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  1. You flatter me, Guiness. I'm glad I was able to help out whnever it was needed. We shall meet again on the other side. I'm sure there'll be a lot to discuss once Dust 2.0 comes around. AND NO! Don't add another space when Jumping! GOD!
  2. I guess it's time to say bye-bye to this forum, as FFG relinquishes control of Dust. This place has been laggy and buggy as hell, but it's also been a lot of fun and very informative hanging around here. See you all wherever Dust fans will gather.
  3. No. For a vehicle, Jump only ignores troops, tank traps and water. Terrain, structures and vehicles still block your way, so you can't jump diagonally cutting their corner.
  4. Yeah, quite a wonderful system FFG had set in place. No wonder we've had rules flip-flopping every other month. Oh, well. Just 10 more days.
  5. Well, Olivier Zamifrescu has stepped in on the Facebook thread to stop the madness: "No this move is not possible for a vehicle. Consider that both squares must be "clear" for the walker to make this move. In this case, it would crush its friends." In short: Nope.
  6. Hopefully this marks the last stupid ruling of the FFG Dust era. I'm amazed how Zach can simply give the answer without acknowledging the contradiction to the question as posed. It just doesn't work: - Walkers can't move diagonally around impassable terrain. - Firendly soldiers are impassable terrain for walkers. - Do the math. X-Y=0 => Z=Y => X-Z=1 ???
  7. Yep, that's it. It's called a Volley Blast weapon.
  8. That's the old point system. Originally all soldiers costed 2 and walkers 4. This was soon replaced by more granular system with higher costs. You can find the new value for those older units in page 14 of the SeeLowe rulebook.
  9. Yep, having a couple of Specialist squads (snipers and observers) is pretty essential for rounding up a list.
  10. Oh, I had not considered that! Goodbye my "Diary of a Newbie Painter" thread. It will be sad to see you go….
  11. SeeLowe missions range from 250 to 350 AP. Of course you can still play them with whatever you have available. Yes, there is one mission that is vehicles-only (and it took me a long time to finally fulfil its 350AP quota). As for what to give the allies if you buy the gorillas, well, BBQ is very similar to the Hell Boys, so you're not getting anything very different there. Perhaps Tank Busters (though you don't have many vehicles) or Devil's Own.
  12. I'd recommend SeeLowe over Cyclone. Cyclone is fun, but doesn't offer a lot of variation in gameplay. The landing craft/submarine tiles are very much just a cosmetic change, cool but of limited use. ALso it's the campaign that suffers most heavily from the "reach this square and win" problem that arises with Move 2 units. With SeeLowe you'll get some very cool building tiles that create some very unique dynamics, as well as Ozz to help your Grim Reapers or Hammers, and Markus works as a one-man squad until you get the gorillas.
  13. But at least the original rulebook didn't mention the necessity of being adjacent to the obstacle for opposite corner blocking to occur. And now we have an official ruling saying that the original rulebook has it right.
  14. Glad to see it ruled this way. So the wording in the Revised Rulebook is incorrect.
  15. That is a perceived conflict between the original and revised rulebooks. Following the original text, any opposite corners in a 45º shotw ould block LOS, regardless of where the obstacles are. The Revised rulebook altered that thext slightly to suggest that both participants would need to be adjacent to the obstacles in question. I myself follow the original wording, I don't see how the revision makes much sense…
  16. That picture shows WAAAY better colors. That is something I could live with. If this photograph is really a faithful depiction of the dice, then the guy running the Kickstarter is making a huge mistake by depicting his product with those pictures he's using. Those look awful. This is something I'd be interested in. However, it does seem that we'll get some official dust faction dice later this year, so I don't think I'll be keeping my pledge.
  17. Sure. It's juts that saying the cost just a few more bucks is misleading, when they cost four times more.
  18. Those do look quite cool, but the price difference is enormous: $2 per dice instead of $0.50 per dice.
  19. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed by the colors. The dice look cool, but the colors are very different from the proposed pantones. I did some tweaking to compare their final samples (top) with what I imagined they'd look like (bottom). If they manage to change those colors, I'm definitely in with some 80 dice. If not…
  20. Whatever he means, it must be important, judging by all those CAPS!
  21. Well, they are limited in that they occupy 4 squares, and that severely limits their maneuverability in most maps, to the point that they're competely useless in more cluttered setups.
  22. There is no model orientation in Dust, and I wouldn't say that's unfortunate. It's not very realistic, but it sure helps keep the game rolling along swiftly.
  23. That does look interesting. I won't really consider pledging until I've seen their samples next week, though. But I wish they'd create a pledge level for lots of dice from each faction (like 25-30 from each), but at a lower price for not including the stupid Warfare tokens.
  24. On the allied side, I'm not really much of a fan of any unit other than the Hell Boys.
  25. My complaint is not with where the units come from, but with the fact that we haven't had any more such units since the very first set. If you give him Heroic Attack you'd definitely have to increase his cost considerably. It's one of the most useful skills in the game.
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