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  1. Hmm, its not treating it as 'courageously reckless' its either/or. If there are 'alternatives to fighting' but the player insists on the more action packed approach regardless then that would be showing recklessness instead of courage. This doesn't need to be physical either. Does he mouth-off to the Hutt gangster? Conflict for being reckless. No need to micromanage internal thoughts of the player at all, just follow the suggestions of conflict giving actions as stated in the book since not everything relates to their morality, that's just another tool to apply conflict and have the possibility for a 'defining moment' during the campaign, not every session. I must say that when I've run with a force using player (not often, granted) they do not gain Morality fast, it usually is less than 5 points per session, when there is a gain at all, getting negative die results almost as often as positive ones so after 6 gaming sessions they were still at 58 morality. Walking the paragon path is not and should not be easy, but if it is the goal of the player then it should at least be interesting and feel earned.
  2. Turn 3, the resulting battle went: Imperials won space, Rebels won ground with one snowspeeder surviving...the base was moved before reinforcements could clean up. =(, Rebels won on turn 10 by just moving their base again and thus avoiding destruction via Death Star.
  3. but a Leader can only have one ring at a time, so it would be a way to remove the benefit of rerolling dice but Luke would keep his Jedi leader version and not revert back.
  4. Yeah, my first learn to play game we rolled attack and defend simultaneously so we each had access to tactics that required use of cross-saber dice. Looks like that was wrong so in combat a slight advantage goes to the attacker unless the defender can play block damage tactics after assigning damage/destroying a unit. Also we didn't complete ground combat until all space combat rounds had been resolved but it looks like that ground combat should happen each round if there are units in place, so conceptually all invading units have been deployed to ground prior to the space battle and losing ships only affects ground units during a retreat action?
  5. You could also add some dilemmas to the final encounter if you still want to use only one 'boss' character. This would play to other character strengths other than just combat. Maybe they need to stop a self destruct sequence, sabotage some crucial ship/computer etc...anything that will take place concurrently with the 'final confrontation' so not all characters are available to gang up on the boss. And sometimes players can still surprise you and that's fine. I had set up an encounter once with an inquisitor vs a force character, splitting the party to complete other objectives so it would be a 1 on 1 fight. The party managed to come up with a plan to eliminate the inquisitor during the fight by using the environment....sure it was a catastrophic decompression into space, but still it was creative.
  6. Really?!? https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89135-another-character-generator/page-292#entry2058581 https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89135-another-character-generator/page-293#entry2065374 No kidding how many times do we have to say he knows and he has fixed it but not released yet At least one more time it would seem, wouldn't it? The link would have been just fine. You and Dakkar being a **** at the same time seems like more work than you wanted to spend on your responses.
  7. Heavy armors (i.e Laminate, Protector 1 combat armor) are no longer reducing their encumbrance while equipped, they are showing the same amount as when carried without equiping.
  8. PCs relieved a slaver group of their Lambda Shuttle.
  9. Substandard replacements could be fun, like droid parts jimmied up to her nervous system.....could cause setback dice or strange environmental issues such as coming up as a droid on scanners. Or you could just tie her to the largest group member. Bonus points if her head is on the wrong way too.
  10. A Chiss mercenary NPC is in the F&D core book so they've made the jump to new canon kinda.
  11. And technically you'd be wearing him, so whatever number you get is halved...so Bonus!
  12. The IG-1000 Magnaguard pg. 409 has a rule for pining under talents.
  13. Had mine since early last week, both core and GM kits, ordered via amazon from a game shop and fantasy flight respectively.
  14. You may not even be able to mod it, depending on the GM, since it mod is intended for weapons that do not already provide stun damage. Either way, no it would not stack with any inherent stun quality since the mod itself provides a stun quality of 2, not +2.
  15. I would say no since the talent states the next lightsaber (agility) attack gains the linked quality equal to force rating outright. Qualities only stack if they state gain +x quality just like how the defensive training talent does not stack with defense 1 quality inherent to a melee weapon but the Lorridan(sp?) crystal mods of +1 defense would stack.
  16. WEG released an Indiana Jones RPG around the same time as their Star Wars release if I remember correctly....so..it's out there
  17. Morality option 'Caution/Apathy' is now 'Caution/Fear'
  18. Ehh.....it might be more fun to just shuffle them and draw whatever is on top for critical injuries.
  19. Bought them when they first came out and they are great! They are condensed and some detail info may be missing compared to the full book entry but overall very good, means I have to write out fewer stats for games, just sift through my decks to make my encounter stacks for each session plus 1 or 2 surprises.
  20. Ohhh, and how about those in-universe adverts in WEG material? Nice touch.
  21. If you like crunchy D20 systems then WOtC is the way to go. If you like rolling obscene amounts of dice then WEG is the way to go and practically free since most of its run can be found in PDF scan format all over the internet. WEG is also the most flexible in builds but with Force characters being OP late game. FFG is great for storytelling and all character types appear to be well balanced and is the only setting with new material being produced that will likely take you into the world of the upcoming films.
  22. Premium felt, 1 yrd X 2yrds cost about $9 for 300pt games. Fold it in half and booM! 180pt map.
  23. Nope, not that we saw, though the Armada wave II items stated pending approval. They were running demos of Imp. Assault, X-wing, and Armada without promotional giveaways or sale items.
  24. Well, once my players bought a portable bacta tank for their freighter I had to limit the healing rolls to 3 attempts at healing a critical prior to next session starting. I never had a character start a session with more than 1 critical though.
  25. Meh, use some weapons with a low crit threshold, like a vibro-knife. One session our wannabe Jedi was set upon by a Stormtrooper minion group with vibroknives. He was already nursing a critical from a previous session and, though the actual damage was only 2 wounds I got a crit roll and, well, we called him lefty for the rest of the session. Wounds aren't as big an issue as crits for long lasting effects.
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