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  1. This is the coolest army I've seen for this game! They look great!
  2. Thanks! It is indeed awesome! Been playing every night when everyone goes to bed the last few nights.
  3. So the Blight Wizard lets you target multiple enemies with an attack. So if I roll 4 successes, against two enemies with 5 total health. Do I kill both(they each take 4), or do I only kill one, and wound the other? Rulebook reference that I'm missing? Thanks!
  4. I guess I was talking about Marksmen with Luke. Let's him sit in the back to do his buff but still get a shot in.
  5. I always run Deadeye with Saboteurs. That extra accuracy can be a life saver with them. I've also been running Marksmen a lot too. The maps can get pretty cramped and I have found it useful.
  6. I'm Board! got a regional! To prepare for this we will be holding monthly tournments. It's looking like the third Monday of every month but I will update this post when I know more. They got a few (six I think) league kits.
  7. I do not play a ton so I'm ok with fun list . I do like the Lando card and have wanted to use it without killing my ships effectiveness, and that is what I came up with.
  8. I primarily play Star Wars lcg and have a chance to play in a X-Wing Store Championship this weekend. I have a few list that I like and am considering playing. If I can get some more experienced tournament players opinions on them it would be awesome. Han Solo (59) YT-1300 (46), Push the Limit (3), C-3PO (3), Lando Calrissian (3), Millennium Falcon (1), Experimental Interface (3) Lieutenant Blount (19) Z-95 Headhunter (17), Wingman (2) Green Squadron Pilot (21) A-Wing (19), Chardaan Refit (-2), Wingman (2), Autothrusters (2) So this is my "Fat Han" list. Focus, PTL to Evade/Target Lock, triggers Experimental Interface to use Lando, then get two stress. I have Blount for another cheap Wingman, and to maybe shoot stealth devices of interceptors. Prototype Pilot (22) x 2 A-Wing (17), Proton Rockets (3), Autothrusters (2) Dash Rendar (55) YT-2400 Freighter (36), Push the Limit (3), “Mangler” Cannon (4), Recon Specialist (3), Outrider (5), Engine Upgrade (4) And now here is my "Super Dash" list. Nothing to fancy I traded a Corran which I hear is typical with two A-Wings with Proton Rockets. I really like A-Wings vs big ships, for their high damage output(for one turn with rockets) and their 3 evade. Luke Skywalker (38) X-Wing (28), R2-D2 (4), Lone Wolf (2), Shield Upgrade (4) Gemmer Sojan (30) A-Wing (22), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Proton Rockets (3), Autothrusters (2), Push the Limit (3) Jake Farrell (32) A-Wing (24), Proton Rockets (3), Push the Limit (3), Autothrusters (2) More A-Wings this time a couple of named pilots and Luke. I have not played this list before but I like the looks of it. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (66) VT-49 Decimator (46), Expose (4), Weapons Engineer (3), Mara Jade (3), Gunner (5), Dauntless (2), Experimental Interface (3) Black Squadron Pilot (18) TIE Fighter (14), Draw Their Fire (1), Hull Upgrade (3) Black Squadron Pilot (16) TIE Fighter (14), Wingman (2) I don't play Imperials often but this is my try at a Decimator list. I know a Phantom is common with a build like this but I like the chump TIEs that support the Decimator. Well that was a lot of list, thanks for looking and thanks for any help in my decision making process!
  9. We are planning on doing some tourneys for this. I need to talk to the store owner and try and figure out a good way of doing so, and get a time figured out. We are actually starting a campaign this coming Monday (3/16). If you ever post that you want a skirmish game on a Monday I'll make sure it happens(but not the second monday of the month, that is the Star Wars lcg tourney).
  10. So I have a question about how these cards interact together. Does this work... Take an evade action, use ptl to focus, then use experimental interface to use The action on the Lando crew card. Does that work? Can you trigger all those cards in that order.
  11. I run pretty much the same squad. I don't know if I like Jyn or Saboteurs better though. I think you need to run Luke and Diala since most of the good cards to run are force users.
  12. But that's just a maybe? Who's to say you will draw that card before the game is over? When you are only seeing 40%ish of your deck I don't like my odds. I use my deck as a added bonus, but I don't rely on drawing any certain card.
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