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  1. Ok, I should have clarified, I meant the 19th centuries as an anti-establishment conspiracy with some idealistic goals (and plenty of opportunists), rather than the established movements and "state socialism" of the mid-20th century. That said, there was an idea of equality in their beliefs, though obviously not all wanted to take it all the way. And let's be frank, Rokugan is heavily classist and this is backed by "divine decree"- even if the books, for obvious reasons, try to shy away from it. Shinjo's reaction was quite understandable, especially considering she went through quite a lot of nasty stuff because of the Kolat
  2. In 4E them as somewhat more organized late 19th-early 20th century communists, except less "misfits" and closer to the boogeymen people believed they were. Slightly toned down, I think this could work for 5th.
  3. Hmm I remember earlier editions throwing army numbers of over 100,000 for the great clans - iirc the Dragon, who are known to be relatively low on population, were mentioned to be able to mobilize up to 200,000 people. Granted, that no doubt included ashigaru and all manner of supporting units. To me, Rokugan seemed closer to China than Japan in terms of geography. This article argues for a population of roughly 26 million based on area, population density, and others. Mind you, this is somewhat lower than the population of Edo-period Japan, over a greater territory and a lot more of it suitable to irrigation.
  4. Well, of course. If for no other reason, it would not do to displease the fortune of calligraphy!
  5. Definitely check the Imperial histories from 4th edition., they have some interesting historical episodes. The three-way alliance that almost succeeded in making the emperor and Asahime's rebellion were both interesting episodes. Hantei XVI, the Steel Chrysanthemum, is also a character with some potential.
  6. Another option that might work for some groups is tugging at familial connections and favors owed. Marriages and favors often cross clan lines, and sometimes they provide a junior samurai with a reason to go somewhere else and hep someone not of the clan. For example, what if Ide Sayo's uncle married into the Scorpion and now asks his sister, Sayo's mother, for a favor - perhaps his niece could be so kind to visit her cousins, who have heard so much of her exploits, and maybe have a chat with uncle who has a small issue he'd like her help with? Trading favors is a big part of a courtier's game, and sometimes the services of a (junior, usually) clan member are part of the deal. After all, the clans are not at war at present, so sometimes a samurai can serve their lord by aiding an ally - not to mention earning a name for themselves beyond the clan's boundaries.
  7. It is interesting that the core book gives some benchmarks, and seems to think 30 is okay for proven retainers, with 50 being the benchmark of heroes. For me, 0-10 is good for new samurai mostly fresh from their gempukku, 30-50 is where people with some experience under their belt but no incredible feats (yet) go, and anything higher is serious samurai business. For me, the important part is tailoring the narrative to the power level. A game where a couple of young samurai do surprising things and forge friendships or rivalries, making a name for themselves can be perfectly good with starting characters.
  8. Ohh, you're right. Thanks! I still think that going with the adoptive samurai family would be a better fit in most games, at least mechanically, unless you're looking for a bit of extra challenge. Thematically, it also makes some sense if it's a starting character: if you managed to get adopted, you are now part of the clan and they should make sure your skills are up to date and you are not an embarrassment.
  9. Ah, the Warhammer Fantasy school of character naming 😋. I tend to go through a list of Japanese names, unless I'm working with a family with a different influence like the Unicorn families (especially the Moto), and look for a meaning that I find thematic or, well, cool-sounding.
  10. Pardon my thread necromancy, but for all it's worth, here's my two cents: in the case of a peasant would go with the adopted family for mechanical reasons - this is where he/she learned to be a samurai. I don't think we have stats for peasants, or non-samurai monks for that matter. I interpret the family stats for the great clans to be applicable only for the samurai, not the commoners or hi-nin in their lands. In the case of a samurai, the birth family would be more appropriate. In a way, it is not like marrying into a clan: you have a new clan and lord/lady to serve, but you are still you. The exception is if they were adopted very early on and were essentially raised among their new clan.
  11. Hi, I was arguing with a player in my game just how the salvation shield works. In "Into the Storm," it is stated that the device "generates a silent, invisible field of roughly one square metre,projecting outward half a metre. " As I understand that, it projects a fixed "shield" in one direction,not an omnidirectional screen.In which case, it cannot defend from attacks from all angles at the same time. How should that work mechanically - does the field not function against, say,an enemy attacking a character from the rear and should a character use a reaction to realign the shield to protect a different angle?
  12. My big problem with DE is that by the last lore I am aware of (which is from around the time of their 5E codex) staying in realspace really accelerates their soul-draining, and thus the rate they need to replenish it. This is why they usually don't stay in realspace much. Now, with a rogue trader, sometimes you have long treks in between things, and due to the vagaries of the warp you can have warp transitions that take months - during which any minor disturbance on board can lead to a disaster. Having a DE on board during that time is among the worst ideas you can have. This is a distinctly dark eldar problem, and a pretty **** big one.
  13. Was it mentioned anywhere just who produces those weapons? One idea that was tracked was to visit the forgeworld and inducing the production of a few extra parts - although I have a hard time seeing that happen,as I expect those forge worlds would be extremely well regimented.
  14. I have had some disagreements with one of my players in a recent game in his endless quest for greater loot (and riches, connections and disposable assets - seneschals...). He is a sniper afficionado and has really set his sights on an exitus rifle as soon as he found out about it. Me, I am not too keen on having even a member of the rogue trader dynasty walk around with something that should belong to the assassin temples, but he is rather insistent. The constant arguing is really getting on my nerves, but I am not yet interested in ending the game over it, so I thought I would ask for advice. Similar arguments have been going on about various archeotech, and I expect they may pop up about more things in the future. My idea is that something like that is, put simply, not for sale anywhere in the Koronus, and pretty much impossible to obtain via standard means. On the other hand, I could certainly say the same about titans, and yet there were some mentions of how to acquire one. So how would you go about if a player was trying to obtain such arcane gear - where could it be found (and what would NOT be enough to find it), and what sort of consequences would you include for it? As thematic as it might be having to roll for assassination with all the bonuses a skilled sniper (maybe not even a true vindicare, just a prospective candidate like in the DH Ascension package) every time the crew goes out in Port Wander, Footfall and eventually their own ship, I imagine this would not go well with the players.
  15. Hi, in a campaign I recently started the issue of what can be twin-linked popped up a few times, in particular regarding the purchase of twin-linked sniper rifles. Was there ever a clarification of what can and cannot be twin-linked for personal use?
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