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  1. I've recently started a blog for writing about cultural analysis of all sorts of nerdy stuff, from Transformers, to Star Control 2, to of course Warhammer 40,000. I irregularly put up articles which take various angles on things I know and love. Please follow and share my writing if you enjoy it! I've got one 40k article up so far, and others are certainly in-bound in the future. http://dylanwaynesanchez.tumblr.com/
  2. As noted, Gauss weapons always have access to Righteous Fury. Outer Reach notes that this ALSO applies to hordes, but only at the GM's whim. As I see it, Tabletop is more of an abstraction of 41st Millenia combat than Deathwatch. Many things generally fall in line in DW as they do in TT, but TT is adjusted to be more fair (so an IG player 'only' has to buy so many models compared to an SM player), whereas DW is free to have things be as ridiculous as they should. That said, Tyranid weapon rules do have a problem in DW, given that they are often Strength-dependent in TT and do not scale like that in DW, which I think is a genuine oversight. A Carnifex's devourer pair is just gonna be a bigger weapon than that of a Termagant, fellas. So I'd kick up some rules for scaling up Tyranid weapons based on the wielder, so that Termagant devourers require a horde of firepower to worry a Marine via the sheer number of tiny flesh eating worms per square inch, whereas a larger Tyranid Warrior has a weapon of the caliber that can concern a Marine on its own.
  3. This. So much this. One of my players who was in a duel with a Tyranid Prime hit the body-swapping warp phenomena, and switched bodies with an unconscious Tac marine next to them. The Tac Marine, now in the Librarian's body, dropped the force sword they were holding, spun, grabbed their trusty chainsword off of their own unconscious body, and decapitated the Prime in one smooth motion. It was rad.
  4. First one to paint that on a tiny model shoulder pad wins.
  5. I think there's a bit of confusion over the difference between saying AN oath of silence instead of THE oath of silence. It just says 'an oath of silence' meaning they are sworn not to speak specifics of their Deathwatch activities, not that there is a specific oath in the same terms as the DW pre-mission oaths. This idea is reinforced by Cyrus' dialogue in Dawn of War 2 as well as the recent Deathwatch novel by Steve Parker, so feel free to use or ignore that information as pleases you. DW marines do not speak to others of their exploits in the Deathwatch, but their tactical and strategic knowledge is exploited where possible. For example, Cyrus doesn't say under what circumstances he fought the Tyranid in the DW, only that he did, and then informs his brothers of the kind of threat they pose and to target Synapse creatures. So as I consider it, in returning from the DW, the home Chapter benefits from the warfare knowledge its brother has gained without the sensitive information surrounding Inquisitorial activities being compromised. So, the Chapter may not know about the Necrons buried under world X, but if they stumble on to world X and encounter them, the DW brother who fought them can pipe up with the best ways to kill them.
  6. Ha, I had never thought about it. Hadn't really considered worrying about it at this point!
  7. Huh. Welp, I tried using the in-built forum software upload, so I shouldn't be surprised, I guess.
  8. I've spent some time working on a better color scheme (because it did need improvement), and arrived at this: Nitpicks and feedback welcome, of course.
  9. You had good input, a second set of eyes and all, just a different way of looking at it. It was helpful. But yeah, any thoughts about a more in depth reading of some of the fluff elements would be lovely. I've liked how it's come together but somebody else should give it a read-over to ensure it makes sense. For the two advanced specialties, I know the Phowa Disciple will be late-game like Deathwing or Honour Guard, and the Milam Disciple more mid-game or even a starting Advanced Specialty, but I haven't decided. A Milam Disciple is sort of a formalized Vanguard/Sternguard veteran + 1. It'll be a highly flexible Advanced Specialty which gives a character either a combi-weapon or a one-handed power weapon, and then some disciplines to master that are like a Tyrannic War Veteran's abilities. Nothing too crazy, but a neat addition to a character. The Phowa Disciple will be a Chaplain/Veteran mesh, with a unique Oath or so and spiritual leadership abilities and such with an ancestral weapon afforded to them which is basically a personalized relic with some crazy rules regarding its honorable use or whatever. I might get Emperor's Finest to look at the Legacy weapon rules in there first if that wasn't a thing I just made up. Still brainstorming these two. On the subject, I still need to do a Chapter-specific oath. I intend to eventually give the Thunder Dragons crunch categories equivalent to that given to the core rulebook Chapters as far as unique Specialties, oaths, additional squad modes, relics, Deeds, etc., though likely not in such a quantity.
  10. Nah, that was great feedback. A couple necessary clarifications hadn't occurred to me which you dutifully pointed out. Yeah, I thought the Primarch's Curse sounded like it would be fun to roleplay, and even more fun to watch as a Game Master! Can't leave that guy on guard duty if he's going to drift off! You're right, what you suggested would be better to differentiate the two attacks, and I DID mean to do like Smite and modify AS IF it were Ballistic skill. That slipped my mind, I guess. I will need to clarify on Flesh is Illusion. I meant it would add directly to the statistics themselves, not to the Bonus. That would be more intense than I intended. And yeah, I made this Chapter because one day I suddenly decided that Bhutan was an interesting place, so they're all sorts of Bhutanese as far as names and terms and such. That helped coming up with Chapter trappings immensely! Alright, I have done what you suggested to the Aspect of the Dragon King's attack, and removed the extra horde damage from the final attack to emphasize it's single-target boss-slaying purpose. I have also changed the PR decrease after the power to last 48 hours, and altered the fatigue gain to be 2D10-1/2TB (so that a roll of 20 against a TB of 10 results in 15 fatigue), which should be much more stressful on players and make them hesitate to use the power when not absolutely necessary because passing out can be reasonably expected. I also specified that the Psy Rating reduction is 1D5, but can only take the Librarian's psy-rating to a minimum of 3. The new power's attack text is: "The Aspect may attack by taking a Willpower test, modifying the psyker's Willpower as if it were a Ballistic Skill test, to strike any enemy up to a 5xPR range with a lightning bolt with the Shocking Quality, dealing 1D10x 1/2PR damage with PR penetration with a ROF of S/2/-. When firing semi-auto, the bolts may be fired at separate targets with no penalty. Against hordes, this attack deals 1D10 extra magnitude damage. If the Psyker wishes, they can cause the Aspect of the Dragon King to form into a singular beam of energy that automatically strikes a foe as part of a Move action (though it may be dodged as normal), dealing 1D10xPR damage with 2xPR penetration and the Concussive and Melta Qualities. Upon doing so, the power automatically ends. This power must be used at the Push power level. Such is the difficulty of maintaining the form of the Aspect that every turn the power is sustained the Psyker must take a Willpower Test or fail to sustain the power. This power can only be used once a week. The Psyker gains 2D10-1/2TB levels of fatigue the instant the power ends, and their effective Psy Rating is reduced by 1D5 (to a minimum PR of 3) for 48 hours after use." I have also clarified that the T and S bonus for Flesh is Illusion to apply to the Characteristics themselves, not the characteristic bonuses.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sykwor71q8q142t/Thunder%20Dragons%20Space%20Marines%20Draft%201.pdf I'm working on a custom Chapter as an option for my group the next time I run the game. This is the first draft of their rules, and after it has been suitably balanced by the folks here, I have intentions for two Advanced specialties (Milam Disciple and Phowa Disciple) and intend on making a couple relics for them. I know the file ain't pretty, really just a word document, but again, first draft. In particular, I'd like someone to look at the rules for the Wrath of the Dragon King Psychic power, because it's probably imbalanced in six directions at this point.
  12. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Standard_Template_Construct#.UazIMZz4J8Q STCs are a spectacularly, spectacularly important thing, such that even a fragment goes far beyond the primary objective of a Deathwatch mission. Finding an STC fragment is the type of thing that makes the Mechanicus hand you a free Strike Cruiser and a cluster of blood oaths. An STC fragment is why the Imperium has Land Raiders. They're a super big deal, which is why this discussion is going on. And Avdnm: The Edit button dissapears after 20 minutes for who knows what reason.
  13. OH yeah, RAW Righteous Fury is comical at best. Use the Erratta of that for sure!
  14. …why is he resistant to Errata? It's usually there to fix things. Anyway, the erratta for the general rules is excellent and settles a lot of issues. There's been debate over the weapons erratta, but in general it keeps damage a bit more predictable, makes core rulebook enemies suitably dangerous, and makes the Heavy Bolter not so hilarious. I can't recall changes to the Squad Mode powers other than making them fair and clarifying vague wording.
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