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  1. The regular group at The Connection is pretty good. Lots of fun people and good players.
  2. Semi-related. I'd love to see http://www.netrunneronline.com/cards/finders-keepers/ get a reprint.
  3. Bierfuizl said: Siren fort with 11 pieces of ice and Rio City Grid in it. Runner failed the 10th roll . Please tell me the Corp deck was playing all the crummy gives-credits-on-rez IC.
  4. Not much of a gamble at all in a deck designed for it. ONR had vastly superior net damage prevention. Ultimate game of chaos: old school Blink deck vs. old school Rio de Janeiro City Grid deck. ROLL ALL THE DICE!!
  5. To me, Chum is great as an aggressive early game attempt to murder the runner, by putting it in front of Neural Katana or Data Mine. It's also a very reasonable answer to one of the most popular answers: Femme Fatale. Oh, you Femme my Tollbooth? Great, lemme just install a little Chum outside of it. Bypass all you like, sir. Cell Portal, on the other hand, is a little harder to use effectively. That said, Jinteki is starting to get the tools to do it. Other factions will probably run out of influence before they can really kick ass with it.
  6. capbarclay said: Anything beyond that is purely for deckbuilding flexibility and provides no actual advantage to how competitive your primary decks are or will be. This is demonstrably untrue. You can tell because buying three core sets will give you three copies of some cards that you would only end up with two of if you bought two core sets. Not having the option of putting in a third copy of say, Corporate Troubleshooter, is a meaningful and measureable difference. If that difference means nothing *to you*, then state your opinion as opinion, instead of trying to play off your own opinion as fact. Giving people biased opinions presented as facts is no different than just blatantly telling a lie. In fact, it *is* blatantly telling a lie. That being said, having two core sets instead of three will offer only slightly less ability to build one ideal corp/runner deck.
  7. Toqtamish said: Criminals is in Aprils pack. This month is likely Weyland and NBN in pack 6. Just to pick nits, I'm predicting NBN in March and Weyland in pack 6. (The blurb about A Study In Static talks about time and manipulating it, which seems very fast-advance to me, hence NBN. And the pack 6 blurb talks about "meat resources" which suggest Weyland.) Unless you've got some insider information?
  8. I like to have lots of decks built at once and not be restricted in my deck construction, so I have three core sets and have been waffling over buying a fourth for a couple months. I buy two copies of each expansion. I currently have three corp and three runner decks assembled. Pop Up Window is an example of a card that I have six of across my current decks; obviously there are nine hedge funds across my decks as well.
  9. Currently, you're right. But don't make the mistake of thinking Bad Publicity in A:NR is anything like it was in O:NR. They have the same name but are *completely* different.
  10. I think a lot of people coming in from other CCG/TCG/LCG arenas will make timing mistakes, thinking they can "respond" or "react" to various things or that they can combine cards like Sneakdoor Beta and Stimhack.
  11. Parasite will not enter play until you have an MU available for it.
  12. Ichi is definitely the ICE of choice for right now. But I also agree completely with the idea that central server ICE shouldn't *just* end the run. I want it to threaten something terrible as well so the runner is forced to spend more resources on it. A Study in Static will also bring us Hourglass, which also seems like a great fit here.
  13. I wish Blink would get reprinted, but I'd be shocked if any of the die-roll cards came back. That also means no Rio de Janeiro City Grid.
  14. For me, at least, I missed every Agenda on my virus plays. Archives was well-defended and empty.
  15. @Messenger re: Bioroid ICE. I like the idea of Bioroids in Jinteki.V2, but at 2 influence per ICE, it'll be hard to get enough to make a big difference without dropping Tollbooth, which seems better, IMO.
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