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  1. I am constantly seeing references to the title of "Lord Militant" in the Dark Heresy books, but in the Lexicanum and WH wiki, this title is not placed within the Imperial Guard Hierarchy. Can anyone offer me an explanation or theory? Where does the "Lord Militant" title fit within the Hierarchy? The wikis mention "lord Commander Militant" as well as "Lord General Militant", but not the pure, strait up "Lord Militant". Perhaps this title refers to a rank outside the Imperial Guard? It vexes me. DH pg references and or wiki links would be helpful too. Thanks.
  2. I made these photo-shop portraits for a DH game I was in a while back. I hope they'll post okay. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=65605887B3AC40A5!125 https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=65605887B3AC40A5!124
  3. Rank 1 Adept's Stub Revolver…j/k Always thought the Man Portable Las Cannon seemed pretty sweet, stack some Accuracy, Quality etc… Or how about a Sanctified Great Weapon Lathe-Blade. That's about as epic as my brain goes…
  4. In the GrimDark of the FFG Forums, there is only (Flame) WAR!!! #1. I like free stuff. #2. I did find a LOT of confusion with all Forge Worlds in the Calixis Sector NOW being referred to as Lathe Worlds.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: My joking in the previous post was intended to lighten your mood, not to offend anyone. That being said: Valdek makes some very good points. 40K is a dog-eat-dog world and whether or not your character is Sanctioned would make a big difference. If the Assassin is messing with your Character, then it is entirely appropriate to mess with his. If your Character being "outed" as a Psyker means certain death, or worse, Compromises the Mission, then let the Hunter become the Hunted. Assuming your Character has contact with your Inquisitor, perhaps the Inquisitor can be convinced to tell the Assassin to "back off". If the Assassin is seriously going to Compromise the Mission, then it is your Character's Duty to neutralize the Threat he poses and it would be entirely justified.
  6. It can be difficult for the best of gamers to keep ICly info and OOCly info strictly separated in the mind. Even some of the best RPers I've known are prone to fits of meta-gaming. I feel the best solution is: if something is a secret IC, keep it a secret OOC too. Maybe this other player finds your OOC "flaunting" of your character's "secret" psyker power to be more than he/she can handle. (i.e. you talk about using Psyker Powers aloud in front of the other Players, make your rolls publicly, etc...) I know that a good RPer SHOULD be able to "turn the switch" between OOC and IC, but you might be making it more difficult for them. (I.e. you are giving him a -30 penalty to his RPing roll, turning him into a ******...) Since the other Players already know your Character's "secret", try to downplay it OOC as much as possible. Sit close to the GM and pass him notes or whisper what your going to do instead of yelling from the end of the room: "NOW I WILL USE MY SECRET PSYKER POWER!!! NO ONE KNOWS THAT MY CHARACTER HAS THIS POWER!!!" "IGNORE ME!!!". The ICly Characters ARE working for the Inquisition and that makes them a paranoid and untrustworthy lot who keep a close eye on their Cellmates. Both Sanctioned Psykers and Unsanctioned Witches are capable of bending the laws of reality using the Warp. In the Superstitious 40Kverse, I think it's "okay" for the Assassin to have a "hunch" about your character. Maybe it's IC instinct, goosebumps his character gets when your character uses the Power. Perhaps the Assassin would be obsessively hounding one of the other PC's if he had some "suspicions" or "hunch" about them (i.e. knew something OOC) I think if your character can't "come out of the closet" as a Gay Psyker....no wait, I mean as just a Psyker....(sorry), then you're going to need to develop some ICly and OOCly tactics to provide a "smoke screen" of sorts against the other PCs finding out. But seriously: the Gay thing: What if you had announced to the Player Group OOCly that your character is secretly "Gay", then one Player decided his character has "Gaydar" and tries to find out your ICly secret IC. This scenario would make for a bit of "fun" and a kind of "joke" in which to liven up a rather HEAVY, SERIOUS, GRIMDARK game. Perhaps you should try to have some fun with the Assassin's Player, instead of letting it get to you. It is only a game after all... It just happens to be the BEST GAME EVER!!!
  7. Nulls, Blanks, Pariahs, Untouchables...whatever you want to call them: YES! They can be very useful depending on the circumstances. IMO, I believe a PC Null could become an Inquisitor despite the drawbacks of the package. Or course working with Imperial Psykers of any kind would prove extremely difficult. This would include NPC Navigators and Astropaths as well as their respective organizations if knowledge of this Inquisitor's condition got around. As far as keeping it a secret...that is a whole nuther can of worms. Unless you employ some kind of non-Imperial teknology, I can't see that being possible. The teknical tools needed to hide that kind of thing and project a "normal" aura into the Warp would have to come from an Archeotech, Xeno or (most likely) a Hereteknical source. (please note I have not read the Ravenor Novels) And Also: I seem to find it strange that no one has mentioned that there might be those within the Imperium WHO SEEK OUT AND PURGE THE UNNATURAL ABOMINATIONS KNOWN AS UNTOUCHABLES. Yeah...aren't those the guys we render into Psycannon Bolts whenever we find them? Though if you want to get REALLY Radical, maybe you can find a way to create more nulls using proscribed teknology. Then you could make a Grand_Army_of_Untouchables!!! ...or at least a strike team...
  8. uh...yeah. I retract my previous statement. An Inquisitor MAY have UP TO a Grand/Battle Crusier as his PERMANENT main ship, but a Flotilla would likely only come about in a few rarer circumstances. So I'd say one main ship on a permanent basis, calling up other ships as needed from the Adepta, Navy and other Allies. The size of the main ship would likely depend upon the Influence and status of the Inquisitor. A Powerful, Experienced and Very Influential Inquisitor could have permanent use of a Grand/Battle Crusier with the ability to call up support vessels as needed. A newly minted Inquisitor might not have a ship at all. I personally like the Frigate as an Inquisitorial Naval vessel as it has a lot of versatility. If you're REALLY interested in 40K Ships, you're definitely going to want to look at some of the Rogue Trader books, especially the Battlefleet Koronus supplement.
  9. IMO: Grand/Battle Cruiser with flotilla of support/escort vessels.
  10. One fine morning... A young Adeptus Sororitas Novice comes before her Sister Superior and claims to have been "Blessed" by the Emperor, saying that she can see "Auras". The Sister Superior immediately thinks "WTF?! Is this Novice a Witch? Has she made a Damnable Pact with some Dark Power? How can this be possible?" Being the upright Monodominant she is, the Sister Superior strips the Novice of her rank, casting her out of the Sororitas and the Ecclesiarchy and throws her in a dungeon to be tortured and interrogated in the worst possible ways for months on end. Strangely, this now Former Novice, though Denounced and Condemned seems to genuinely hold on to her Faith and seems to truly believe that she has been "Blessed" by the Emperor. The Sister Superior is in a pickle and is not sure what to do. She could always just throw the Former Novice on the Pyre, but what would that mean for the reputation of her Monastery, Order and the Adeptus Sororitas in general? The Former Novice isn't going anywhere, so she sends an Astropathic message to a trusted Monodominant of the Ordo Hereticus, explaining the situation and asking for advice. Enter the Xanthite... The Xanthites being an Ancient, Powerful Faction, knowledgeable in the forbidden natures of the Warp beyond ANY of their peers, have established a network of listening posts to intercept Astropathic signals. This is especially helpful for learning if others in the Inquisition are plotting against their Faction or their colleagues. They intercept the Sister Superior's message and immediately know that this Novice has a rare and useful Gift indeed. They send their quickest ship and a trusted member of their Faction to acquire this Denounced and Condemned Novice before the Monodominants of Ordo Hereticus can respond. Upon arrival... Inquisitor X to Sister Superior: "Oh yes, Inquisitor <blank> and I go way back. I am here on his behalf to relieve you of your burden. Here is the message that you sent. This problem is no longer yours to worry about and the reputation of your Monastery and Order will remain intact." Inquisitor X takes the Ex-Novice with him kicking and screaming (because she can see HIS aura). The Sister Superior thinks nothing of it until a few days later when she receives an Astropathic message from her Monodominant contact saying "Burn the Witch immediately!!!" By then it's too late and the Xanthites have in their possession a Powerful Tool. The Xanthite Faction studies the Warp and the Blasphemous creatures within it to better defend the Imperium against such threats. A member of the Ordo Malleus may find himself slaying the same Daemon over and over through out his career. He begins to think, "What's the point? These creatures are immortal." He confides his doubts in an older, wiser, more powerful member of his Ordo. The Senior Inquisitor takes the younger aside and says, "What if a way could be found to imprison such a being? Using the proper rites it could be turned into a powerful tool to be used against the Enemy Beyond". And so the younger Inquisitor starts down the Path of the Xanthite. This faction wants to control and enslave Chaos, not succumb to it. Therefore the members of this Faction must be watched closely by their peers. And if a member DOES succumb, it is their Xanthite peers who will be found leading the charge against their Fallen former comrade. The Denounced and Condemned Ex-Sororitas makes for an excellent Tool in evaluating the Alcolytes and Peers of the Xanthite Inquisitors. With enough successes, the Ex-Novice can tell if the target of her scrutiny is a Psyker, a Null or if their Aura is artificial in some way, and if so, is the result of a Daemonic Power, Psychic Power, technology, etc. Knowing the ways of the Warp and of the Power of Faith, they would most likely try to shelter her from gaining too much Corruption so that her Faith can continue to provide her with a defense against the Taint of the Warp and the Enemy Beyond. She has been cut off from her ties to the Adeptus Sororitas and the Ecclesiarchy. It would be nigh on impossible for her to be sending back regular "reports" to her former comrades. Even if she could, they would not pay them heed. She is too far gone, a Witch and Heretic, Denounced and Condemned, not to be trusted. Taken away from everything she knows, and surrounded by the Xanthites, she would slowly become re-indoctrinated, re-educated. "Your former Sisters would have thrown you on the Pyre and your God-Emperor given Gift would have gone to waste. You can still serve the Imperium and the God-Emperor as an Alcolyte in the Inquisition. It is your destiny..." Thus, the Former Adeptus Sororitas starts down the Path of the Xanthite. While not a "Chaos Sororitas" by any means... She is perhaps now more of a "Dark Sororitas", fully indoctrinated into the Xanthite philosophy. Her Faith protects her against the Enemy Beyond, and with the proper Rites, may even allow her to take up the Daemon Blade without suffering the corrupting effects that most would. Such a character would be well suited to turn the weapons of the Enemy against itself and become a Xanthite Sororitas... ---->My 2 Cents P.S. Only a Powerful group of Puritan Inquisitors, with totally concrete evidence, presented before a High Conclave, have a chance of having one SINGLE Xanthite Inquisitor Excommunicated. Such is the Power, Influence and Potency of this Ancient Faction of the Inquisition. Also: The Xanthite presented here is the mainstream type, the "True Xanthites". Radical: yes, but not as extreme as SOME Factions (Oblationists, Phaenonites, Horusians, etc...)
  11. The Robes of the Adeptus Mechanicus are a Rust Red color. Sometimes their robes are a lighter Rust Red or a darker Rust Red. Sometimes a Rust Red trimmed with white, gold, silver or black. It is a rare Tech-Priest who wears white robes. It probably denotes a particular faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus that we outsiders would never truly be able to understand the specifics of, unless we had half our brain replaced with a Cogitator. It is actually more common for them to wear black robes that to wear white, though the Tech-Priests who wear black robes are usually the Hereteky kind.
  12. "It's all fun and games until the walls start to bleed" IN THE GRIM-DARK OF 40K, THERE IS NO "FUN", ONLY WAR!!! For lots of "FUN", I suggest you use the Weaken Veil Minor Power as much as possible. Don't even bother picking up Resist Possession. As far as Major Disciplines go, Pyromancy is by far the most "FUN" IMO. What could be better than torching whole cities in the name of the Imperium? WITH YOUR MIND!!! And if a few thousand innocents die in the inferno, it's totally cool so long as you get that ONE Heretic.
  13. My group has found many uses for these "Tradecraft" skills as the characters have done many covert missions during their careers as Alcolytes. Deception and Disguise are probably the most useful, if you have the Fellowship to back them up. Inquiry has uses in both covert and overt operations. Scrutiny is a "must have" IMO. Logic and Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) was used by our Adept to decode the Cipher of a Cell of Alcolytes serving a rival, Radical Inquisitor. Interrogation is often used, though our Psyker has acquired Telepathy and bypasses the need for that skill with his "Mind-****" abilities. Concealment and Silent Move skills have served our Assassin quite well. Awareness is also a "must have". Overall, I would say that these "Tradecraft" skills are VERY important to the Alcolyte, second only to combat prowess. You don't want to be slinging around the Inquisitorial =I= wherever you go... Of course, many DH games will vary in style and theme depending on the GM.
  14. IH pg. 50, under "The Power of Faith": "The Adeptus Sororitas and certain other blessed individuals are not merely servants of the Emperor; they are embodiments of the purity of His faith. Their faith is of such an intensity and focus that it is more than a mere belief; it is a power in itself, a power that can achieve great and terrible things... While many have faith in the Emperor, only a few have faith of sincerity, purity and, above all, focus that can manifest as miraculous effects." To the GMs (and Players too): Would you ever allow a Non-Sororitas PC to take the Pure Faith Talent as an Elite Advance? Under what circumstances? (This has been on my mind while reading the recent topics concerning the Adeptus Sororitas and the nature of Faith in 40K.)
  15. Though the Emperor is a "Pimp", as in he is "The Man" and totally awesome, He WILL put the smack down on anyone who gets between Him and his fine, fine special lady friends: The Adeptus Sororitas. That being said... The Adeptus Sororitas are a very insular organization and the most likely place where one of them might find a lover is among another member of their own convent. I think that the possibility does exist for a rare few of the Orders Militant to turn a blind eye to some discrete relations amongst the Sisters of that Order. Though the Rules of the Sororitas are the same through out the Imperium, each Canoness may interpret these rules differently depending on the Traditions established by the founding Saint. A debate about the interpretation of "What is Love" is best left to a forum dedicated to philosophy. The vast majority of the Orders would censure such acts with varying degrees of punishment depending once again on interpretation and Tradition. Though the Sororitas' indoctrination turns them into Fanatics, they are still ultimately human. Interestingly enough, no where in the IH Adeptus Sororitas Ranks are they given access to the Chem-Geld Advance. Their natural human sexuality, coupled with their zealous commitment to self-denial allows them to channel their sexual frustrations into a potent weapon to be unleashed upon the Enemies of Mankind. This is evident by the symbolism of their organization, the Fleur-de-lis as well as the obvious sexuality of their power armor. I do side very much with Lynata's interpretations of the Sororitas, though ultimately it will depend on the style of your GM, who is final authority in interpreting the 40Kverse. @ Lynata: thank you very much for the wonderful Sororitas fluff.
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