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  1. I dont like how they have limited the mind of the psykers. My 2 psykers have always asked for me to change the system from pre-determined powers to a system that they can do anything with their minds, like a psyker should be able to do. So I would like to ask for help in a numbers system to do this. I have been working on how to make it balanced and fair. The threshold to use the power they think up is the numbers after each item is chosen and added up. I you have any ideas or suggestions then please let me know. Something like this is what Im looking for: Range: Self +0 1-50 meters +3 51-100 meters +6 101-200 meters +10 Damage: 1D5 +2 1D10 +4 +1 additional damage +1 Damage Trair +5 Complexity: Blast/Area affect +3 Mind affecting +7 Mind Controlling +12 Chameleon +5 Invisibility +10 Simple Machines +3 Complex Machines +5 Duration: 1 round duration +2 per round
  2. Alaric Greenville, Ohio Looking for anyone in the area willing to join a DH Campaign. My group is 8 strong but I have 2 frequent no showers. The group is newly ascended, also on the side note I have been GM'ing for 4 years and would love to be a player. So I am interested in possibly joining an online game. I have a new born daughter but I would like to try and fit in a game every once and awhile. Please let me know if anyone is interested in either.
  3. Anyone ever thought of converting the Protoss from Starcraft into Dark Heresy stats? I think I might have to venture into this project and then post my results. If anyone has suggestions or has already done this then please tell me.
  4. Sorry for it being a vague post. But I appreciate all the input. I think I have been made to see the light and will just let headshots do their thing on their own. It will be up to the chance of rolls and luck to determine a kill shot. Thanks guys
  5. Gregorius21778 said: Alaric0503 said: My players have finally become ascended. We are on break while me and my wife settle in with the new baby. First, congratulations! ...but...while I am not having any offspring myself... .. you are sure that you will be able to come up with a new campaign while the fruits of your love are going to siphon away sleep from your wife and you? Anyway, so lets see... How about sending them on some imperial world that is in a state of turmoil? The Governeur isn´t REALLY happy about this since he believes (...or at leasts, wants the Imperium to believe) that despite the continued unrest he is very well cabable of putting an end to this. Of course, the Imperium (or more precisely: your Inquisitor pc) sees things different and thereby set´s up shop in the world informing the Governor that (while he is still in charge) that he is expected "to provide assistance on any and every level. The source of calamity should be based on the enemies your players are used to fight. But all in all, it should involve a human cult. If you are used to fight Xenos, it could be a Symbiont Cult or the planet could be a re-occupation of a Tau world... with some of the populace having turned into staunch Tau-supporters! If you are used to fight Chaos, have some Chaos-Cult underway inciting rebelleion Otherwise, it could be regular rebellion. Make sure to have some differen power groups (influence groups) with different interests on how things are supposed to go. I work Fire and EMS, Im on a 24 hour rotation meaning Im on for 24 and off for 48. So if the world dont need saving then I can write till my hearts content for a whole day lol.
  6. isidro said: 8 players? Or some sort of rotation? Isidro Yes it is an 8 player cadre...
  7. Ever taken a full aim with a long las with a hot shot pack and did a called shot to the face and hit but didnt kill the enemy, well quite frankly that annoys me and my players. Looking for any house rules for head shots out there. Thanks
  8. I have been DM'ing Dark Heresy for 2 years now. I am always looking for new players. My cadre has 8 players now but 2 rarely show anymore. So if you happen to live in or around Greenville, Ohio then hit me up and we will see about getting you a spot on the team.
  9. My players have finally become ascended. We are on break while me and my wife settle in with the new baby. That gives me a couple weeks to write a campaign that can be challenging in both fighting ability and brain power. My campaigns are more geared towards investigation with heavy conflicts involved when the time comes. Any ideas like plots hooks, settings, enemys, conspiracys or anything else would be greatly appreciated. In case people want to know my cadre they are as follows. Lvl 9 Inquisitor(Psyker) Lvl 9 Vindicare Assassin Lvl 9 Magos Lvl 9 Magos Lvl 9 Judge Lvl 9 Crusader Lvl 9 Interrorgator Lvl 9 Desperado
  10. I found that if you have a Tech Priest that is just a little too beefy then throw some heretics at them with haywire rifles.
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