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  1. When an effect gives +1 to Skill Checks, does that include Combat, Horror, Evade and Spell checks ie does the Korean Secretary with a Vietnamese name give a +1 to combat with her ability? does Fine Clothing add to Horror checks while in Arkham, +1 to skill checks in Arkham how about Voice of Ra? the book says a modifier to skill checks is also added to special skill checks, but not the reverse so, if you have an environment that adds +1 to Will checks, does that include Horror checks?
  2. ...she certainly has the same potential for causing extreme levels of magical damage
  3. only problem is I'll have to make the Troll, Fetch and Baensidhe now...basic premise...making deals with the fae is problematic in the long term
  4. just a note: Divine Blood is a massive crossover fanfic that I'm rebooting to remove the copyright elements into its own thing...I made character versions of the characters from the fanfic (4 original characters and 2 characters from Full Metal Panic! who have been replaced in the reboot) on the custom investigators thread. the fanfic is here: www.fanfiction.net/s/5175006/2/Divine_Blood yes, that's chap 2, I don't really read the prologue anymore...and it will be left as to be learned backstory in the reboot Now the basic nature of the Divine Blood setting is that Demons and Gods are previously evolved lifeforms that altered themselves to be more human like in order to manipulate humans and ended up with most of them assimilating into human culture....with humans about to enter into the same level of evolution it seems I could use the Arkham mechanic to do a boardgame of this I figure the Ancient Ones would be replaced with plots (like Hecate's whole effort to displace the human-friendly Gods and Demons, or the attempt to integrate the "good" Gods, Demons and humans together to bring an end to the war times...specific major battles like the advent of the Rebellion itself, the Russian nuclear response...Legion's attempts to spread herself through other people's bodies) Monsters would be replaced with mecha, mercenaries, exorcists, Demons and the likes from the "Evil" organizations (Golden Dawn, Gilgamesh, Legion, Rogue Gods, Rogue Demons. random unrelated thugs and monsters) Gates and Other Worlds would be replaced with incidents (such as a mecha battle, espionage, exorcism of strange things, stopping a lynching, etc) As to places I have Earth, Yomi (Hell), Nirvana (Heaven), and Shangri-La for major physical and extradimensional locations.....minor unnamed dimensional shards could be handled in incidents I also have the psychic networks of Demons, Gods and Ainur (humans evolved to Immortality) which would be Orochi, Silmaril and (forgot name right now). anyway, just sort of ranting here...eh
  5. and because I'm still playing with the new toy (sorry to bug y'all) The ancient ones in this case (included with the characters) are actually overarching plots since all the characters from this fanfic have mostly upgraded to reality bending levels.
  6. whoops, sanity and stamina flipped
  7. For fans of the Nobody Dies fanfic
  8. Found a cleaner way to do the character: In this case, Heal and Wither are natural abilities. I thought about giving her other-world travel abilities given that the Medusa was supposed to be the mediator between worlds...but other spells can simulate the same thing....
  9. hmm...I gave her a -1 penalty for the ability, may think that's too harsh now...which would let me put her Lore up to 4 so that she could at least be a credible gate-closer.
  10. A long time character of mine since I found out about some of the pre-Greek beliefs of Medusa: Terra Black existed first as a City of Heroes character "Medusae" and has been used in a couple other incidences. thrythlind.deviantart.com/art/Heritage-21410160 Her sneak is low because she doesn't really know very well how to hide what she is, she can sort of soften her scales and pale the color so that from a distance it looks like she's pale-skinned with dreadlocks, but that's about it. Her Will and Luck are high, because in all versions, Terra's biggest advantages are willpower and charisma. Her Lore is weak because her teaching amulet tends to be very not-user friendly. She DOES start with a spell to represent something she learned from the amulet about her powers, but unless she gets a Lore skill, she's unlikely to be doing much with it. The clue tokens represent random visions she's gotten from her amulet (the Jewelry). The Medusa's Mantle represents the fact that Medusa is believed to be both a source of healing and harm. And "Not So Ordinary" is because her inhuman heritage is already triggered, she just happens to be from one that is hostile/benevolent on an individual basis. Obviously, she's not really devoured here, but spending all her focus on stalling the old one. This represents that she has come fully into the Mantle such that it will be quite some time before someone successfully takes her head. Also, the beauty, think Tolkien, the greater the good, the greater the beauty, the greater the evil, the greater the ugliness. Either some other gorgon, of the evil variety, is now Medusa and operating against the investigators, or Terra's head is simply being used as a focus of power.
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