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  1. Just curious...and I'm sure some one has a great answer... Gonna have some downtime between sessions, and a friend and I were wondering if there were any 1 PC [and 1 GM controlled NPC] encounters out there. Obviously, it wouldn't be too complicated, and something fun to fiddle around with. Any ideas?
  2. Hello to all! I posted a similar question over on the Rogue Trader forum, but I'd like to get some other feedback. I've not done any table top RPGs..ever. DnD has appealed to me, but not enough to get into it. However, the Lore behind Rogue Trader and WFRP has always intrigued me. I'd like to get into one or the other, and can't decide which to do. Would anyone be willing to convince me otherwise? Rogue Trader definitely seems more complex [which isn't necessarily a turn-off], but for a new player to RPGs, would WFRP be better to get into? The Core set seems to be adequate for a casual potential player.
  3. DrPersons said: Whatever you pick, just remember that it is all about having fun. ^^ Probably the best advice! ^^ I sincerely appreciate the response! This gives me more to chew on. I'll head to my local game store, and check with the owner [with whom I've become close] and have him point me in the direction so I can get a hands on look. Thanks again for the advice! Looking forward to getting into it (whatever "it" is)!
  4. Hey all...hoping I'll get some good responses. Based on my recent troll through the forums, I'm confident this is the case. Anyhoo... I've not done any tabletop RPGs...ever. I've done my share of video game versions, but have recently put away the console for a nice collection of board games. I like all manner of table top board games, and have had a keen interest in RPGs. I've not had much interest in DnD, for no specific reason. I'm cool with the fantasy, just didn't seem to grab me. Rogue Trader, for whatever reason, has. Even the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. My questions are: Is Rogue Trader something to get into for a guy that has zero experience in the Wahammer world? Can someone with little to no RPG experience get into Rogue Trader? I love reading, and love the depth in story, and RT seems to appeal to my interests. Can two play? I've got an informal game group, but only one or two [besides myself] can regularly get together. Would the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay be a better option for a new player? Looking forward to responses!
  5. My FLGS just received their shipment in, and I was able to pick up mine today. Got it home, broke it out, and am now perusing the rules. So far, I'm pretty darn excited about it. I'll hedge a bet that Tom Vasel will like the game, but will mention the possibility for incredible expandability.
  6. I was a bit [only wee bit] disappointed upon opening the box and seeing the same insert that LotR:LCG came with. There'll be plenty of room for the cards, bits, and expansions [assuming the expansions are 60-100 card packs] as soon as you remove the insert. After sleeving, there's still room with the insert, but it's snug.
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