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  1. Every house was represented by multiple decks. Congratulations to Britt - Boston players: yes, there is a meta there! And thanks and congrats to Dave for putting together another fun and successful event. Thanks to Dan and Dennis for their raffle prize donations.
  2. You are all false. I am a bastard of fleabottom... or AM I?
  3. Here http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/agotlcg/support/FAQ-TR-updates/AGoT-FAQ.pdf You can google "Thrones LCG FAQ" to find it again
  4. "the" bar? You imply he was only at one. You coming to NYCtoberthronesfest?
  5. always, alcohol is apparently your precioussss
  6. dcdennis said: Decided to make the drive for this. Hope to see some of the NYC folks there. I'd hate for this to be an easy win You guys gotta make me work for it =D Man, I was really hoping for second place. Looks like that will be all sewed up.
  7. If another NYer comes along, I can make the 6/9 date. Like Vaapad, I have committed to CT on 6/2. DCers?
  8. Bomb said: Let's just change the draw phase from 2 cards to 3 cards without an agenda. +1
  9. Twn2dn said: You are welcome to stay at my place for the NYC event, which I'll also point out wasn't the date we put in for. Apparently the local store took an interest this year and applied for a regionals of their own accord. (OK by us, but just as an FYI for anyone we had coordinated with in advance who was wondering about the date.) To provide further detail, our application was ignored, as was - so far - my inquiry as to what was going on once we saw the schedule.
  10. Both of you guys fit right into this community. It is great to have new blood and players like you to help Dan build the meta that a city the size of NYC should have.
  11. After casual Black Friday melee the day before, 11 players came to NYC to play in the Red Saturday joust, including players for Florida, Delaware, DC and the OCTGN metn. The field was small but full of good, dedicated players. Dan Strouhal (Twn2Dn) went 7-0 while retaining his Title, defeating Dennis Harrison (need I type in his forum name?) in the final. 1.Targaryen, The Maester's Path 2. Stark, Winter 3. Martell, House of Dreams, bannermen (Morgan Stana) 4. Greayjoy, Winter, Search and Detain (Jim McGovern) 5. Lannister, House of Dreams, Fear of Winter (John Heath) 6. Lannister, Power bt Throne, Fear of Winter (Kyle Szklenski) 7. Stark, Kindly Man, Fear of Winter (Matt Hansen) 8. Targaryen, House of Dreams,(David Stromes) 9. Stark, House of Dreams, Fear of Winter (Anthony Bonilla) 10. Baratheon, Winldlings 3x, Val (Ryan) 11. Martell, Knights of the Hollow Hill, Burning of the Sands (Jerry -missed the first two rounds) All houses were represented
  12. Kennon said: *sigh* You aren't down a card or down gold as long as you choose a location that is at least 2 gold. *sigh* My point is if you treat the location AS your agenda [because that is all it does] then it should not be considered in the setup calc. If you say, nah, let's not do that - fine. Then your plus is you have one extra gold setup with a 3-cost location, protected and searched. But, then your agenda is nothing and the opportunity cost argument can be made. Whichever way you look at it there IS a drawback. My opinion is it a mild drawback, akin to the TMP; KotHH is a much. much steeper drawback
  13. Dobbler said: Opportunity cost means nothing! Absolutely nothing. EVERY SINGLE AGENDA has the exact same opportunity cost. Once you choose that agenda, you don't get to play any other agenda. So trying to ascribe any sense of balance to HoD by stating it has an "opportunity" cost is a game of folly. KotHH has the same opportunity cost. As does Kings of Winter. As does Knights of the Realm, etc, etc. That's true. But, then for this debate you would need to line up your apples and oranges differently. What HoD in effect does is make that location your agenda, nothing else on the positive side. So, if that is the case, the opportunity cost is no different than any agenda. But, then we need to look at the drawbacks. The drawbacks would then be back to: one card less, two gold less setup, plus the possibilty to negate the agenda for the rest of the game.
  14. We are looking at a Red Saturday. It seems a better day for most folks. As usual, finding a good and affordable location in Manhattan is a challenge we are working on. Looking at a casual melee on Friday…
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