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  1. Thanks missed that critical line first time around !
  2. Thanks missed that critical line first time around !
  3. Hi after a few games playing the overlord - and continually throwing lots of cards at the heroes - I am beginning to wonder if the overlord cards played from his hand (drawn from the overlord deck) are: A) once played added to a discard pile - and cannot be used again until the Overlord Deck runs out - the discard pile reshuffled and create a new deck to begin drawing from. Resulting in the Overlord being more concerned with playing a card at the right moment - rather than spamming cards. B) or ‘exhausted’ to be reused again next turn, once refreshed. Resulting in a hand that used or not, begins to build to be a lot of cards over the quest. Reading the main rule book both discarding and using cards are coveredbut I’m not aware of this is specifically spelled out anywhere else? thanks in advance :)