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  1. 1.: good work, thank you 2.: please add obcasium gauntlet to the artifacts 3.: please remove all the non waiqar Units from the waiqar List until maru is chosen
  2. 1. Most Powerful Player Card - Leadership Sphere (excluding Heroes): Steward of Gondor 2. Most Powerful Player Card - Spirit Sphere (excluding Heroes): A Test of Will 3. Most Powerful Player Card - Lore Sphere (excluding Heroes): Daerons Runes 4. Most Powerful Player Card - Tactics Sphere (excluding Heroes): Hands on the Bow 5. Most Powerful Player Card - All Spheres (excluding Gandalf): Vilya 6. Most Thematic Card (e.g. theme implemented really well by the combination of character/actions or event/actions, etc.): Nor am I a Stranger 7. Nastiest Encounter Card: Signs of conflict 8. Best Artwork (either Player or Encounter Card): Arwen Undomiel (Magali Fanclub c:) 9. Favourite Hero: Frodo 10. Favourite Quest: The Redhorn Gate
  3. I really like new Aragorn, the art and the rules. it had to be Strider. and i think that it is good that we get different versions of the same heroes instead of armies of new ones (same goes to new Bilbo). it gives those important characters an extra depth. very excited about the watcher in the water AP. Game is getting better and better for me and my groups style of gaming
  4. rumor of the earth is one of those cards i have in every lore deck i made. and it even starts to get combo potential with out of the wild for example just love it
  5. muemakan said: I had Bilbo and the two brothers. Burning Brand on Elrohir is great. Orc Ambush was terrible for me. Once it returned 7 orcs. burning brand does not work on elrohir, it is for lore characters only... (or did you have the song of wisdom on him? than i didnt say anything)
  6. in our todays 3 player game, Denethor with the Horn gained 3 Resource on average, as we played cheap allies (like snowburn scout) to get their enter-play bonuses and then feeded them to the oncoming orcs. so yes it shines in multiplayer
  7. since 2012 no quests can be tracked... can someone help? sad panda
  8. +3 for a good Blood Bowl conversion +2 for a wod/vampire/dark ages variant or a "beat em up" like Mortal Kombat +1 for L5R, Doomtown, Inquisitor
  9. A dream would be a vampire: dark ages variant with the basic vtes rules as an lcg. our playgroup would by anything available
  10. in theory you can solve the mirkwood and the adnuin in two rounds because they have a third stage with zero need progress. getting 8 progress and a dead troll in the first round and 16 progress plus all monsters dead in the second round maybe ab bit tough in reality, though. i like your idea for new scoring system but time ( and with time i mean adventurepacks) will give us some cards to regulate this tactics sphere could get cards that say if you kill a monster it counts as x victory points for example and other treachery cards or quest that say that you losse x points every round and so on. future may solve this and other problems, so be gentle to the young game
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