wondering if I had missed anything. I haven't played the rpg since the 1st edition and I never played the card game. When looking at the various schools listed for the Great Clans I was somewhat surprised that the Scorpion clan has no Bushi option. Part of me doesn't really care but it seems like an odd exclusion since I would consider the Bushi to be the most standard role to play (as much as I consider anything to be a standard). But maybe there's a reason for that. One of the reasons I didn't stick with the game was that I was irritated at the notion of having an rpg universe based on the results of play from a ccg (that I was never going to play). So I get that there have probably been zillions of changes that I've never been aware of and 1st edition was quite a while ago. Also, of course, you can't fit everything in a core book that you might like but it still seems weird that a great clan wouldn't have a starting Bushi option. What's the reasoning for this; does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. It did seem weird to me. My thought was that it was something they threw together quickly so beta testers could test combat and the mass battle system.
  3. Yeah, I can see that. It's always tricky when you're trying to make what had been fluff into a mechanic; especially when the fluff was somewhat morphic.
  4. I think some things are being overstated. It's not saying that the Crane aren't courageous (for example) but rather that, among all the tenets of Rokugani Bushido, Courage is the one that (as a whole) is likely to get the least push compared to the others.
  5. Our assumption was that nothing happens. Since it's legal to play card that has no effect we assumed that the play of a card could result in no effect. That being said, we could be completely wrong; my groups are all fairly non-competitive but it honestly never occurred to us that there had to be a winner.
  6. That wouldn't surprise me. Back in the early days of Heroclix, people complained that it took too long for the DC based sets to come out. The reason for that was that every portrayal of character, use of picture, whatever had to be approved by someone at DC before WizKids was allowed to use it. And each step of the production had to be approved individually. WizKids was willing to do it but it meant a slower release schedule compared to the Marvel based sets. I don't know if its still like that or not (I doubt it) as I haven't followed Heroclix for many many years but that level of micromanagement would surprise me in the slightest.
  7. It was not official. Just some really dedicated fans trying to keep the tradition alive.
  8. Only played the CCG a few times and never collected any of the cards myself. It was played so infrequently in my area that stores stopped carrying it. The rpg I bought as soon as it came out. I didn't really get to play during 3rd much, though.
  9. I only see Ancient going for $45 not that this is bad. I suppose I could put it up for sale and then use that cash to buy some named characters which is really what I'm short on.
  10. I've only been able to afford one box so far but it was quite poor. Four legendaries: Master of the Council, LR1K Sonic Cannon, Ancient Lightsaber, X-8 Night Sniper Also, only one named character in the whole box: Kanan Jarrus.
  11. That's what I was thinking of at first as well but then that seems to get away from 'every element can be used'. If Fire (for example) gives a benefit to Social skills then that's what everyone is going to use unless their Fire "rating" is completely awful. Or, you end up with a system where there's no real difference between someone who has a rating of 4 with no benefit and a rating of 2 with benefit. For the kind of system described, there needs to be a real and distinct reason to use each element for each skill. But, if using Fire with social gives the same result as Earth with social then why have different elements at all?
  12. That's an interesting idea. What I wonder about though is, if I'm really strong in one element, why wouldn't I choose that for every action?
  13. I liked the original Kylo and Rey starters for this very reason; a great way to learn the gameplay and how everything interacts without having to build your own deck. I don't know how easy/hard those are to get anymore, though. If you really have to build then focus on a single color, like red. That gives you a lot less cards to look through. The deck will be really sub-standard but a noob is going to recognize optimization anyway.
  14. If money is no object you'l be able to get everything just by watching the secondary market. The Team Covenant option is the way to go if you can spend the money in one purchase. Buying boxes is, IMO, a poor way to collect. In my area, for example, the stores are always shorted on their order so can only get in 1 or 2 boxes per set and one person typically manages to grab all of them. I was only able to get one box of EaW locally and the collation was terrible (only 4 ultra-rares and only one named character in the entire box). While that isn't typical it can be hard to invest $100 in a box knowing that you can be so majorly shorted; you can't build decks if you don't get characters.
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