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  1. Thanks Ktom. I've been trying to think about how I'm going to deal with this card. Got a feeling it's gonna royally screw me at some point...
  2. Since First Snow of Winter takes effect after the first challenge of the round is initiated, can I as the first player initiate a military challenge and then cancel the effect with borderland keep? I understand this is type of thing is typically abnormal but since the effect takes place "during" a military challenge I was hoping it might work...
  3. Would a Royal Guard played as a dupe on Jory go on the top of your deck after being discarded since it is a Stalwart card? I've heard no but I am wroth at FFG if so... I mean come on guys. Give me a reason to play a Stalwart card would ya?
  4. Joust. I've tried Siege of Winterfell and it's certainly fun to play but none of my Stark decks have been very effective.
  5. Sure thing. Glad I could help. Not sure which would be helpful but you can find examples at www.agotcards.org/deck. You need to sign up and must use fire fox but there are other sites out there where you can find examples of neutral decks.
  6. Yes Neutral cards have a blank shield top right and you also will probably need a variety of other packs to make this viable. I don't have much experience building neutral only decks but you may want to consider running a lot of neutral thematic cards out of a single house like a brotherhood deck out of lanni or martell or a maester deck out some house etc. This way you could focus on a specific cycle to get the cards you need.
  7. When I bought the game last Christmas I took an immediate liking to both Stark and Greyjoy as these are my 2 favorite houses in the books. The first 2 expansions I purchased were LoW and KotS. Unfortunately I've found that I suck at deck building with both of these houses and eventually branched out into other houses. Any pointers on what makes a good Stark or Greyjoy deck? I have all the cards.
  8. I guess I had The Knight in mind specifically Ktom. A character would be less likely to defend with a weenie to prevent him from standing if Walder would be jumping in. I know that Black Wind does the same but there's really no danger to playing Walder and at 0 cost with a chance he may occasionally help I just though it'd be more useful.
  9. Does Knights of the Hollow Hill ("other cards you control do not provide a gold bonus") cancel the effect of Burned and Pillaged? I'm thinking yes...
  10. Thanks I just wanted confirmation. Wonder if it's a useful card now with joust...
  11. Can anyone confirm how Walder works? If I understand correctly he automatically participates (as long as he's standing) on the winning side once a defender is declared. Since he has deadly that gives an opponent a deadly card but am I correct to assume that I still control it and thus control more deadly cards in the challenge assuming we were even before he entered the challenge? The opponent would be allowed to choose and kill a participating card so Walder himself most likely. What we have then is a free card that jumps in and provides deadly so long as I am winning and kills himself off when it backfires at no real penalty to me. This card is pretty poorly rated elsewhere and I was wanted to check and make sure I understood and also was wondering what kind of effects the new Joust / Melee keywords will have on it's playability. Appreciate any feedback.
  12. Does anybody happen to know when Lions of the Rock will be in stores in the States? The website previously said November 21st but now just says on the boat. I assume this means it's coming soon but I have heard about things being late before. I guess I'm just wondering if it will make it before Christmas. Anybody know the status on this?
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