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  1. Thanks Jargal, I got the Without now, it seems that a lot of the links in the news articles are broken. It's a shame, but at least I can get some of them!
  2. Hi, I was looking through my misc 40k RPG folder, and I noticed I had an Enemies Within Character Creation Supplement, but not one for the other books. Is there any way to still get the last update of the FAQs/Erratta, supplements like this, etc.? Thanks!
  3. Thank you! It seems to look more to the modifier for the charge/run and structured time tests, than apply to dodge and the like. But it is something concrete at least.
  4. It seems odd that the -20 is only mentioned in acrobatics, rather than the actual section on Zero-G movement (which just goes "Difficult Terrain" and lists the other important notes)
  5. So as far as I can find, Zero-G is difficult terrain (so half movement) and has some other penalties (like the -20 test for charging or running, failure = prone). Voidborn get a +30 for movement in Zero-G, does that mean they get a +30 to dodge? Are there any other penalties? Edit: On Page 98, it says Acrobatics in Zero-G are at a -20 penalty
  6. Now, I know it would suppress their power, but how would a Navigator forced into a cell feel, especially compared to a psyker
  7. So a big question we've had come up is: Can you fate or spend fate to boost your requisition rolls?
  8. I know I've read it somewhere, but what are the normal and special ranks/titles for priests in the church?
  9. It really would be neat to have elite advance "Capstones" for various archetypes, so when one player becomes Inquisitor (or Interrogator) the others have a chance to rise up in their own specialties.
  10. I think min-maxing wouldn't be as prevalent if the system didn't encourage you to be smart with your aptitudes so much. The main example being how expensive "no matching aptitude talents and skills" are. 200, 300 and then 600 xp (which is a pain if you want to get ambidextrous, but don't have the arbitrary WS and BS) and it keeps going up, skills can be pretty pricey too If it was balanced a bit better, people wouldn't feel as much need to care about "maxing" everything out for return, because the barriers to clear for something you messed up on aren't so steep. Btw, how does this look for talent apts by tier and matching? 200/300/400 300/400/600 400/600/800
  11. Which runs into a problem of GMs who don't like to give out lots of XP....
  12. Thanks Lynata, I forgot about the Stun action.
  13. Well, the problem is that the jump from 2 to 1 to 0 apts in cost is really prohibitive, if that were fixed, the issues with apts wouldn't be so glaring.
  14. Really, try just adding an 8th aptitude for everyone but psykers (they get the psyker apt), it makes a big difference and fixes a lot of the flaws in the system
  15. So in D&D/PF, you can take a -4 to hit someone IIRC and change your damage from lethal to non-lethal (which builds up like damage, but at the level where you would die, you pass out) and different spells can deal it as well, add in some enchantments and weapon properties and you can take someone out. My question is, for DH 2e, what options do I have besides flailing at someone with unarmed, hope you get past their TB or just grapple them. There are shocking weapons ofc, but those can be deadly and don't ever guarantee a knockout.
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