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  1. Thanks for the help. For me, I am new to painting, I don't have an issue doing the painting but coming up with the paints doesn't always seem to come to me
  2. Anyone have a good paint scheme for citadel paints. I was looking for lighter fur and don't know what for the light pink tail
  3. Any tips on the hair colors for Han and Luke
  4. I did the agrax first but the recesses didn't get dark enough that's why I went over with nuln
  5. What's is a good citadel color for the head and clothes
  6. What white paint did you use? I tried his method and mine looked like your. I was using a citadel layer white. I switched to the base white and coverage was better
  7. I did a white primer. Based it with a mid-dark brown. Washed with a brown shade followed by a black shade. Then drybrushed one shade lighter than the base coat
  8. Hey Sorastro thanks for makingn this video I'm almost done with my guards and they look great. I've only painted a few zombicide things so far and these videos are very helpful to new painters. Thanks again
  9. What are you using to affix the mini to the stand so you have a place to hold while painting?
  10. I would like to see a reprint also.
  11. Hi, a potential new player here. I have been interested in the game for awhile. I have read the rules and othere information about this game. I think playing online would be a great opportunity for me to see if I like it. I first tried to play the dummy and realized its just a sandbox Are players on there willing to help someone new?
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