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  1. Well, baller. Thank you very much! Looks like I will indeed be looking to get some sweet Cortex implants after all...
  2. If you mean things like Fettering, Unfettering, and Pushing, you've gotta hit rank 9 first
  3. Yeah, I gotcha. But unless I officially cannot read anymore, it only specifies the bonus DoS for opposed tests. I suppose what I'm saying is that I wish it applied to all tests XD
  4. Indeed, that was somewhat along my lines of thinking. Not sure if it'd be fin or not, but a system of damage and/or degredation could be implemented. Weapons could have "wounds" as a damage threshold along with an armor value. It'd be fairly easy to implement as long as you remembered to take into account damage from parrying, explosions, etc. The only issue of it IMO is that it could really be more of a hinderance than fun. The fun would come in in the case of destroying your oppositions gear (potentially). At the same time, I suppose people could merely use common sense instead of a system. Again, not really a hassle; say someone shoots your precious flamer's fuel tank. If it's a lasgun? Roll damage and see how it goes and what you think. A lascannon? I'd say a fairly fiery death is in order as long as it hits Sorry for the rant. XD
  5. Cool, I suppose...That just doesnt seem particularly intense, know what I mean? XD
  6. Allrighty, I think this is the last question I'll (hopefully) have to plague the forums with for a good little while I know that having Unnatural Willpower greatly enhances a psykers abilities. I'm also aware that Unnatural Strength and Toughness have a pretty simple (yet profound) effect on gameplay (Damage increase and reduction). However, I seem to be struggling to understand the capacity of having other Unnatural stats. What do the others do? Primarily, what does Unnatural Intellegence do? Does having Unnatural Agility do anything useful other than increasing the size of AOE that you can dodge? I got the impression that Unnatural Characteristics were only used in Opposed Tests, in which they added degrees of success. While that is absolutely wonderful, it has limited usefulness (in my opinion) for stats like Agility, Perception, and Intelligence. Would anyone care to enlighten me one more time? XD
  7. Thanks It was mainly a concern because I was worried that I might have to worry about it constantly, but you have abated my fears, at least for now XD
  8. In the Ascension supplement, being a Primaris Psyker grants you Unnatural Willpower at the very highest ranks
  9. Hey guys Quick question: I noticed that in the IH, the Lathe upgrade for melee weapons gives the weapon an armor value of 25. Are there actual rules anywhere for attacking objects, or is this a unique instance? Thanks again, guys
  10. Couldn't you simply assume that the Breacher isn't destroyed upon failed implantation? Unless, of course, you failed horribly...Say, three degrees of failure?
  11. I've actually been thinking about this quite a bit as well; I really like the Mining Helot upgrade Yeah, I think only best quality should totally eliminate the agility, although I also think it should kill (or drastically reduce) the insanity gain. But that's just me XD I really wish they'd already included the stats for good and best quality stuff for all of the implants in IH
  12. Hey guys Another quick little question for you... The Ascension rulebook allows psykers to take the Psy Rating +1 talent. My question is this: Does it specify anywhere in the book exactly what this does? I know it probably seems pretty self-explanatory, but I'm mainly wondering if the talent acts the same way the previous psy rating talents do by giving you new powers and/or new disciplines. Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially if anybody's found a page number! XD Thanks y'all!
  13. Thanks I'm really looking forward to using sorcery, just don't want my mind to melt utterly and completely every time I go for something other than fettering
  14. Thanks It's just a mild dissappointment because there's a bunch of cool jank you can do with ranged weapons, ya'kow? I wasn't even particularly looking for massive extra damage or anything... Just something baller Is there actually a set of rules for getting your weapon blessed? Just curious! XD
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