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  1. do you know if there is a place i can rewatch the stream ? or do i have to wait till its on youtube ?
  2. i have sleeved all my cards so far and stored in binder pages. all clan dynastie cards in there clan color in ultra pro eclips and all the conflict cards in ultra pro exlips white. strongholds all in black sleeves. But this is getting a bit out of hand i must say so after the first cycle i might just stop sleeving them.
  3. ah so. we are both avid card game players. Lord of the rings CCG World of Warcraft CCG Game of Thrones LCG 1st edition Game of Thrones LCG 2nd edition (just a tiny bit) he stopped playing Arkham Horror LCG (my game we both play) so i hope i can bring him in
  4. Hello there, im wondering if any of u know/got some great starter decks i can use to play with a friend of mine and hopefully bring him into the game i have 3 core sets. i think i would like to play crab and for him i guess something "easy" to play
  5. this seems like a good idea and save some sleeves for the neutral cards.
  6. just like the way it looks done the same with my aGoT LCG cards (first edition)
  7. Would love to do that but when the cards are not in a deck i plan on storing them double sleeved in binders. and combining clans or borrowing cards from other clans is gonna be a hassle then. but i LOVE the idea (in fact i tried this with A Game of Thrones LCG) but ran into the same issue multi house decks... this however i will do. gonna have a hard long think of what colors to go for.
  8. Hey all. if this has already been asked before im sorry i was wondering if it would be wise to have 2 different color sleeves for L5R 1 for the Dynasty and 1 for the Conflict deck?
  9. i have sned you a message on ebay, ill try again here. im wondering if you can help me out with your files you used as the cover and insert of the binders ? and what kind of binders you use hoping you can help me out.
  10. In Sad u will only ship to the US I would be very interested in some of ur items
  11. Keggy said: I use the 9 card pages. With the back of one page and the front of the next, I can make 3 rows, with each row showcasing and entire objective set. Here's a picture to show you what I mean. http://imgur.com/pcFT5 That is one AWESOME idea im DEF gonna try that out
  12. any updates ? i havent gotten a reply yet and id hate to miss out on this sale.
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