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  1. Absolutely! I think the narrative dice system behind the Star Wars RPG lends itself so perfectly to super heroes. Almost everytime I've introduced the Star Wars games to RPG Gamers... someone has said afterwards "this would be GREAT for a superhero game". I was SURE that FFG was going to announce a Marvel RPG based on this system at the last couple of GenCons (and lost several bar bets accordingly). This is the next best (or maybe even BETTER) thing.
  2. With the Base Game you could play 4 Players if you bought a second copy. Any reason/need to own more than one copy of The Dunwich Legacy Expasion?
  3. I loved this article... and appreciated that it acknowledged that there are other ways to play and enjoy the game other than competitive. Would love to see FFG find ways to continue to find ways to cultivate/support some level of Organized Play for all of their games for "Casual Players". Casual players like cool tokens too ; )
  4. I found this to be far less "convoluted" than my first go at Pathfinder. My first reaction after playing was "I want to play that again"... my first go with Pathfinder was "I'm not sure we did that right...".
  5. Picked up the game tonight and ran through the tutorial. I love the speed of the game, very streamlined, easy to pickup and play. I'm a fan of the Pathfinder: ACG, but this is a different game altogether and will probably get more playtime with my gaming group.
  6. Picked this up last night at my FLGS and it is everything you hoped for and more. Really impressive. For those of you interested, here is the ToC: Exploring Planets in Rebellion Chapter 1: Worlds in Revolt Chandrila Kinyen Mon Cala (Dac) Sullust (THIS IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR) Ord Gimmel Roche Asteroid Field Thyferra Yavin 4 Independence Additional Worlds & Locations Chapter II: Hidden Bases Using Rebel Bases Echo Base (THIS IS MY OTHER FAVORITE) Polis Masa Base Tierfon Outpost Defiant Core Base Chapter III: Player Options New Species New Weapons New Gear New Vehicles & Starships Chapter IV: Modular Encounters Phantoms in the Dark In Too Deep Claustophobia The Geharr Incident A whopping 143 pages of content. Well worth the price and the wait.
  7. Anyone else "tucking" content into their adventures that tie into TFA? If you are looking for away to do so, there are several books that are part of the "Journey to The Force Awakens" that have some great content lends itself to that task rather well. I whole heartedly recommend Greg Rucka's "Smuggler's Run" as a great starting point. It's really intended as Young Adult Fiction, but frankly is one of the best Star Wars novels I've ever read (and it includes a minor character from TFA that my PCs are working for in their current campaign. My players have no idea that this connection exists... looking forward to their reactions in December. Anyone else?
  8. It was great playing the 501st ESB adventure with you. Great Recap. For the Empire!
  9. It's a great opportunity to "rope" a new player in by giving them a set...
  10. I love the tokens that are included with all 3 of the Beginner games. LOVE THEM... in fact I would love to purchase more (if that were ever an option.... ). Just found it odd that there were not tokens specially included for the "Jailor" or "Warden" Gatekeepers from "Lure of the Lost".
  11. I love the tokens that are included with Beginner games. LOVE THEM... in fact I would love to purchase more if that were ever an option. Just found it odd that there were not tokens specially included for the Jailor or Warden Gatekeepers from "Lure of the Lost".
  12. Minneapolis, Minnesota Just a stone's thrown from The FFG Mothership.
  13. I have some sort of "issue" with my laptop... and these things just keep poppin' up on the Color Laser Printer at work.
  14. A Thousand Thanks! These are awesome.... simply awesome.
  15. Keith that would be EPIC... Count me in! You're "Stormtroopers Take the Tantive IV" Round was my highlight of GenCon 2014! Any word on if FFG will have a booth as an official Licensee?
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