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  1. Hi to everyone! What exactly an ability is? For instance communications relay what can cancel?
  2. Dear FFg community, here are my two questions: 1. In which way a flying unit is affected by area effect (is the damage halved)? 2. There is a guard unit which can be put into play after another guard unit is destroyed. (sorry can't remember proper name). Do I have to pay for playing it? P.S.: A third question came to my mind: After the ranged combat phase ends, do the ranged unit(s) refresh?
  3. so we know from The FAQ that adding is the same of placing but my questione is when a card is added in The staging area does the when reaveal effect take place? and surge? thank you for answering
  4. The old scoring system is just silly...with treath reduction you can easily have very low treath at The end of The game...and this would lead to an absolute dominance of treath reduction decks and obsolete alla other decks in a scoring environment
  5. wow this is wonderful!!! I havent noticed the magic entry!thank you a lot and congrats to the champion!!!
  6. Hello to everyone! I just read in the news the last article about Diskwar written by the world champion. If I read correctly he used Speed of Asuryan to give Teclis mobile so he could move, use magic, then with karl Franz Activate Teclis again to strike again and escape. According to the rules, this seems impossible to do since mobile doesn't allow you to move and use magic. Am I wrong?
  7. Hi there! We had a tournament at our local retailer store yesterday and a couple of question came to us: 1. Obstacles:When do you roll the die to see if your ship gets damage and skip his action? I mean, if your ship base during movement "skim over" an obstacle (without the manovre template overlapping it) but the ship itself doesn't end movemnt overlapping the obstace does it need to roll the dice? People yesterday thought the need to roll happened only if the ship overlapped the obstacle at the end of the movement or if the template overlapped during movement. Is this right? 2.When measuring line of sight to decide if there is an obstruction, do you consider the thinnest line between the closest corners of the ship placing your ruler or the wide lenght of the ruler?
  8. i believe i could have miss it, but do multiple abilities (for example guard, impact, reanimate) from different sources stack?
  9. This post serves only to encourage ffg to bring this game alive. This is just AMAZING. Thank FFG!
  10. if you pick space marine i pick gandalf!
  11. remember they'LL only hit with a critical at siege range!
  12. there was a previous topic on this forum too! check first,You'LL save time!
  13. im asking if there is no limit to The card in your hand at deck building
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