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  1. There was mention of an expansion, Sudden Death, at their GenCon In-Flight Report today, but no details. I actually introduced a friend to the game this last week and we talked about the same opportunities to build the game up. Really hoping to see more as we get into Q4.
  2. Fantastic picture tim! Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. Vase said: I double checked the wording of the new scoring system and it says that 10 points are added on "at the end of each round." So if I beat the scenario in the 4th round, does that mean I would only add on 30 points? 10 at the end of the first round, 10 at the end of the second, and 10 at the end of the third? We won the game in the questing phase of the 4th round. I added on 40 points, but if that is wrong and I should have only added 30, we scored 100 points even. You are correct with 100 points; you add ten during the refresh phase. I made the same mistake with the new scoring system when it first came out.
  4. For your first question, keep in mind that responses are optional. This means you can choose to use Legolas' ability or not. In your early quests you will almost always choose to use it, but there are later AP's where you want to progress on your own terms.
  5. My schedule (work, family, school) really dictates how much I can play. Unfortunately that means not much right now, but if given the time I would certainly pick up. I do play this more than any other game I currently own. I also listen to the two podcasts out there (cotr and fotc) to get my fix.
  6. As much as I am looking forward to all the new player cards, I am really excited about some of the new encounter deck mechanics we have seen. The ideas of ambush, locations that are harmful in the staging area, and synergy with different keywords like 'dark' or 'underground' are all going to improve this game as a whole.
  7. This is the reason that I wish the Quest Log would actually give us the statistics for both victories and defeats. Finding out percentages, averages for the community, and seeing where the means lie would be something we could all benefit from. As it stands I can only compare victory scores, and really only to one person at a time. If FFG makes this change we could see who the outliers are and actually strengthen the play of the community in this manner. To be honest though, I am a 'Pippin' player and probably bring all of the averages down with my goofy attempts at combos and theme decks.
  8. Once we started getting the song cards I created a Dwarf deck because I was able to play Lore Dwarven characters to fill it out. I couldn't win a single game. However, it looks like my dream of a stunty deck is about to come true
  9. Interesting. Is Gandalf the only character that has an "enters play" effect?
  10. lleimmoen said: I do not have the card yet but I hope the answer is there is no travel effect - they might have mentioned it to make sure though. Also, it is interesting that is says "after you play it from your hand", which means it does not take effect when you use Stand and Fight or Sneak Attack, right? Sneak Attack says specifically to " put 1 ally card into play from your hand", so you should still be able trigger this effect. You are correct that Stand and Fight would not work though because it comes into play from he discard pile.
  11. The best scenario for West Road Traveller would be to switch out an active location that has a positive travel affect with a location that has a negative one. This way you could gain the benefits twice. Forest Gate would be a good example, which allows the first player to draw two cards when you travel there.
  12. Titan said: I've been toying with the idea of making 4 mono decks and play them against several of the quests and see what happens. It would be interesting to compare how each sphere does against a given quest, say HfG. I think this is what most people did when they first got the core set and used the given mono-sphere decks to get a feel for the game. I can still remember getting stomped running mono tactics in a core game That being said, I would tend to agree with starhawk. As a solo player I don't see doing the mono-sphere thing unless I am simply going for the novelty of it. If I were in a multiplayer game though, I would certainly be for it.
  13. Wow, three out of three cards with escape values is brutal on that. Smart move discarding to boost Eowyn. I have done the same thing on two occassions in this scenario. I basically go for broke and discard my entire hand.
  14. lleimmoen said: Glaurung said: What can i say??? I dont why you cannot win??? For me is really easy one. When i play i take out Grimbeorn and 2 locations ( i dont remember the name) when they explore go back to the top of encounter deck. Cose with this cards quest for me is to easy sounds like cheating. Without Grimbeorn is much more harder and cool. If you cannot win this one it means you really understand something wrong about the game........ Are you even being serious this time? Your strategy depending on Grimbeorn? You know that chances he is coming early are not that great. You can do the math. Plus to get 8 Leadership resources in solo game may not be an easy task either. When I beat the Carrock (and I do quite often), I rarely use Grimbeorn even though I like to. I think you are misunderstanding Glaurung. It sounds like he is removing both Grimbeorn and Banks of the Anduin from the encounter deck when he plays to increase difficulty. That being said I do agree with you about the importance of Grimbeorn in solo play. I can only recall one time that I won the scenario without him. Keep in mind that the Bee Pastures location does increase your chances of bringing him in.
  15. guciomir said: Casual players will tell you that the game is very hard, experienced players will be complaining that they are winning too much. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Give a game a try, buy a core set. If you like it, think about buying expansions. // edit: so far just one quest is extremaly hard solo (third scenario from core set). To echo guciomir it really does depend on the type of gamer you are and whether or not your purpose is for the experience of good thematic gameplay, or to have the highest winning percentage. As a strictly solo player, I find that my win percentage is around 50% normally for each quest, but then again I try to create theme decks or weird combos. I know I have said this before, but keep in mind this is a co-op game with the option for solo play, not the other way around. It scales nicely to two people with combos being played with your partners cards, etc. If you are a fan of the LORT universe, or simply games with very strong thematic appeal, I would say this is a must have.
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