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  1. Poison tokens are not cards, so this plot will not interact with them. Also, Tears of Lys is a printed event card, so even if it did attached to the card that it affected, it would not be returned to your hand by Weapons at the Door anyway because it returns printed attachment cards. A printed attachment card is a card that is identified as an attachment card by the printed text "Attachment" underneath the gold cost.
  2. There was a long time where these forums weren't working very well also. Once that started happening, it lost a ton of traffic.
  3. None yet. They are trying to cover their bases in the rules now so they can design cards that are following the rules later.
  4. I hate to add additional clarity, but this means that any previously used replacement effects are effectively ignored since the last successfully resolved replacement effect is the only one that is used.
  5. Bomb

    The Nights Watch

    Come visit http://www.cardgamedb.com as it very, very active and has a ton of community support. You will find many articles and threads on different faction strategy and what not all over that site! There is also a facebook group for A Game of Thrones 2.0. Here is the link to it if you'd like to join it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1054411517905019/
  6. Luckily some of us still lurk these forums in the shadows.....
  7. Cardgamedb: http://www.cardgamedb.com Game of Thrones Chat Group on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0etOkCLOXgeRNola Facebook Group for AGoT 2.0 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1054411517905019/
  8. Given the name and avatar, L5R is an easy guess. In AEG's terminology, traits are like FFG's constant abilities, while keywords can be either like FFG's keywords (if they have associated rules) or FFG's traits (if they don't); visually, AEG's keywords are like FFG's traits. Ah that makes sense. Thanks!
  9. OK, so you're saying that the rules should explicitly state that referencing a trait would also be in bold and italicized text in the printed text box? I understand you're concern, but I also think it's implicit enough to identify a trait by being bold and italicized in all contexts. It can be deduced by just by going through all the cards and seeing the contexts in which bold and italicized text is used in card effects.
  10. From istaril's post: "'Lady' is a specific reference to the traits present on the card, which are also in bolded italics." From ktom's post: "Well, bolded italic text refers to traits, not keywords." I'm not sure where your comment about keywords came from. Maybe it's being confused with another game term? It happens all the time in this game!
  11. I don't see how player B can cancel THJ #3 with THJ #2 in the above scenario. THJ #2 is still in the process of canceling THJ #1, so I don't see how it's possible for it to be used to cancel THJ #3.
  12. You are 100% correct that it's when an effect has you take a power token from the power token pool and has you place it on a character. In this case, it needs to be the attached character that gains power in that way. When you place power on your faction card, it's not a character gaining the power.
  13. Sorry. Wasn't intentionally trying to be rude. It would be a surpise to me if it sells. However, if the Star Wars RRG was able to sell, then who am I to think that it wouldn't be the same outcome for the AGoT RRG?
  14. Please let us know if someone actually buys the rules reference guide for $8.99 when they could download it for free on the product page.
  15. I apologize for asking this, but are you and your friends using "duplicates" on non-unique characters with their additional copies? If so, you can only place duplicates of unique characters of the same title on your copy of them in play. I just wanted to be sure I understood your perspective a little more and remember you recently asked about the value of the core set only 2 weeks ago, so I assume you recently started playing.
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