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  1. Hello. I am a retailer and cant find the download section you are talking about.
  2. Tragic.... So pyromancer's apprentice is a card without meaning... We need that errata fast...
  3. If i don't have gold can i choose to satisfy him with paying one gold even though i don't have one?
  4. I will drop you an email soon and thanks for your offer Reports and articles about the game we love is what is all about I am not really sure if they are physics Major but i will ask
  5. Thanks a lot bro I will post decklists soon. AGoT is alive in Greece more than ever! The rules were like this. It was just Joust. 1 person from Team A facing in Joust a person from Team B. There was no interaction between the two pairs except they shared rounds. When a paired finished its round they would have to w8 for the other pair to finish the samw round as well. Both pairs wanted to reach 30 power together. If my teamate had 28 power and i had only 2 we win! In fact my team lost a game that i had 16 power ad my opponent only 4, but my teammate faced a super powerfull Archmaester Embrose with 28+ power on him. It was fun though and fun is what we want!
  6. 16 People... 8 Teams... 1 Prize... AGoT LCG Joust Doubles 1st Place! The weekend that passed we hosted here in Greece a special event to celebrate the opening of a new store from the chain of stores that supports AGoT, Fantasy Shops. Joust Doubles. Teams of 2 competing in Joust with a common power race to 30! The event was a success and we are happy to share with all of you photos of the event! Left-"Team We Lose" (Petrovic-Paraskevopoulos) / Right-"Team Not" (Mamoutzis-Xenakis) The event was held together with the opening night of our store so some players got the chance to win prizes outside of play! Argiropoulos Dimitris from "Team I Whistle and you are over" (We can all see John Xenakis from "Team Not" behind thinking to steal the core set !) At the final we had 2 teams made of players that never had the chance until now to play for first place and not our usual Big Names! "Team Higgs Exist" (Ntargaras-Patellis) Vs "Team We have money in Greece" (Deligiannis-Marinopoulos) Final Table New players emerged winning over old and good players! "Team Dragonlords" Player (Papadopoulos) And ex World Class Magic the Gathering Players now see the light in AGoT LCG! "Team We Lose" Player (Petrovic) Although defeated from "Team Love is in the Air", "Team I Whistle and you are Over" Walks down with their heads up! "Team I Whistle and you are Over" (Up-Argiropoulos, Down-Vranas) "Team Love is in the Air" (Karabinis - Potiriadi) And Our Winners with victory after victory after victory and a prophetic name! "Team We have Money in Greece" (Right - Deligiannis, Center - Marinopoulos) + Left Guest Star Vranas Standings 1. Team We have Money in Greece (Martell / Martell) 2. Team Higgs Exist (Targaryen / Lannister) 3. Team Dragonlords (Targaryen / Stark) 4. Team Blue Alliance (Greyjoy / Targaryen) 5. Team Love is in the Air (Targaryen / Stark) 6. Team I whistle and you are Over (Stark / Martell) 7. Team Not (Lannister / Lannister) 8. Team We Lose (Greyjoy / Lannister) Gio Karab from Team Love is in the Air out!
  7. Haha ye we talked No worries! Let me explain though what i am talking about. I ve seen all the tournaments run and i m prety happy about them. Greek community will certainly if all goes well be at Stahnlek next year. But I'm talking about a World Team Event. In addition to other events. 3 players from each country (each country can field of course as many teams as it wants) facing other 3 players from another country in joust. For example Team Greece vs Team Canada. 3 vs 3 in joust. If i win for team Greece and one of my other co players wins we will qualify. In LOTR card game this was one of the biggest events of the year in essen Germany. We can certainly host it at Stahnleck in addition to the European Event that goes on there! Tell me what you think and drop me your email at my mail so we can talk further. I know a lot of AGoT players are excited with the idea. The main problem is to find a sponsor from each country that will paly expenses for the team of 3 to go and compete. I know that here in Greece we have a chain of stores called Fantasy Shop that will sponsor 3 players easily.
  8. Hello all from exotic Greece. Where you can enjoy souvlaki gyros, tzatziki and AGoT LCG at its peak! This talk is to inform the Wolrd community of AGoT that the game is "alive and kicking" here in Greece and we allready have our official ladder and standings. Check this link to see the system we use and scroll down at the link to see the actual points of the players participating! http://www.fantasyshop.gr/node/9387 We have this league play going 3 months now and we hope we can raise funds to actually sponsor our best players to compete at larger events such as Stahnleck. Most of our players are mature kids that enjoy both the fun and the competitive aspect of the game. A lot of players here used to play LOTR tcg and we even made it to top 3 at a World Cup Event as a team! So we have some suggestions that we want to place here for all of the community to see and support if you like. We want you to know that we are here and we are here to stay! Italy is close so if the italian community wants to organize something bigger together we are open to suggestions. This is the first talk from us but we will make other threads with ideas that can bring the community together to play and have fun not only at a national level but on a World one! Before i finish this first thread i will keep my promise and bring forth our first idea. We have a dream... We have a dream that someday all the countries that play AGoT will form a National Team of their 3 best players and compete to a World Team Joust Event! The rules are there and we have them. Brief explanation coming up... - Matches will be Joust and will consist 1 player of Team A facing 1 player of Team B. - Best 2 out of 3 matchup wins will decide the winning team. - If it would be held here in Greece (we have no problem sponsoring 3 players to go to another location), we have a 5 star Hotel that could host the event at extremely low prices! The thrill of playing for your country is something that when you feel it you can never forget it... We await yor responces and ideas about this! My email is sarumangr@hotmail.com Please feel free to mail me with ideas or contact information.
  9. To celebrate the opening of our new store here in Greece this time the event is double! Bring your friend and ally, pair up and Joust vs other teams! There is no interaction between players except from the fact that each team shares a common power pool. The first team to reach 30 power together is the winner. Event Date : 10/12/2011 Start Time : 11:00 a.m. Event Venue : Fantasy Shop Marousi, Plastira 16, Athens, Greece, Earth Entry Fee : 12 euro per team Prizes : Paychecks to winners + points for the official Greek ladder. Venue Phone : (0030) 210-6234561 Tournament Director : Gio Karab AGoT LCG Greek official Ladder www.fantasyshop.gr/node/9387
  10. The last Joust for this Year is upon us! Come and join the fight. Event Date : 03/12/2011 Start Time : 11:00 a.m. Event Venue : 3rd of September 65, Athens, Greece, Earth Entry Fee : 6 euro Prizes : Paychecks to winners + points for the official Greek ladder. Venue Phone : (0030) 210-8231072. Tournament Director : Gio Karab AGoT LCG Athens Winter Program AGoT LCG Greek Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/206213052743327/ Fantasy Shop Link for the Event www.fantasyshop.gr/node/9553 Facebook Link for the Event www.facebook.com/groups/206213052743327/#!/events/234480089952876/ Official AGoT Greek Ladder www.fantasyshop.gr/node/9387
  11. Nearing the end of our gaming events our brand new Fantasy Shop at Marousi, Athens hosts the 5th Joust Event. Come and see our new gaming space that will give you endless hours of play time and joy! Event Date : 19/11/2011 Start Time : 11:00 a.m. Event Venue : Plastira 16, Marousi, Athens, Greece, Earth Entry Fee : 6 euro Prizes : Paychecks to winners + points for the official Greek ladder. Venue Phone : Not available atm. For any questions please call our Central Store Fantasy Shop Viktoria at (0030) 210-8231072. AGoT LCG Athens Winter Program AGoT LCG Greek Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/206213052743327/ Fantasy Shop Link for the Event www.fantasy-shop.gr/node/9551 Facebook Link for the Event www.facebook.com/event.php Espairos Gaming Group Link for the Event www.espairos.gr/phpbb3/viewtopic.php
  12. A Kingsmoot is a traditional ceremony held by the inhabitants of the Iron Islands where all the captains of the longships choose their new Iron King by casting votes. The Kingsmoot is traditionally held on Nagga's Hill on Old Wyk. According to the book History of the Ironborn, there has not been a kingsmoot in four thousand years. According to Questions, it has been two thousand years. It is time. The Kingsmoot is here. Who will blow the horn of Dragons? An event diferent from any other. A Game of Thrones is not just a game but a living story of epic proportions that we all live in the world created by George R.R. Martin. So now is the time for you to prove if you have waht it takes to be the new Iron King! Date :12/11/2011 Venue : Fantasy Shop Βικτωρ?ας, 3η Σεπτεμβρ?ου 65 Start Time: 11.00 π.μ. Entry Fee : 6 ευρ? Prizes : Paychecks to Winners + points x2 due to special event for the official Greek Ladder Venue Phone Number : (0030) 210 8231072 Tournament Directors: Gio Karab, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos Facebook Link www.facebook.com/event.php Fantasy Shop Link www.fantasyshop.gr/node/9550 Espairos Club Link www.espairos.gr/phpbb3/viewtopic.php Kingsmoot Rules Variant www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/agotlcg/support/AGOT_49_rulessheet_web.pdf http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/agotlcg/support/AGOT_49_rulessheet_web.pdf'>
  13. If you make this software for joust and melee tournaments it would be great to share it cause only pen and paper works for me right now for melee
  14. Get Ready to Joust... Signup Time : 11:00 a.m. Entry fee : 6 euro Prizes : Paychecks to winners + points for the Greek official ladder Venue Number : (0030) 210 - 9592922 Venue Street : Hrakleous 110A, Athens, Greece, Earth! Tournament Director : Gio Karab, Kostas Zarganis Facebook Link www.facebook.com/event.php Fantasy Shop Link www.fantasyshop.gr/node/9549
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