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  1. Is there anyone in the Manchester NH area that plays Dust Warfare. I need to find somemore people to play.
  2. well the first thing i would do is look thruough the warfare book and look at all the listings they have for the fortificatrions and make those.This may sound odd, butt you can actualy use toilet paper to make good craters, or trenches. Also i have found that cases for vidoe games, or dvds that I dont use make realy good biulding wreckage, or rubbel. Or you could go nuts and smash up an old coputer or tv, take the parts from that and just load your battlefield with rubbel. Trust me it works everytime.
  3. My brother wants to play the SSU. But I dont have the Sverograd book yet. Could someone give me good ideas for a good list. My plan is to keep the Tank that comes in the Sverograd set. Id pefer to keep it simple and basicly a mirror image of the armys in the core set.
  4. I would suggest starting off with tactics, then move up to warfare. Warfare is much more detailed, so it helps to start at step 1.
  5. Dust warfare is a game unlike the others. What you would normaly expect from a miniatures game, you will find to be totaly different in Dust Warfare. Each and every turn is completely different then the last. Excitement and suprise hit you every miniute, you want to play this game. Obiwon Kinobi says: You want to play this game. (JEDI MIND TRICK)
  6. How do you spend your Fantasy Flight Profil Points. It said thered be raffles but i can find them/any
  7. I think it should ignore cover cause atilery rounds come from the sky and hits straight down, plus its a blast so i would imagine it would ignore cover. We could test it out on real people right now if you want.
  8. I think there should be themes based on the games. Support by replying
  9. Ok imagine you were a Dust Soldier and you in combat. Then you end up facing a Walker/Tank, What would you do?
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