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  1. Before I see any future expansions I want Competitive Play become a little more prominent. I have a real interest in playing in a tournament with promos and other goodies at any local hobby store in Southern California.
  2. I wouldn't particularly like fielding 3 divers with one catapult as you only have 5 rounds of play, I would run 2 per catapult - and having the 3rd one come out with approxmately only 2 turns of movement doesn't seem all that efficient. My style of playing them would involve tactically putting woods or other LOS blockers in front of my opponent's deployment zone(s) and having the doom divers follow my Shaman(s) to increase their power, while putting a soft front line of night goblins. I have yet to try it yet though. It seems too dependent on how terrain and deployment zones are established at the beginning and having the catapult + divers be 9+ points when you could run a big boss or wolf riders even seems like too much of a point sink.
  3. Thank you for finding that, that needs to be in the rules and/or errata. For it to only be mentioned in the newsletter and in a blog is quite unintuative I literally spent hours looking through official rules looking for it after my friend and I played a game
  4. Oh? Perhaps I missed that part reading the rulebook, does that mean the Dwarven Shield Wall Ability will stack with other guards too? Can you point where in the rules that states that multiple instances of a keyword stack? I seriously can't find anywhere in the rules after multiple readthroughs of the rulebook, the FAQ, and both expansions stating that keywords stack and I would seriously appreciate help finding it. Regardless I still think the Farmstead is far better lol but still.
  5. The Terrain Card States that Garden of Morr would have a Vampire Count Caster unit GAIN Reanimate 1 and looking through the entire collection of disks of vampire counts there is only one caster in the entire army that could benefit from this (Isabella von Carstein) as all the other casters in the army already have the reanimate ability already. It would make more sense if the Terrain stated the casters gain Reanimate +1 to boost their necromantic powers or have the terrain grant Mobile which would indeed aid their casters who could renimate after their flip to overlap it. So far there seems to be little to no benefit to selecting the terrain piece on that side even for the vampire counts, as selecting the Farmstead would give every unit overlapping it Stalwart, an extremely better option.
  6. I was thinking of running a game using the "Abbreviated Season" Variant but instead of having players choose 4 random from their conference affilliation I instead would have them choose 3 of their 5 team affiliation star players, choosing 2 (thinking about 1), and then shuffling them back into their conference. I'm gonna try this next game night and see how it goes.
  7. That is a brilliant Idea. I would also like a Snotling Pump wagon to have a random value for movement (perhaps 1D6 = number of flips) if they ever implement one.
  8. I've heard a couple people mention that they would like a 40k version of the game, and as much as I'd like to second that sentiment, I'm not sure that the Diskwars concept works as well in a game that is based more on ranged combat rather than melee. One of the strengths of Diskwars is that so little of the game is random, to make a 40k version you would be placing the emphasis of the game on the one part of the game that actually is random. Don't get me wrong, I would totally own and play that game, if only because I love me some 40k. That said, I think they would have to re-think some of the rules to make a truly good game. Maybe a Dexterity element for ranged combat will be the Random Factor perhaps?
  9. I really wanna see them implement Goblins, Fanatics, Squigs, and the Doom Diver Catapult for the Orcs. I also really wanna see Dwarves, Skaven, and lastly implement more story driven scenarios.
  10. Just a big fan of the Diskwars game looking for those who may wanna play a few games regularly. PM me or Reply to the thread if interested. I will also be attending the Strategicon event (Orcon 2014) in Los Angeles California this whole weekend from Friday-Sunday if you wanna meet.
  11. More Orcs. Honestly though I would love to see dwarves and dark elves
  12. darrenjaques You know, there is a rulebook in the box. The rulebook incorrectly says that the neutral cards used are (111-119) in the "For the First Game" section (pg 8) and in "Draft Variant" (pg 18) ; However, it should say (111-122) which includes the neutral quests I believe. Because of this I had to count all my cards in the core set and make sure I wasn't missing anything. Another mislabeling I found in the "Draft Variant" section (pg 18) is that it says to add three order TREATIES and three destruction TREATIES but there are no cards with the keyword or title of Treaty and should be replaced with the word "Alliance".
  13. I'm in the Orange County area and play games over at my local hobbies store in Garden Grove if you're interested
  14. I'm curious as to how the game plays.
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