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  1. Yes, it was. FFG continuing their love affair with all things Star Wars. I don't get it myself, but thousands of others do, and it pockets them shed-loads of money, so they'd be fools not to I guess. Still... Sigh....
  2. Has anybody tried to ask them directly what the plan is? I know it's a long shot but the only little bit of information we got out of them about Descent last year was because somebody asked them about it in the Q and A at the In Flight Report. I really don't expect they have anything encouraging to say at the moment, and the chance has probably already gone, but if anybody's at Gencon right now and in a position to ask, please do!
  3. Thanks Sadgit. Now I'm 97.5% certain about a 3rd edition announcement at Gencon (hopefully with some kind of conversion kit but I'm a lot less certain about that). Time will tell.
  4. I'm excited about the announcement of Heroes of Terrinoth, not just because it looks like it'll be a good game (based on my experience of Warhammer Quest: ACG), but because it greatly increases the likelihood of us seeing Descent products in the not too distant future. In fact based on this, and little more than a hunch, I fully expect to be hearing an announcement about Descent 3rd Edition during FFG's In Flight Report at this year's Gen Con. Descent First Edition launched in 2005, seven years later, in 2012, Descent 2nd Edition was released and here we are six years on from that. The last expansion for 1st Edition, Seas of Blood, came out in 2009. The last physical expansion for 2nd Edition, Chains that Rust, in 2016... Just on the sheer patternability of it all (that's a word I just made up) 3rd Edition should be released with fanfare in early 2019. Now I'm curious to know what changes they're going to be making. A fully integrated app is a given but what else are they going to do to transform the slightly aging 2nd Edition ruleset into a Gloomhaven/any-other-modern-fantasy-dungeon-crawler-type-game beater? It's time to knock GH and all the other young pretenders off their perches!
  5. As far as Descent 2nd Edition goes, and as others have said, it seems almost certain that we won't ever be getting another physical expansion. The only thing we 'know' is that FFG have 'stuff' in store for Descent some time in the future. I strongly suspect that this means they're working on the 3rd Edition. They certainly haven't ditched the whole Terrinoth Universe that's for sure: they've released new products for it in the last year and have just gone to the trouble of rebranding it from 'Runebound' to 'Terrinoth'. And while I suspect Terrinoth products don't bring in anywhere near as much money as their Star Wars counterparts it still seems that FFG think it's worth supporting as a games line. They also admitted at the time they announced the nebulous 'stuff' for Descent that it's historically one of their best selling titles (or words to that effect), so that's something in it's favour. If they're supporting Terrinoth as a brand it only seems logical that they will release something else Descent-like in the future. While I like Imperial Assault I can't really get excited about a new expansion for it, mainly because I much prefer Descent and I'd much rather have something else for that, which is why I'd welcome a 3rd Edition if that's what's coming. At the end of the day though the only people who know for sure are the guys and gals at FFG and they're notorious for keeping their cards very close to their chests. We'll all find out some time, just perhaps not as quickly as we'd hope.
  6. So, this is by far the longest stretch without any kind of announcement. I have to say, the radio silence doesn't fill me with much confidence. On the positive side, working through the campaigns we already have is a pretty slow process, so we still have many more hours of gameplay ahead of us to enjoy.
  7. I'm a newcomer to Descent. I mainly play with my family and the co-op nature works much better for us than the original competetive format. In fact, if it weren't for the app I probably wouldn't be playing it at all. I've also recently started playing IA with a group of Star Wars crazy friends and while I am enjoying it I much prefer the fantasy setting of Descent - for me the Descent game style in a Sci-Fi setting is much too dry and uninspiring, even with the Star Wars IP. I'd definitely buy more app campaigns for Descent if they came out and I'd most likely shell out for new boxed expansions too if they have a theme that interests me (I haven't bought Mists of Bilehall or Chains that Rust because undead themes just aren't my thing... plus they don't seem to offer much value for money for those of us who only play co-op). I'd also probably buy Descent 3 if it was ever made, as long as it draws on the positives of IA (IA's line of sight rules are much better and I prefer the points based group system), and has full app intergration. I won't be buying anything for IA even if an app is released (one of my friends owns it all, so I really don't have to) and I definitely won't be buying any of the Runewars minatures stuff - that just doesn't interest me at all (I'm much more of a board and card gamer than a minatures guy). So, having read the posts on BBG I'd be mightily dissappointed if they were true and I'd really hope for a positive Descent based announcement at Gen Con but I don't expect there'll be one. There has been nothing announced for this game in the last six month and my only slight sliver of hope is that there was an equally long, if not longer, period of silence for Runebound before the new expansion was announced. I'm pretty sure Descent has sold a whole lot better than Runebound 3rd Edition has, so here's hoping that they don't just ditch it now.
  8. You can't beat beans on toast
  9. I just bought some from Magic Madhouse last week. As I'm typing this they still have four dice packs in stock. Here's the link: Descent Dice