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  1. I have gotten a conflicting rules answer about size modifiers saying it works for both ranged and melee. I may have been asking about BC but since the descriptions are copy/pasted it should be the same for both. I'll have to check that email account when I get home. As for squad/solo We have been allowing the single squad mode and single solo mode simultaneously and it hasn't caused any headaches. You do burn through the cohesion faster but that's the trade off.
  2. It's the base success part that throws that off. I'm assuming the errata stats here: Base success (0 degrees) HB: 1 hit SB: 2 hits 1 degree HB: 2 SB 2 2 degrees HB: 3 SB 4 3 degrees HB: 4 SB 4 4 degrees HB: 5 SB 6 5 degrees HB: 6(MAX) SB 6 6 degrees HB: 6 SB 8(MAX)
  3. If you want to be a rules lawyer/munchkin about it the answer is 'yes.' Under TDA it specifically says there is no restriction on 'Wargear.' Jump pack is the second entry in the 'Wargear' section. This is in no way keeping with the mood/flavor of the game but since this is in the 'rules questions' as opposed to house rules or even 'commom sense' sections It had to be pointed out. It still shouldn't be allowed. I was putting together some models the other night and noticed that with very minor modifications you could put the jet pack from Tau battle suits on the back of TDA and came up with a great idea for a heretical tech marine joining up with the Tau to use their technology. Not exactly related but more plausible than a normal jump pack lifting TDA.
  4. herichimo said: bogi_khaosa said: Well, if you notice, the Horde Magnitudes table lists "Size and To Hit Modifier," sort of vaguely implying that they are different things (Size affecting concealment), and nothing is said in "Attacking a Horde"about it being only for ranged attacks (unlike in the Size description in Traits). **** you FFG! Why don't you give us any examples? Why, I scream to high heaven, why?!?! Tim's answer: "As per the rules on page 249 of the Deathwatch Core Rulebook, size is only a factor when making ranged attacks. Thanks for your question, Tim " To my question: "On Feb 14, 2012, at 6:20 PM, Rule Question: Does a PC get a bonus/penalty to WS tests based on his opponent's size catagory in melee? i.e. if fighting a hulking target would the PC get the +10? Or does the size bonus/penalties only apply to ranged combat?" Argh! no consistancy! : On Jul 27, 2012, at 2:04 PM, <XXXX> wrote: Rule Question: Do Size modifiers to hit modify both ranged and melee attacks? There seems to be some inconsistency between the Trait description (p. 142) and the Combat Modifiers (p. 246) Thanks! Yes, they do apply to both. Tim Huckelbery RPG Producer Fantasy Flight Games thuckelbery@fantasyflightgames.com Visit us at http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ Now, yes, I was asking about Black Crusade but the text is the same in the trait and combat modifier sections. The answer should be the same!
  5. If you are using the 'optional' weapon stats from the Errata it does have most weapons in it.
  6. bogi_khaosa said: OK, I've been doing the math, and for the life of me I cannot understand why they made these changes to Multiple Attack and Two-Weapon Fighting. They don't work. They're awful. I do not understand why they felt the need to make these changes; the previous system works fine. The problem with WH40KRP combat was with ranged combat -- with single shot vs. multiple shots. The only thing they had to do was to add +10 to melee attacks in order to make the to-hit chance correspond to that of ranged attacks (otherwise you would be better of shooting in melee than using a melee weapon). I know I'm coming off as abrasive, but I'm really frustrated. I really like the changes to ranged combat, and want to use the whole combat system, and I hate just taking part of a system for fear of messing up balance inadvertently somewhere along the way.. Maybe I'm missing something. In what way do they not work? I'm not following you when you talk about giving melee +10 so ranged weapons aren't a better choice in melee. I have been playing DW with BC Rules for a while now. A couple of things I noticed: 1. Like with DW, (and any of these games) find and use the Errata. 2. What the big changes do is make it so a relatively unskilled person (WS/BS 30-40) will make one good attack. For multiple attack actions in both ranged and melee you have to have either a good base skill or a lot of other bonuses to use them effectively. Your 'Average' SM will have 40+ WS or BS. at this point the math comes out nearly even slightly in favor of the single attacks. at 50+ Multiple attacks get better. By 70+ (which isn't that hard really) It becomes a slaughterfest. 3. The stacking DoS hits for SA/LA and generic Horde fighting only slightly increases the damage the Assault marine does to hordes. Now you do it in two rolls instead of four. We did make a house rule limiting the hits on SA/LA to 3 and 4 respectively. This put the AM to only mostly better at killing things instead of the no contest situation it was before. Even before we adopted the BC rules he was a monster though.
  7. And yes, you get a nice area, but it has to be centered on one target creature. You can't place it in between to hit the largest number of targets. It isn't exactly a 'Blast' effect either. it is more like chain lightning. you can dodge the bolt coming at you but might not have to move out of the area. Unlike other powers it only hits 'creatures' so inanimate objects won't be hit either.
  8. Two things worth noting: it's the effect of the 1d5 crit. not actual critical damage. this means it does not add up or get modified by things that change critical damage like True Grit. Also they did add that if you wouldn't damage with the 10 rolled then you do one actual point of damage. So the guy with a las pistol has a chance of doing one single point of damage and getting eaten for his trouble.
  9. One thing I think is that only 'troop' level enemies should ever be in hordes. this solves a lot of problems. No hordes of CSM who should be independantly challenging. A squad of independant CSMs and hordes of cultists/heretic militia/mutants/whatever to get in the way and make life difficult for you. Just say NO to hordes of Carnifex(i…es? what is the multiple of Carnifex? you shouldn't fight them in multiples that's why we don't know!) But to your main question. Remember the size gives you a bonus on things like grappling. I might just give them this for anything else like it.
  10. There is also the fact that the AM, Dev, and Tactical and even to a certain extent the Apothecaries are your 'standard' Space marines. Where the Tech and Librarians are the 'special characters' This is most apparent at rank one, before the others get their cool talents that let them shine.
  11. The servo arm doesn't count as a power weapon. it has a very nice damage and Pen but can only ever attack once per round and does not have a power field or tearing. don't underestimate chainswords. with tearing you will be getting Righteous Fury all over the place. In our group the AM out damages every other member of the group. He will kill things before the Techie can get to melee because of the jump pack (which the techie shouldn't be able to use because of the big ol servo arm.) Yeah, the Librarian can req a jump pack and do all right in melee for one good hit per round, but the AM doesn't have to wory about being sucked away into the warp or calling down Demon Prince's to kill him just by hitting something hard. Yes, at rank one with nothing special, they can do more on those single hits. You get more attacks and at rank 2 with Lightning Attack and Dual Weilding you get 4 per round. Cheap WS, Strength, and Ag mean you can move further, dodge and parry easier, and hit harder than anyone else. (yes they do get some of those cheap but nobody else gets all three.) While they are buying their skills and powers you will be increasing your attributes and getting even more talents to make you better. In closing: Suck it up for a rank or two then blow them away.
  12. Yeah, if you just want a chainsword, then spend 5 of your req on one each mission. The no renown things I've seen to some great use with Sig wargear have been things like Jump Packs and Diagnostor helms. Granted it didn't take us long to hit Respected since we did Oath of Glory for the first few missions. a th that point Sig wargear Storm bolter or Power Weapon is a much better way to go I think.
  13. The Genestealer thing is about right. DO NOT get into melee with these things. I always remember back to my Space Hulk days when I think of Genestealers going toe to toe with Space Marines in Terminator armour. Space marines have to be careful but they can take them out but often go from healthy to critical in one round if they fail to kill it and are in melee. Remember that they can't do the whole attack setup on a charge. I do have to admit that my experience with BC is using these rules for my Deathwatch game so I don't have much experience with balancing PCs and mutations and such, but it's not like you get to pick exactly which mutation you get. The +/- Infamy bonus shouldn't get you that much variance untill you are quite a long way in. And you don't even get that on every single mutation because of the whole 'failing' thing.
  14. Actually, no. It is a bonus to Strength Tests, not to the Strength Characteristic.
  15. We changed over to BC rules and then fought a carnifex (the pcs were rank 3-4.) The PCs definitely had the better position with it 200m away climbing uphill toward them. They had some IG to keep the little things at bay (until the raveners popped up from beneath them) so 4-5 marines unloading on it at a time kept it stunned or only getting a half move so it couldn't run to cover the distance too quickly. It still lasted long enough to get to melee for one round. Then the AM and Librarian finished it off. I'm not sure if it was easier or harder with the change honestly. If we hadn't changed then all those crit effects would have been extra d10s of damage, but it still would have been likely to reach melee range a whole lot faster.
  16. It is important to remember that ZH is 1d5 Critical Effect as opposed to Critical Damage. All of the inconvenience, no accumulation toward greater effects/death. And that it isn't modified by talents and things that change critical damage. But yeah, a lot more stunning/fatigue.
  17. BC did give you a skill based off WS for parrying, but it did not make it DoS based. (except for the SA/LA multi hit thing.) Basicly they made Parry and Dodge the same type of action called 'Evasion.' The biggest changes were to Wall of Steel and Step Aside. They removed WoS ans Step Aside now gives one extra reaction to be used for evasion per round. so one less evasion gained, but you need less evasions since you aren't rolling multiple times against SA/LA. Not realy pertinent to the OP but since it was brought up…
  18. "WS 32…Yay. I'm a massively talented melee machine," I think this is where the confusion comes from. At 30ish WS/BS, a well aimed attack is indeed the way to go. (and I would hesitate to call them massively talented) When you have a WS/BS in the 50+ range you have the skill to do obscene things with Lightning Attack or Full Auto. (When using these rules in our DW game we had to tone down LA since the Assault marine could kill anything with his WS of 70 and Lightning Claws. I did the math and my Dev with BS 70 had to roll well with an assault cannon to possibly out perform him.)
  19. For products with no backward compatibility they sure have a lot of 'Here's how to use this with the other product lines' type of stuff in them.
  20. Sadly I haven't read that one (yet) so I'm not sure what specific types of combat you're refering to, but here are a couple of places to look: Rules for Zero G are on p.210 Rules for Vacuum are on P. 261
  21. It's 50% of the listed range for short but you got the example right. and remember the absolute maximum is four times. So full ranges for standard bolter is PB 0-2, short 2-50, normal 50-200, long 200-300, extreme 300-400. This means your standard pistols can fire up to 120m and your Lascannon has a max range of 1.2km and Tau Broadsides and seeker missiles can shoot you from 2km. This is why genestealers try not to fight in open spaces and Tau put the kroot up front.
  22. With the AM having a WS of 70 and a pair of lightning claws there was virtualy nothing that could even remotely stand up to him. A single well rolled swift attack on a charge killed a hive tyrant from full life. (This is using the toned down Zealous hatred rules instead of Righteous Fury as well so no added damage from that.) Granted, this was before the BC Errata came out and said no multiple attacks on charge, but that's a completely different discussion. We decided to limit LA to 4 and SA to 3. He still destroys hordes, just a little more than anyone else, instead of nearly twice as much as anyone else.
  23. At the same time, it is harder to get additional reactions as Step Aside and Wall of steel are now one talent that gives a parry or dodge, instead of getting one of each. I think the change balances out in the end with less attack rolls and less evasion rolls. We did have to house rule lower caps on maximum hits for melee so it wasn't as overpowered.
  24. That seems like an entirely viable way of using the entry. It's not likely to unbalance anything and keeps the flavor right.
  25. That last chapter isn't an adventure. It's all about the RP part of having multiple chapters and going to the Deathwatch. Good stuff for all players and GMs.
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