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  1. Sorlo

    Tips for broken Ships

    I would ask FFG for an extra peg but to get the remaining piece out when my ship snapped, I used a pin drill and then glued a pinning rod into the nub and pulled it out
  2. So theoretically can you put the targeting coordinator on a non-huge ship? I realize that there is no point to it but would it be a legal waste of 4 points?
  3. Sorlo

    Tie Defender Values?

    If you notice most of the maneuverable crafts are less massive as well. So while they may have better engines they just have less to move so the tractor beam would be more effective on them, not less.
  4. I hope that they include the older eras but only in a way that makes sense in the time period. I'd love to see Naga Sadow or the other old sith lords holocrons or Lightsabers. I do want an HK-47 card though, Galaxies established that he is still around and functioning within the time period.
  5. Joby21 said: From the Seattle area, living on the eastside closer to Redmond. Does anyone know where regular Star Wars LCG play can be found? I've asked around at a couple of the local game & hobby stores but haven't heard found any good leads. I'd love to find some regular play-pals to practice decks against. I live right on the border of Redmond and Bellevue. You could ask around at Games and Gizmos monthly X-Wing tournament on January 19th I'll be there for sure.
  6. I live over in Bellevue. I am trying to get my local store to run a Kessel Run tournament to get an idea of popularity so any indicator of interest would help a lot in convincing them.
  7. I live over in Bellevue so if there are ever any weekend events I would be there
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