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  1. Ah, so the Phantom was the real game changer by introducing a new mechanic then? Were the original rules flawed (ate they better for balanced play after being revised?) If the rules had been then as they are now do you think the game would have developed in the same way?
  2. Ok, thanks all to the reasoned and detailed responses - even if I don't necessarily agree! Though I will admit I have nowhere near enough experience to be able to offer a counter argument, and at least I'm able to recognise that. :-) Having picked up Rebel Aces today, would I be right is saying the B wing was given the ability to swap a mod slot for a crew slot, and the A wing basically took the ability to take a point cost reduction if it didn't take missiles, and a free EPT slot on all but prototype pilots? Neither of those feel like game breakers vs the existing wave 1-3 Ties, I'll see what Imperial Aces, Veterans and the tie phantom do when I pick those up. (Mainly because I want the ships for HotAC.)
  3. Apologies if this has been done to death, I'm new around here! As a follow up to an earlier query about whether I needed to give the Tie Advanced the title upgrade if it was just flying against other wave 1 ships (the answer being no as they were balanced against each other) - I was wondering - which wave (whether ship, card or combo) 'broke' the earlier ships such that they started to need fixes? Looking at the latest releases, there must have been some point when the T65 x-wing went from "perfectly useable in a tournament" in wave 1 to "this ship needs a special double sided title card to make it viable" in wave 14. (The reason I'm asking is that I'll be playing with friends casually, starting with the more recognisable early wave ships, and want to know at what point I need to start finding out the 'fix' cards to keep the game balanced. (Because I don't really like the idea of playing with a basic Tie/Adv which is balanced against an x wing, but then after introducing ship 'X', announcing that suddenly the Tie advanced costs a point more, but gets this special extra critical hit skill, where it didn't before. Ideally I'll freeze the ships we use before that point.)
  4. Ah thanks! Does that same logic work up through wave 5 do you think? If we run heroes of the atari cluster I'd like to keep the ships geared the same. I've no issue in printing cards to proxy so y wings could get TLTS for ex.
  5. I bought into X wing some years ago, but never really got around to playing (I have all the ships through wave 3.) I'm planning on getting some friends to play, and was going to do a demo game, pitting Luke vs Vader (with a couple other ships.) Having seen though that the Tie Advanced was given a Title to correct an imbalance, should I proxy this card? (ie, is the assumption that the Tie Adv is properly balanced only if it uses the card, and thus the game with be better if I use it, or was it to improve it vs later waves, and its actually balanced against X and Y wings (and thus using it seriously overpowers it?)
  6. looking for some clarity on when activities happen - scenario: Dracula phase: Dracula moved to location, places 'new vampire' as his encounter card. dawn? nothing Day - Dr Steward happens to move onto Dracula's location - Dracula is revealed instantly, he plays the 'new vampire' as an ambush. The rules say this encounter happens immediately - so is this battle fought in the day? We assumed it was. - the vampire survived, after mauling Dr Steward. - But is the card then discarded, per 'discard encounter card once used for ambush' rule? Remaining hunters were too far away to reach the city where Dracula was. Dusk - Dr Steward then encountered Dracula at night? So is this a night battle? (The tracker is still on daytime at this point before moving to night phase.) Dracula clobbered Dr Steward down to 1 hp before the 6 turn of combat limit was met. Hunters carry out night actions. Dracula phase - sensing a kill, Dracula played 'feed' to stay in the same location. Dawn? - Dracula then fights Dr Steward again - this is now a day combat? The good Dr was rapidly put in hospital after taking more damage. Is (all of) the above correct please?
  7. Just checking, but for Dracula to upgrade a Hideout to a Lair, does it need to still have an encounter card on it? Also, does it need to be undiscovered? (As a hunter could find a trail, but if Dracula chooses not to ambush, and the hunter chooses not to search, the encounter remains unrevealed.)
  8. Ah ok, many thanks! So, not quite as powerful as we thought, but has a number of uses in conjunction with other cards to slip the net - but ideally before the hunters are knocking at the (crypt) door!
  9. Could anyone explain how the misdirect card works please? We had a query whether or not Dracula is obliged to pick a new location next to his current location for his new hideout, or whether it actually acts as a 'teleport' (for want of a better term) that lets him re-deploy to anywhere on the board. Is this correct? If so, it makes the card very powerful, as Dracula can effectively re-set his location every 6 movements. (The other way we had of reading the card is that misdirect is quite weak, and just acts to take a location out of the trail, to be replaced with the 'misdirect' card instead.) Otherwise, once the hunters are on Dracula's trail, what options does he have to lose them? Is it just Wolf Form, and the 'Escape as Bat' card in combat, that gives him the opportunity to move more than 1 space a turn?
  10. Great - thanks for the confirmation! Beat Yig at the weekend this way, and didn't want to think we had somehow cheated! :-)
  11. Hi All, Managed to confuse myself on the final battle wording, was hoping someone could provide clearer guidance! How exactly do the dice rolls add? Example one (how I hope it works) 4 players fighting the AO 1) Player 1 scores 3 successes - these are recorded 2) Player 2 scores 5 successes - the AO takes 2 doom markers from the track. 3) Player 3 takes a turn.... Example 2 (how I feel the rules might be interpreted) 4 players as before 1) Player 1 scores 3 successes - as before 2) Player 2 scores 5 successes - the AO takes 1 doom marker from the track (1 success is added to the prior 3, making enough to remove a doom marker, then the count is re-set, so the other 4 successes are wasted....)
  12. azazel1

    No Surrender

    LOl - actually I'm sure I read on a website that took a serious look at space combat, that the best way to defeat space vehicles was to kill the crew through hull breaches....
  13. Could I ask if you plan for these to be PCs, or NPC opponents? Only wondering as PC chars would essentially be starting off at an advantage vs 'regular' Guard with this gear - assuming this becomes part of the std reg. kit.
  14. Good suggestions - I'd been thinking about this some more, and think that your suggestion works well - the 'Western Europe" (needs a better name)/NATO faction have access to these rare minerals, as well as provide food for offworld export - the minerals not being of use to the Imperium, but are to the Tau. The Warsaw Pact forces are technologically behind, but produce one item on a massive scale that the Imperium finds of great value - the AK2074 autogun, an STC pattern from before the Dark era of Technology, used to equip PDF forces throughout the sector (as well as the PCs at start.)
  15. Yup, dig back through an old catalogue of GW minis and you'll be able to find a Commissar-cadet squad, from the first Imperial Guard (as opposed to Imperial Army) list - where the fluff held that Commissars were all orphaned children of Imperial Guard officers, taken in by the Imperium into Scolastica, and then fed on the heroism of their dead parents, and sent out to live up to those ideals - The 'cadet squad' let you field these raw recruits prior to their achieving full Commissar status - without a Stormtrooper in sight!
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