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  1. In having fun with Agressive Cornicen and Lance Corp. Setting up the late round move 4 charge with a hit modifier is brutal.
  2. You should have seen what passes as a proxy at last years 9th age European Team tournament. I believe a can of cat food was used...
  3. Fun with 10 factions > balance of 4 factions.
  4. I feel like Kari with Fortunas dice just kills that upgrade with her first shot at the unit. You might get 1-2 wounds in her first, but so far from my games if Kari doesn't want to take wounds she doesn't. Might be a free 5 points.
  5. I feel Kari must have trained against her because only her ability will catch her.
  6. Yeah. Once we coin protectored our runes they feel much better. More substance to them.
  7. I'm glad to get them. The base set quantity wasn't enough for most games.
  8. Seeing that it affects 8of 15 one cost cards means that it's great for a unit you plan to panic a lot with friendly shooting.
  9. Yeah. Step away from the cliff. We still have more expansions coming out that have cards spoiled for them which the other faction got this wave. Patience my friend.
  10. I'm not color blind nor have any vision impairment and I also think the runes are way too hard to tell apart.
  11. I've talked with too many people that would buy the game if there were dwarf or orc. With that said why couldn't this game have 8-12 factions. Look at WHFB. Sure the FotM armies that just got updates had a lot of play, but that didn't stop people from playing factions that didn't get updates for years. Say that early 2018 gives each of the 4 races 2-3 new unit options. Then late 2018 could be spent on fleshing out new factions. I wouldn't see an issue going 1-2 years without another Daqan expansion.
  12. Hawthorne allows a 3x2 formation. That's a crazy amount of damage output.
  13. I played 3 games last night with 2 units of 1 golems. They were MVP. Whoever thinks that aren't maneuverable is wrong. They are actually more maneuverable than anything else. Their speed is random, so just don't ever plan a game winning action on needing 4 speed. Their stun and armor-up at low intiative is great. Get these small units into combat with another unit of yours and keep them stunned. And their damage potential is huge. With the reform after move making flanks pretty easy to line up you can easily be throwing 3 reds. That gives you a max potential of 18 damage in 1 swing. Granted that is very rare, but last night I got a 12 damage and several 9 damage attacks. I did 12 damage against their hero, granted he only had 1 wound left, but even if he was full HP, he'd have died. Also having multiple units helps mitigate blight.
  14. Yeah. We lost a potential player here because he doesn't want to play these factions.
  15. Every Wednesday a group of us meet up at Recess in North Olmsted. Newbie friendly. Come on in and play.
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