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  1. I would like to see a Twilight Imperium LCG. A revamp of WH Conquest, but with a better emphasis on planetary battles and units.

    They could include a sort of campaign. You have to conquer a system and fight on planets. Space battles determine on which planet the main battle takes place. After a planet is conquered, the next space battle determines the next planetary battle. For competitive play, FFG could announce a planet for a tournament season or release POD planets for OP.

  2. On 9.8.2016 at 6:54 PM, Toenail said:

    The other likely factions are:


    The Uthuk Y'llan

    The Latari Elves

    The Orcs of the Broken Plains

    The Dwarves of Dunwarr



    there is then possiblites of Goblins, dragons, and the Overlord faction (which consists of various monsters thrown together)

    I can't recall where I read it, but the orcs belong to the "good" faction and also the dwarves do. Will there be two more "evil" races?

  3. Svenn said:

    And this is why there are so many questions... this is such a simple thing that I can't believe people are debating it. Look at the chart in the back of the rulebook.

    "Green – Any player can take actions generally, or between the game steps stated in the rules."
    "Action windows in which players are free to take actions are presented in green."

    The very first part of the quest phase is green. You can take actions at any point here, including "between the game steps as stated in the rules."

    "Free to take actions." "can take actions generally." "between the game steps stated in the rules." It's stated in 3 different ways and yet people still try to argue differently.


    If the diagram adds information to the rules, this so called rulebook is a piece of... a collection of papers with words on it. I only know those diagram as a summary, short version. Normally those diagram/summaries/short version don't add rules, that would be bad written rule book and the designers and author even don't know there own game.


    I am debating, because the rules doesn't say clearly you can play before committing. That is the only point. In the german forum the users don't play actions before committing. There was a debate about to play "Gandalf" with "Sneak Attack" before committing, they all said, it is impossible, because of page 14. We need a clarification from official side.

  4. Glaurung said:

    In my opinion is work like this:

    Quest phase:

    1 Resovle all effects : Beginning of the quest phase.

    2 Player action.

    3 Commit characters to the quest.

    4 Staging (reveal encounter cards).

    5 Players actions.

    6 Resolve quest.

    7 Players Actions.

    Responses allow in any time of the phase.

    It doesn't work like this. Page 14 states:

    This phase is broken into three steps: 1) commit characters, 2) staging,and 3) quest resolution. Players have the opportunity to take actions and play event cards at the end of each step.

    There is no possibility to play actions before committing, but the wording of "We Do Not Sleep" states it has to be played before. If it was meant, that characters ready again, it should be written different.

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