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  1. Has anyone tried playing with more than 4 players? I've got a gaming group that just started and we have anywhere from 4-7 players a session. I wanted to introduce them to LCGs but I'm not sure how well this would translate into larger groups. Would it just be way too easy?
  2. From the FAQ: (1.16) The phrase “put into play” If a card effect uses the phrase “put into play,” it means that the card enters play through a card effect instead of through the normal process of paying resources and playing the card from hand. “Put into play” effects are not considered to be playing the card, and will not trigger any effects that refer to a card being played. “Put into play” will, however, trigger any effects that occur when a card “enters play”.
  3. I can't seem to even find any individual stuff on ebay, just the full packs.
  4. I know this has come up in the past but I'm looking for a way to get extra encounter sets so that I can build full quests and never have to swap cards around. I've seen one place that sells the encounter sets individually, ToyWiz, but they only have some of the core set ones and I've never heard of them before (and the fact that they still list Hills of Emyn Muil as "Pre-order" kind of frightens me). Does anyone know a good way to go about this without spending a ton of money buying multiple core (I actually already have 2 core sets, but I'm not buying any more)/deluxe sets? ToyWiz had them priced at about $1 each, and I'd totally be willing to buy several copies of each at that price.
  5. These sound awesome! Thanks for the review. So what all is included with the Nightmare stuff. Is it pretty much just some newer cards for the encounter deck? Is it newer versions of the same cards or just brand new cards? Do the Nightmare cards have their own expansion symbol?
  6. Thanks, rich! Okay, so there's nothing crazy where I can't use those heroes elsewhere or anything then? Excellent. Can't wait to pick up some new sets. I've got a new gaming group that just started up and I'm hoping to get them into this and the AGoT LCGs. Oh, and I remember that there are treasures in this set but there wasn't much info before… how do those work?
  7. Hey all, some of you might remember me from a while back. I've been away from LCGs for a while (mostly playing a bunch of board games and video games) and I'm looking to pick up some new sets now. Last I was here we were just getting the first bits of info about Saga expansions. They are out now (and it seems people like them) but I can't tell what is different about the Saga expansion over the Deluxe expansions (other than the fact that the Deluxe expansions have a 6 pack cycle after them). So, what is different about the Saga expansions? Do they also include 2 heroes, a bunch of player cards, and 3 encounter sets like the Deluxe expansions? Thanks for the help in advance!
  8. Tabletop Geeks has been updated with version 2.4! tabletopgeeks.com/living-card-game-resources/
  9. I've started sleeving my cards, but boy is it expensive. Extra expensive because I've been using Dragon Shields which seem to be near double the price of the other sleeves. However, I bought several types of sleeves and they just felt the best. I never used to be a fan of sleeving cards but now I think I like the feel of sleeved cards better than unsleeved. As far as the box goes… I've converted my original box to hold all of the cards. I took out the cardboard piece and used some other cardboard (or foamboard, which actually works a little better) to build rows inside the original box. It can hold quite a large amount of cards this way. Some simple dividers made out of paper or cardboard work well for organization. I've been meaning to write a full post up on my site about how I did the custom box, but there is a picture on this review of one of my custom boxes (this one for Warhammer Invasion specifically, but I did the same thing for LotR): tabletopgeeks.com/warhammer-invasion-living-card-game-review/
  10. Bomb said: I am not reading anything that implies he can only be used in these expansions. After all, the Treasure cards are not explained enough and imply replayability for not discovering them all in one scenario. The way I am reading it, you earn the ability to include these Treasures in your deck, but am not sure if that is for deck building or if it is shuffled in once you find them in the scenario. It would seem silly if these Treasures were shuffled in to your deck only during that scenario because you may never draw them. I could be wrong on my interpretation. They couldn't be shuffled in from the encounter deck, that's for sure. They have different backs. I could see a few options: 1) Completing certain objectives "unlocks" these cards for use in player decks for future scenarios. There is nothing stopping players from simply including them in their decks though. Perhaps you are supposed to play through all 3 quests in a row, and after each quest you add some treasures to your deck as you complete the next quests so they build up. 2) They are part of the encounter deck, but get used immediately somehow (similar to how objectives already work). 3) They are a third random deck (player deck, encounter deck, treasure deck) and certain cards tell the player to draw cards from the treasure deck. I'm betting on number 1. I'm guessing it's more of a thematic thing and there will be nothing stopping players from just including these in any deck from the start. I'm also curious as to how they would expect you to track all the treasures you've unlocked so far.
  11. This is intriguing. I'm curious if this Bilbo who is a Hero but not one of your three heroes will be the only way to get Baggins resources or if we'll get regular heroes as well. If there are no regular heroes then any Baggins cards are basically useless outside of those scenarios, and lack of player cards is already my biggest complaint. Also, I'm not sure what I think of the treasure cards. While I am usually a big fan of "unlocking" stuff, I don't know that this will work well. You now have to track which scenarios you've beaten and the treasure you gained from them before you can use them in your deck? Are they part of the encounter deck or the player deck?
  12. The new Hobbit board game is fun. It's fairly simple, but I enjoy it. I really want to play The War of the Ring. I hear it is awesome but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.
  13. What those guys said. They can't do print on demand player cards because the quality (while sometimes not too noticeable) can be different than the regular cards. I do wonder why they don't put out more Print on Demand encounters though...
  14. Well, I guess it's never too late to post an introduction. I am Mike, 28 and I live in Maryland. I have a degree in Computer Science, and I work for a video game company (as a tester, not a programmer despite the degree). I have always been a gamer, but typically played video games and some miniatures games on occasion. It wasn't until recently that I became obsessed with all kinds of board and card games, though I still play a ton of video games. I have also been a huge fan of Tolkien since I first read the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings back in high school, though admittedly I'm nowhere near the Tolkien buff as some of the people I've seen here. I do have a collection of Lord of the Rings stuff, including everything from several copies of the books to old Lord of the Rings calendars to the animated hobbit soundtrack on vinyl to Lord of the Rings burger king toys (and a whole bunch more). In fact, there's a life size cardboard Gandalf in my living room currently. Lately I started reading the Song of Ice and Fire series (working my way through the second book now) and have completely fallen in love with it. I have always loved just about anything fantasy, but my love for this series is just under Lord of the Rings currently.
  15. Living Card Game Resources! tabletopgeeks.com/living-card-game-resources/ I've got a whole ton of downloads and links up there, including everything you've posted here.
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