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  1. MILLANDSON said: They are dealing with releasing Black Crusade at the moment, their distribution wing will be working their arses off already. None of us here can help you, you're better off keeping in contact with FFG direct through their customer services guys. I understand. I was contacting customer service but I wanted to keep as many lines open as possible. To see if I could figure out what was taking so long... and I didn't know that Black Crusade was coming out so soon. That makes sense as to why they'd be so busy.
  2. I just got an E-mail that says my order was sent out today. I'm very excited! Can't wait! Sorry if I seemed a bit upset or impatient. My faith in FFG has been restored. FOR THE EMPEROR!!
  3. The one good thing is that I put my order of the regular edition of Deathwatch separate from the collectors Edition... ...or else I'd still be waiting to run my game.
  4. Bumb/update... Still hasn't been shipped yet... still just says Shipping Pending. Is it supposed to take this long??? I would think that they would have more then one person doing the Calligraphy. And what the hell? Is it one 90 year old Calligraphy master from Japan that makes sure he meditates for a week before starting any of the work on one of the orders? I mean no disrespect in any way... I know Calligraphy is an art... but I figured that if they had more then one order a month they'd have more then one person working on it. I dono... maybe it's just me. but everyone I've talked to has said that this seems ridiculous.
  5. Thank you. I finally also got a reply from my calls and e-mails. I now understand the process a little better and am very grateful for the info. I am very grateful for the reply to my questions and I apologize for being upset. I was simply worried. If anyone else has the same issue or is wondering about this, here is more information that I got. (Sorry on the delay in getting to you. We get a large influx of emails so it can sometimes take awhile to filter through them. Our Deathwatch Collectors Edition are all customized for our customers. This process takes time since the calligraphy is done by hand. We send these out in waves to the calligrapher. We send out a wave at the end of each month. Yours being at the very end of May is included in the June wave due to the May wave already being sent out and so will being out this week to the Calligrapher. Once we receive these back from the calligrapher we will begin shipping them out. The calligrapher (depending on how many she has of course) can take from one to two weeks and then allow a week to ship.)
  6. Well... I have e-mailed FFG and called/left messages as well. I am starting to actually get upset. Ordered mine about a month ago and still no word? They sure were quick to take the money out but seem to be very sloth on even letting me know what's going on. I would love to know if they're out of print or some **** and they just went ahead and took my money anyways. So I've e-mailed them, called them, never get anyone on the phone and now I'm posting in the FFG Forums. I had better hear something soon. Even an effing messaged saying they're sorry it's taking so long... or anything... but no... just $200 worth of silence.
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