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  1. Small, but not negligible. If the Imperium is aware of its presence, they are a threat. If they can attack from the Koronus (I didn't even think of that, thank you! ) and could become a danger from the Periphery, could you imagine facing them on two fronts? Ask for the Ork, I can see them as the bigger priority. However, I can also see the Dominate using this to their advantage. Duke Severus is not stupid. Not one to consider long odds, granted, but not stupid. What to do while the Ork and the Imperium battle it out? Dig in, build up, increase his power base. Use his allies as much as he can to strengthen his holdings in preparation for when the Imperium does come. Which may be awhile, depending how long it takes to route the Orks. Our familiarity with how the Armageddon Wars have gone (will go?) tells us that you can't get rid of them. You just have to keep the infestation down to manageable levels. Which further impedes the Imperium, redirecting forces that could be used smashing the Heretics. Granted you could just level the Dominate with orbital bombardment, but that's a lot of lost planets and materiel. Exterminatus is all well and good as a last resort, but on an entire sub-sector? Even the most hardcore Puritan would call that wasteful. Yes, it would cut the Orky numbers down, but you know some of the buggers would survive and start the cycle anew. So what to do? To that end, I don't see the Dominate just fading to black. The Imperium cannot treat it like a joke. It requires decisive action, and thus far, they seem to be victims of tunnel vision, overly focused on the events in the Jericho Reach, when all sorts of nasty is building just across the way... I've asked myself the same. Why haven't any Astartes be been sent in? Bigger honour in the Jericho. The Imperial Guard can handle this. This is soooo beneath us. Further proof that yes, the Front hasn't been given due respect by the Imperium. So what happens because of this? To me, it seems like there could be a TON of story that could be thrown in here that would satisfy any gamer, regardless of which faction they might be pulling for.
  2. No rush? Orks, the Ruinous Powers and Dark Eldar have a straight shot at the Calixis proper... Were the Imperium battling JUST the Severan Dominate, then yes, I could see the Departmento Munitorum taking its time to tidy the mess. But as it stands, the Spinward Front is a hell of a lot dirtier... If the Orks are allowed to fester, the Calixis sector could be looking at a full on Waaaaaaghhhhhh! On top of that, what happens if Chaos gets a serious toehold to the Periphery of one of Humanity's very valuable pieces of real estate? And Dark Eldar raids? I'd love some books like the Achilus Assault and the Jericho Reach that give some more background on the Spinward. The where's where and the who's who. That'd be fancy!
  3. I have no issue with metaplot. Gives me something to work with. As a veteran gamer and gm, I am well familiar with making the game my own and to hell with what the company's adventures offer. Call me greedy, though; I want more cool lego bricks with which to build my Only War 'verse. I could give two hoots about DH2. Yay for rules upgrades and all, but Askellon bores me to tears. As for the Holy Grail license that is Star Wars, yes, go forth and make it work for you FFG. But don't alienate your longtime gamers and customers by making us second class. I am not especially pleased that there are 3 games for one system, each with its own splatbooks. It's business, maybe, to make money where you can, but what happens when the new movie comes out and it doesn't generate the mass fan hysteria that hype seems to be building? What of us that don't really like your version of the SW RPG? I want my 40k back, dammit. People seem to say that the 40k lines are poor sellers, and yet these boards are full of us that want more. I honestly don't think there's a lack of interest in the line. I think there is an over abundant focus on one game. I know that FFG has the talent to create some **** good work. I just want to see that work back here too. It was not that long ago that 40k had a new release every couple months. Not one **** thing except some PDFs, with the exception of DH2, and even that was a messy release as the has to go back to the drawing table given the fan furor on what the book should have and should not have been. Again, maybe I'm just kvetching, but I have no desire to say that it's acceptable that nothing is coming out for us 40k fans. Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter...
  4. Did the war with the Orks and the Severan Dominate come crashing to a halt? Are we friends with the Dominate? Carousing with the Space Fungus? All jesting aside, wth is going on? Shield of Humanity came out months ago, as did Salvaging Solace. We're missing a TON of vehicles, as well as specialties, on top of setting details. Basically, while I live the camaraderie of the board, I'm getting tired of the severe dearth of info in both the Products and Support links. Anyone else heard anything?
  5. The imperium does assuredly make use of more common tech for communications. Astropaths are generally the best means for rapid and accurate intergalactic communications, but the there is the inherent danger as found in all Psykers. The omnipresent vox (radio) is still available for generic day to day back and forth chatter. I dare say that although the Astropath's communiques reach farther, Imperial command prefers the old fashioned vox and hololith for local traffic. Less likely to incur the perils of the warp with a handset. Just not helpful shooting your com-set in the middle of a battle , whereas it may be prudent to do so if the brain-job's nose starts to bleed inexplicablyor the temperature suddenly drops drastically...
  6. @Robin Graves - you are a horrible human being..... O.o The indirect Klingon reference was a nice touch... Honestly, though, jokes aside, female Astartes? Is the thought really that unbelievable? This ficton features giant hordes of gribbly space bugs (some intelligent), Space Elv... I mean Eldar, the fightin' fungus known as the Orks.... Oh and vast armies of Undead Terminators (the I'll be Bach kind) that are one day mindless legions and the next are the reincarnated souls of nigh-angelic beings sent to fight Gods millennia past... And the argument is that they cannot exist is simply, "well you can't be, cuz you're girls..." ??? Shoot fluff in head, create your own, make it believable, run naked in the breeze.
  7. Hmmm. I like this notion. Generally, the accepted notion by fluff is that boy children comprise the majority of Astartes initiates, with some limited variance. However, you'll also find that this can change drastically, whatever fits the story a given BL author wants to tell. In William King's Space Wolf, for example, Ragnar was well into his late teens before being selected to join the Wolves. In one of my favourite pieces, the Damnation Crusade, the Black Templar hopefuls were depicted as wild-haired Conan and Tarzan types, with nary a one under the age of 20. Granted, it was penned by Dan Abnett, who is infamous for shooting fluff in the head for the sake of a good story, but meh, I'm cool with that. I'm with Lynata. Go with what works for the party and make it stick. If some fluff loon doesn't like it, hit em with the facts: there is no canon, because all things are canon. "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."
  8. Cog boys also smell funny. Usually a piquant bouquet of machine oil, patchouli and burnt plastic.... However, I digress. I must say, I like seeing these guides. FFG Would have done well to flesh out (mech out?) thought on Roleplaying the various troop types as you've done and help players that may not be as familiar with 40K the means to best appreciate their characters. Kudos. That being said, I'm uncomfortable with the strict degree you indicate given specialities should be played. I appreciate that your guides typically represent the ideal Commissar and Enginseer from the tabletop and fluff, but does that necessarily work in an RPG? The TT has very strict rules and necessarily so. It's a wargame. For the RPG, it's a story driven by the players and a concrete "you must play like this" approach has never worked well in my experience. I get a guide that suggests possible points to include to bring a character to life and make them interesting, but I disagree that characters MUST BE played this way, so long as your players are having fun, get on well, and a cracking story is told. Thoughts?
  9. CHAOS UNENDING! CHAOS UNENDING! Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhhh.... +Queue Noise Marines+ (Chaos Unending!) I used to wonder what heresy could be, (Chaos Unending!) Until you all shared its horror with me, BIG-ASS MUTANTS! TONS OF BLOOD... A BEAUTIFUL SECRET! VERMIN AND ROT. SHARING VICES! It's a freeing treat. And Psykers make it all complete! You've got my little daemons! Don't you know you're all my very best pawns? CHAOS UNENDING! CHAOS UNENDING! CHAOS UNENDING! Friends...? >
  10. Oddly, I'm suddenly tempted to create a Rough Rider Regiment.... Winged psyker-horses with bionic horn implants? What does everypony else think?....
  11. Neigh, I say. Neigh! It behooves us to rein in this heresy before evil rides roughshod over all!!!!
  12. Per the OW rules, you'd likely fold the original regimental members into a mixed regiment, if you wished to preserve those characters. However, from a fluffy standpoint, methinks 10 members surviving from a ~1000 strong regiment wouldn't be worth the trouble. 10 troopers are in no way battlefield effective. Per the Departmento Munitorum, a likely scenario is Regiment X = KIA. Future notes: Found new Regiment at earliest opportunity. There's be no collection of the flag, and as picky as the Departmento is, they aren't gonna come looking for ten lasrifles, 10 sets of flak armor and 10 pairs of combat boots. It's not worth the expenditure. Best case scenario, if on the victorious side? The ten poor buggers can find a way out of their last theatre of operations, hawk their gear and use the funds to eke their way as Imperial citizens. If they were on the losing side of a battle, the future looks...dim.
  13. Transport out-system should not be a major issue. Maybe if you were in a more civilized sector, it might be an issue. Asking for aid from an RT is more the realm of a resource lacking/undercover DH team. The IG doesn't typically ask for transport. They are military with objectives. Hitching a ride is counterproductive and so gauche. Seriouusly, there's enough traffic in the Jericho that getting a troopship should be pretty standard. The Army and Navy DO have longstanding grudges but not every transition of assets is a drag out fight b/w the two. If it were, Jericho would already be 'nid nibblies. It's tangible tension, but cooperation is a necessity. As for intrigue, why not look into having the Eldar be creeping about? Maybe something is going on at a human held world that turns out to be a Maiden world? Maybe a Craftworld is floating on the edge of the system and Rangers are infiltrating said world, looking for something that could have dire consequences for the population? A mystical power source? A lost Avatar of Khaine? A powerful farseer in suspended animation? An army of buried Wraithguard, corrupted by stasis and long proximity to humankind? Hope these might be useful in poking the creative flow....
  14. As indicated earlier in the thread, you could certainly have new enemies/challenges come to you. Your regiment could be re-assigned due to mass casualties. The fact is, as the military arm of the Adeptus Terra, the Imperial Guard is beholden to the their will alone. A change of scenery can be the simple result of a change in orders. Typically, yeah, the IG is stuck in a battle "til they're dead, or we are..." That is hardly set in stone, however. The needs of the battlefront are fluid and may change, depending on the needs of Command. Your regiment's skill set may be needed elsewhere. More bodies are needed on this planet over here to stave off the orks. The locals are restless over here. An influential Colonel doesn't like/want your regiment's presence here - ears have been spoken into and suddenly your regiment is pulling garrison duty on a plague-infested waste reclamation world... As the GM, you can have the regiment go wherever you please. Ideally, all you have to do is make it believable. You don't even have to be logical. "Alright, boys, we're wheels up in 50. We're reconning Gort's Hiney." "But Sarge, isn't that a corpse-starch processing plant? Like on an asteroid, eight worlds over?" "Why, yes, Trooper, it is." *glares* "New orders from on high..." "Bbbbut Sir? We're a day from routing these heretics....?" "Yes. And? The Departmento has spoken...." Coz the Departmento never makes mistakes, right?
  15. I am disappointed with this Askellon being in the Obscurus Segmentum nonsense. ESPECIALLY being, what? A sector removed from Calixis? I understand having to update the core rules of DH? But to blow off the fluff? I mean, technically its plenty close if you still want to use Calixis but now there has to be a whole new collection of splatbooks detailing the setting when we had a perfectly good one that was by no means mined of ideas. And was kindly created in such a way that all the other 40k game lines could be incorporated. Granted, with work on the crunch, but the fluff doesn't vary...I understand us having to buy more books is business, but still... gah. On top of that, I've read over what's been given per sector details about Askellon. I'm not impressed. Calixis drew me in. Askellon is just so... Bleh... I shall continue with my own sector construction as begun for Only War. I think it should prove more fun.
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