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  1. Hi, I was arguing with a player in my game just how the salvation shield works. In "Into the Storm," it is stated that the device "generates a silent, invisible field of roughly one square metre,projecting outward half a metre. " As I understand that, it projects a fixed "shield" in one direction,not an omnidirectional screen.In which case, it cannot defend from attacks from all angles at the same time. How should that work mechanically - does the field not function against, say,an enemy attacking a character from the rear and should a character use a reaction to realign the shield to protect a different angle?
  2. My big problem with DE is that by the last lore I am aware of (which is from around the time of their 5E codex) staying in realspace really accelerates their soul-draining, and thus the rate they need to replenish it. This is why they usually don't stay in realspace much. Now, with a rogue trader, sometimes you have long treks in between things, and due to the vagaries of the warp you can have warp transitions that take months - during which any minor disturbance on board can lead to a disaster. Having a DE on board during that time is among the worst ideas you can have. This is a distinctly dark eldar problem, and a pretty **** big one.
  3. Was it mentioned anywhere just who produces those weapons? One idea that was tracked was to visit the forgeworld and inducing the production of a few extra parts - although I have a hard time seeing that happen,as I expect those forge worlds would be extremely well regimented.
  4. I have had some disagreements with one of my players in a recent game in his endless quest for greater loot (and riches, connections and disposable assets - seneschals...). He is a sniper afficionado and has really set his sights on an exitus rifle as soon as he found out about it. Me, I am not too keen on having even a member of the rogue trader dynasty walk around with something that should belong to the assassin temples, but he is rather insistent. The constant arguing is really getting on my nerves, but I am not yet interested in ending the game over it, so I thought I would ask for advice. Similar arguments have been going on about various archeotech, and I expect they may pop up about more things in the future. My idea is that something like that is, put simply, not for sale anywhere in the Koronus, and pretty much impossible to obtain via standard means. On the other hand, I could certainly say the same about titans, and yet there were some mentions of how to acquire one. So how would you go about if a player was trying to obtain such arcane gear - where could it be found (and what would NOT be enough to find it), and what sort of consequences would you include for it? As thematic as it might be having to roll for assassination with all the bonuses a skilled sniper (maybe not even a true vindicare, just a prospective candidate like in the DH Ascension package) every time the crew goes out in Port Wander, Footfall and eventually their own ship, I imagine this would not go well with the players.
  5. Hi, in a campaign I recently started the issue of what can be twin-linked popped up a few times, in particular regarding the purchase of twin-linked sniper rifles. Was there ever a clarification of what can and cannot be twin-linked for personal use?
  6. I was thinking how the cult could best think to remove the RT and his minions or at least place them under control with what they do know, to be honest. How the ship's officers will react if their captain is captured is another story .
  7. Overall, the head of the cult will act against them, but as I see it, very good rolls on social tests can win them some allies who either know what is being planned or at least can look out for their interest and tip them off in time that something fishy is going on. The PCs were already able to do some good diplomancing among the nomads of this world and come accompanied by a few champions of local tribes and one chieftain-aspirant. They may make the difference in case the cult needs to resort to violence. My idea was to use drugs who demage characteristics or cause fatigue levels if the cult has a good reason to want to take them alive. Even if not, it would make sense to drug them a bit before bringing in the really nasty stuff. Alternatively, if the PCs start getting smart to this, a more direct option can be arranged, using the local guards and some special champions the cult's medic have been augmenting. If it makes any difference, the PCs are only level 2, it is their first expedition in the Expanse.
  8. In case anyone reading this is currently on Kerkvaya SI, DO NOT READ I am currently running a campaign where the PCs are tracking a famous missing scion of their dynasty and the search led them to Kerkvaya Si, a world colonized a long time ago by an ecclesiarchal colony ship that was blown off course by a warp storm. The world regressed to barbarism after a huge war nearly wiped out the human population a few millenia ago, so now the only tech-savvy group is a pseudo-religious order residing near the site of the colony ship crash. The players are currently there and snooping about. From what they gathered via local legends and the archived astropathic communications of their House, the scion led an expedition to this world and went to a sacred mountain - tribal legends say he then left the world his blessings and disappeared back to whence he came from. Now, their illustrious predecessor and an expedition he led did indeed come here a few hundred years ago and went to the temples (built around the wreck of the main colony ship), but he did not leave - worried about his expedition undermining their position as prophets and the main holders of technology, the order murdered him and the expedition. They plan to do the same this time too, but the party may have let it slip they control powerful weapons and allies (as in, their ship is in orbit). The PCs also hinted and will no doubt elaborate on the feast that they have plans for developing this world. How do you think the cult would react? I was thinking serving poison, possibly just drugging the RT so he can be captured and made to cooperate. The party will naturally have their chance to smell something is up.
  9. In case anyone reading this is currently on Kerkvaya SI, DO NOT READ I am trying to think of any way to drug a PC or NPC outside of ruling that the poisons involved just cause a lot of fatigue. I cannot find any special knockout poison, however. Is there something statted in any book or does it need to be homebrewed?
  10. Hi, there has recently been an argument on my table if the craftmanship of an item impacts the base availability and the time it takes to acquire this item. I was under the impression that craftmanship increases or decreases rarity by one step per category. Is this the case.
  11. Hi, I have recently started running a game, and I and my players are unsure just what sort of rolls can be rerolled via fate points. I was under the impression that it was only skill and ability tests, but the players want to use it for acquisition rolls and shield (the force field version) rolls. Was there a clarification on just what you can reroll?
  12. I see the Universe as a mobile, but somewhat vulnerable, starbase. It has the space to host near anything you may want, if you have the SPs. Going with one as your first ship may be quite difficult... but potentially worth it if you want a different experience, neither having the firepower of a high-SP start or the influence and riches of a high-PF start. At least at first... after your first 1-2 trade missions, money should not be a problem anymore .
  13. Well, we set up 3 of the characters so far. We have a dynasty child rogue trader who never expected to inherit the warrant and busied herself in the pursuits of the idle rich (including a fair bit more xenology than generally appropriate), a former military seneschal who seems a bit too obsessed with keeping enemies far away from him (and a player who takes pains to max his balistic skill) and a relatively gruff and martial missionary. So far, it looks like a decent start, but I need to pressure the players for more backstory.The seneschal insists that his character saved the Trader by killing the previous seneschal who was trying to usurp her, and got recruited as a result. We will see how that gets... modified by the RT trader. I am expecting a chirurgeon techpriest and one other character. My biggest issue mechanicallzy is that the Rogue Trader rolled abysmally for wounds and starts with 7 (2x3+1)... I think it may be a good idea to remind the player that sound constitution is a very good idea. Other than that, the player of the RT seems to want a bit of everything, one of the other players there is new to 40k and doesn't seem to have any preferences (but seems to have a thing for making mechanically optimized characters and doing whatever he feels with them) and the rest have not given me a clearer idea of what sort of a game they want, so I will prod them a bit more on the topic.
  14. Yeah, to be honest I put on a few points on the Orion and the Meritech as they were extremely effective for their points (heck, the Meritech is sometimes considered better than some frigates). I will pitch the idea of the trader (or someone else) having the child of dynasty background, this should give them enough for a Havoc if they want something bigger that can still fight.
  15. I have been thinking of using the Eldar Character Guide for my own game. Any feedback or recommendations about it?
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