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  1. The problem with that is that they can't hold volunteers accountable. They were making their presence known and showcasing the level of support they will be having for the game. If they just asked people to show up, it night be amazing, or it could be two guys in dollar store robes. By hiring actors, they ensure quality control. They might have been able to make community participation in the march more official, but asking for cosplayers instead of hiring actors is a bad business move.
  2. I see what you're saying, but I think it's a valid play if it kicks a clan champion off the board. I also think it work specifically in this deck because of rout and similar.
  3. Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Legend of the Five Rings Deckbuilder Deck Clan: Crab Total Cards: (95) Total Conflict: (45) Total Dynasty: (45) Total Influence: (13/13) Stronghold: 1x Shiro Nishiyama (Core Set #1) Role: 1x Keeper of Air (Core Set #214A) Province: (5) Air (1/1) Earth (1/1) Fire (1/1) Void (1/1) Water (1/1) 1x Defend the Wall (Core Set #8) 1x Rally to the Cause (Core Set #23) 1x Pilgrimage (Core Set #22) 1x Night Raid (Core Set #21) 1x Fertile Fields (Core Set #18) Character [Dynasty]: (42) 3x Borderlands Defender (Core Set #31) 3x Hida Kisada (Core Set #37) 3x Hiruma Yōjimbō (Core Set #28) 3x Intimidating Hida (Core Set #32) 3x Kaiu Envoy (Core Set #27) 3x Kaiu Shuichi (Core Set #36) 3x Shrewd Yasuki (Core Set #29) 3x Vanguard Warrior (Core Set #30) 3x Vengeful Berserker (Core Set #33) 3x Seppun Guardsman (Core Set #123) 3x Otomo Courtier (Core Set #122) 3x Miya Mystic (Core Set #125) 3x Eager Scout (Core Set #25) Character [Conflict]: (3/10) 3x Ide Messenger (Core Set #191) Attachment: (9) 1x Favored Mount (Core Set #192) 3x Watch Commander (Core Set #133) 3x Reprieve (Core Set #132) 2x Jade Tetsubō (Core Set #134) Event: (33) 3x Captive Audience (Core Set #196) 3x Levy (Core Set #135) 3x The Mountain Does Not Fall (Core Set #138) 3x Rebuild (Core Set #136) 3x Charge! (Core Set #210) 3x Rout (Core Set #213) 3x Banzai! (Core Set #204) 3x Contingency Plan (Core Set #205) 3x Fallen in Battle (Core Set #211) 3x Court Games (Core Set #206) 3x Good Omen (Core Set #208) Holding: (6) 3x Borderlands Fortifications (Core Set #38) 3x Funeral Pyre (Core Set #39)
  4. @shineyorkboy So play an entirely different deck, gee thanks. Would also help if you said why you suggest those cards. You are also telling me to run honor loss cards in an honor deck. @Togashi Gao Shan Thanks, wasn't paying attention @Zesu Shadaban If attachment removal is actually that common in the meta, I'll switch her for Let Go. @shosuko Well I am running those guys too. We'll see, may not be worth the fate.
  5. Tagashi Kazue: clarification; looked at rulings. He is either a 3/3 character or an attachment, not both. So if I'm character starved he's a .5 fate overcosted vanilla. Or if I have good board state he's a slightly expensive attachment to help keep my champion or a fearsome mystic in play
  6. Deck is meant to honor out or win through changing the goalposts on the opponent. I dont plan on keeping holdings on play, so at 2/15 chance of drawing one I dont feel too worried, but It might be better with less. Mirumoto's fury is useful, but needs to be in my opening hand, and is pretty steep to run a playset. I'm planning on a low card draw strategy, so I don't think there is a lot of value there. The thing with the character count. I used card game db and its a quirk of tge parsing. It's telling me 44 characters are in the build, then listing the one's in the Dynasty deck as a group. A note on Tagashi Kazuu. You either can play him with fate on him, or he doesn't count as a character when he is an attachment (let's not fight about it here, it's goona need to be FAQed), so he isnt just a one turn card. In addition. Both cards that get rid of him are faction specific, so it's more a matter of being careful in those matchups. I will likely make the swap of Storehouses or Libraries for Oraters. For shame also seems pretty useful for the deck, I'll figure out how to make room.
  7. The Enlightened Deck Clan: Phoenix Total Cards: (85) Total Conflict: (40) Total Dynasty: (40) Total Influence: (10/10) Stronghold: 1x Isawa Mori Seidō (Core Set #5) Role: 1x Seeker of Void (Core Set #218B) Province: (5) Air (0/1) Earth (1/1) Fire (1/1) Void (2/2) Water (1/1) 1x Elemental Fury (Core Set #16) 1x Kuroi Mori (Core Set #12) 1x Shameful Display (Core Set #24) 1x Meditations on the Tao (Core Set #20) 1x Entrenched Position (Core Set #17) Character [Dynasty]: (44) 3x Seeker Initiate (Core Set #126) 3x Meddling Mediator (Core Set #86) 3x Solemn Scholar (Core Set #83) 3x Shiba Yōjimbō (Core Set #89) 3x Shiba Tsukune (Core Set #93) 3x Shiba Peacemaker (Core Set #82) 3x Serene Warrior (Core Set #88) 3x Naive Student (Core Set #81) 3x Isawa Atsuko (Core Set #92) 2x Fearsome Mystic (Core Set #91) 3x Adept of the Waves (Core Set #84) 2x Asako Diplomat (Core Set #85) Character [Conflict]: (10/10) 3x Tattooed Wanderer (Core Set #149) 2x Togashi Kazue (Core Set #150) 3x Ishiken Initiate (Core Set #170) 2x Seeker of Knowledge (Core Set #171) Attachment: (12) 3x Grasp of Earth (Core Set #173) 3x Magnificent Kimono (Core Set #172) 3x Pacifism (Core Set #174) 3x Cloud the Mind (Core Set #202) Event: (18) 3x Way of the Phoenix (Core Set #176) 3x Supernatural Storm (Core Set #175) 2x Know the World (Core Set #178) 2x Display of Power (Core Set #179) 2x Against the Waves (Core Set #177) 3x Court Games (Core Set #206) 3x Good Omen (Core Set #208) Holding: (6) 3x Forgotten Library (Core Set #94) 3x Imperial Storehouse (Core Set #129)
  8. As far as I can tell, getting charged while having a charge ready means you lose your action that turn. Anybody read it differently?
  9. It's not a 1d line, it's a 3d template. It doesn't fit.
  10. That would change the probabilities, and I can guarantee that some abilities will let you flip them.
  11. FFG won't let me post any more pics, but I focused as hard as I could on that one word and I'm pretty sure it's remove. The energy symbols are super hard to make out, but I think I see a circle, and the other "raise dead" effects have been natural.
  12. Still blurry as heck, but I think I can make out: Ranged double surge - Remove 1 wound, roll a number of white dice equal to [unstable] Special action - add up to [natural] full trays to a Waiquar infantry unit at range 1-5. Then, suffer damage equal to the number of trays added.
  13. I'm looking forward to the deathstar. Shield wall auto-procs since there currently aren't any units that have the ability to be that big. That final row is super grindy, with a 4/3 Carrion worm on the side, still fighting with 4 damage hits. Regen is more likely to go off with 2/1s as they need to do 8 damage to remove a tray
  14. 2 is clearly going to happen, otherwise the "other side reference" wouldn't be there. 4 is likely, they do stuff like that in x-wing. 3 I think might be odd, but potentially it could work, especially if they only make it accessible to specific units. 1 Is a strong possibility, also a reason for the reference.
  15. He's probably the first, but I actually think that makes obscenes less likely to be the unit. It would make him less unique. They'll be an expansion unit.
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