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  1. I like that. Although I'm wondering if i'll not want to opt to replay the same quest again using the very same conditions, without incuring a valor/penalty, just to try to get a better outcome (bad luck ?) without reducing the difficulty.
  2. Nice, but don't forget this: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28907-forget-octgn-start-playing-on-tabletop-simulator/
  3. "Eldritch Horror: Under the Pyramids" is not listed at book depository either. What a shame Hopefully they keep pushing LOTRLCG packs, for now...
  4. I expected to do this myself, but my understanding is that you cannot use "Beyond All Hope" on a Hero killed during that current game, because he's not in the fallen heroes list at that time (this happen when the game ends). From the Black Rider rules: First: "After the players defeat that scenario, they turn over the campaign card and follow any resolution instructions,[...]" Then: "If a hero is in a player’s discard pile at the end of the game, that hero’s name is added to the list of Fallen Heroes in the Campaign Log" This might just be a rule limitation, because it still makes sense thematically. ******************* EDIT **************** OFFICIAL: I asked Caleb about this, and it turns out you can indeed use Beyond All Hope on a Hero that died during The Uruk-Hai scenario.
  5. About the loss of blessing, I can't remember of any rule that would prevent this. Now you mention it, I realize I used to resolve reckoning effects on component just acquired on the same reckoning, is this something in the FAQ ? (EH only, never played AH)
  6. I'm always puzzled when I can choose one that can resolves, but has no real effect (like all location gain +X when no location is in play, or stacking with an effect already active, or when it has no consequences at that time). I guess the golden rule should be used here ("choose the worst one").
  7. Test +x is not a dice bonus, so you can still use a gain +x card effect. Check the reference rulebook on the steps to resolve tests, this is more obvious.
  8. Good point, missed that last one. Now I figure why I used to play it that way initially.
  9. I used to do this for the sake of simplicity, but it's not legal. Reference RB says: - Whenever a card is discarded, it is placed in a faceup discard pile by its deck. (page 5) - Gaining a Card with a Specific Trait: [...] The investigator searches that card type’s deck then discard pile for the first card matching the specified trait and gains that card. (page 6)
  10. Strictly following the rules, Pippin has no effect on Durin's Bane text, so I'd say this doesn't change the "1 or greater" condition, so you are engaged with the Balrog as soon as your threat is 2 or more. Same would apply with Take no notice. Also note that since the Balrog is "considered to be engaged", it doesn't trigger any "engagement" effect like Sam's one (by previous official ruling).
  11. Just a small rule clarification from Caleb. Nothing fancy, turns out this is how I played it, but I guess this might worth sharing in case someone's wondering: I'm playing the Black Riders/the Road Darkens. The One Ring is not exhausted. The Ring Draws Them (BR) is revealed from the encounter deck. Is it possible to cancel its effects and shuffle it into the encounter deck using Frodo Baggins (BR) response, considering it requires exhausting the One Ring ? What is the correct timing sequence here ?
  12. As using Hands Upon the Bow requires ranged but does not provide a ranged attack, and so does not combo with Bard the Bowman effect.
  13. TBH, that's not that obvious. Usually I reveal the card as physically putting it in the staging area (so resolving the when revealed after) even though I'm aware of tweaking the order, and most of the time it's not significant. The core rules was not so clear about it. Only the FAQ made it explicit, so I guess we took a bad habit. So did the designers/playtesters I'll try to turn the encounter card face up first, checking for keywords, then moving it to the staging area. Good news is that we all played it as intended.
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