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  1. I guess this game is dead in the water as our GM hasn't been seen in forever. And He seemed to have removed me from the Steam account as a friend on it. Well folks just send me a PM letting me know what you guys want to do. I know blackfocker said something about possible running a Dark Heresy game to me. So as I don't know much on what everyone else wants to do just send me a PM to let me know what everyone wishes to do and I can be o skype to play or what ever. Niles
  2. So do we have a vote on which one of these ships we should take up? I personally don't know enough about how things work on Ship combat ot know what is good and what isn't. I know a fast ship that is manuverable and has good room for collecting anything we find later. And from my character's point of view a Torphy room wouldn't be bad idea since he loves to collect stuff from his kills.
  3. Sorry if this has been posted before but does anyone know of a PDF sheet that is print friendly that would be setup for Scout armor. I just got the first founding book and I place a space Wolf and turned him into a Wolf Scout but the current sheets just have the normal power armor which is nice but I'm wanting to find one for the scout armor and all it's stuff on it so it's easier to remember what all it has instead of having to open up my RoB book or have to write it down on a seperate sheet. I have seen a dreadnaught one but I'm hoping there is one for the Scout armor too.
  4. I just logged into my Skype and noticed a message from Friday of the 23rd. Did we actually have the game even tho I got a e-mail saying that we weren't playing until the 6th of Jan?
  5. vehzeel said: Can Noble borns become psykers? If you roll class, you can but there is no mention of it in the box where the other noble born professions are discussed. Inquisitor's handbook page 16 in the black "Sidebar" above all the benifits you get for being Noble Born lists all the classes you can be with a samll detail about why they take up such careers. Why it's apart the random table after all the new background things I have no idea. I'm thinking typo. since it says in the black box that these are the careers they can take.
  6. @LETE: Well I'm not allowed to use any adventures that can be found before hand for the con. I would have picked one of the introductory ones one of the hosts for the con told me that I cannot do so because it will give the players a chance to know what is happening before hand and what not. I don't really see how it's a problem since there are several and without the players knowing what I'll be running until the day of the convention they wouldn't be able to find it before hand. But I must obey the rules of the con. @Gregorius21778: That is some pretty good advice there since I've never ran a con where I have so little time to run a game. Everytime I run a game i do it when the players have the next day off so we can play for as long as they want. Sometimes even my games through Skype go beyond the time it was suppose to a few week ends a rogue Trader game I'm in went from 10 - 4 am my time. So giving me much needed ways to keep everything flowing at a good pace helps. A mission I was thinking something rather simple like maybe Corrupt Comssiar smugging something to gangs or something. Something where the enemies won't be too much and won't have to make such a big story about it. I have a year to do this and I want to get it done as soon as possible and maybe run it through with friends to see how well it does for time and such since I also have to make the characters which is quick but the persona part is what will take a bit of time. @signoftheserpent: Well that's kind why I wanted the advice in the first place so I know how to balance the enemies. I'm use to being thrown at all enemies no matter how hard they are compared to me and doing the same to players allowing the players to figure out how to get out of the mess but this being a Con I don't want to ruin the fun for anyone that is spending their free time to play the game when there will be like 20 or so other games going on at the same time that might be ever so much forgiving compared to this one. Thank you everyone for the advice I will continue to look forward for more even when I think I don't need it anymore advice and idea's are always good to continue to make games fun.
  7. Thanks for that. That actually helps me keeping away from having to look through all the books to get all the status and keeps it simple for the players. I don't want to be the one that screw up the game for new people since I've got no clue how much of the universe and such the players are going to know about it. I'm pretty much doing kid gloves. I do thank everyone for your advice on this. if more advice keeps coming I will continue to read them. I'm just wanting to make it a success at this con.
  8. soldeen70 said: "Having more idea of what monsters I shouldn't throw at a party would be good. A simple game of maybe smuggling or something like that would be enough I suppose and keep the enemies to be like a PC Scum or something and a boss type character at the end for a guardsman kind of character. Allowing for all kinds of different options to take not just kill the guys but what ever the players can think of." Hey, Running good introduction games for new people (even first tiem RPGers) can be quite difficult. As you said a mix of combat and interactions is good. Personally I would start my game off with first an intro and a breifing, start the PCs mission off with a small interaction encounter, then give them a choice of a few (anywhere from 3+ depending on time) events/ encounter/ things they can do that progresses the story(interactive or combat) . these lead on to different variations of the final encounter/even which could be a mix of combat and interacting etc which leads to variations of the end. It makes the players feel a lot more control over the game apposed to them bieng forced down 1 path with no alternative avenues that lead to a simmilar end, Ive noticed all the new players I have done this for think it's cool that thier decicions actually effect the world and story they are in. I would go for either a ship, hive city (a sector of it), a mining (or simmilar) facility that has camps etc, get the game to deal with small corruptions and issues, you could (as you said) make the majority of enemies simple scum or what not. The 'boss' character could be a mutant who has mutated from bieng to close to chaos etc, or a guardsman who is corrupt and is really incharge of the cult or what not. Sorry if all of the above makes no sense, it's late at night here and im quite tired. Hope your game goes good Cheers Everything you have said makes perfect sense to me. I normally run a "sandbox" like campaigns that way players have total freedom to complete a goal how ever they see fit as each character has a unique personality and such. Yeah the medium they wish for me to use for this is "Open RPG" which is pretty much text based so for me to keep a good time pace I'm going to have to copy and paste things to shave some time off of the actually typing part. I'm going to use a less formal way of storytelling for this convention compared to what I would use for a full blown campaign. I tend to put alot of story into my work as in what everything is like to give players the atmosphere for what is happening around them so the adrenaline starts to pump and they truly enjoy themselves in the universe. Gregorius21778 said: Gregorius21778 said: Based on what you said above, my best advise is to bail out. If you are not experience with logistic, do not lead an logistic project. If you have no experience in law and court, do not become a judge. That said (and already taking into account that you will not take this advise): Do you know how many players you will have to host? Do you know about how much time you will have for the group starting with "hello, I am.." to "and that is it. Thank you for attending"? "Next year" like in "in a few month" or next year like in "withing the next few weeks" ? Do you know about any other factors that have to do with game play said day/evening? "Premades are out", any other no-go´s or have-to´s ? You are correct I can not bail out of this. I'm am bound to the mission at hand as if i was a criminal being taken by the Adeptus Arbites. I am bound so much it is as if I'm wearing a Strait Cape. Now for the serious part on the questions you have asked it's pretty simple From what I've been told I will be host a game for about 5 or 6 players, I get 20 minutes before the actual game start for introductions and such and the game is suppose to last between 3 to 4 hours. Sorry if this next year part is a board term. I keep forgetting it's almost the end of the year. The Con's actual date is Nov. 16-18 2012. Other factors I was hoping to use the little introductory mission presented on this site since I actually have ran through it a little with a group I started playing with on Mondays but the hosts told me that it has to all be unique so no one has access to the material before hand. I try to argue with it but it's like being in Court again. Other things that I have to do and not allowed to do are like I have to make all characters myself give them personailities and a brief history on them. That's all easy as far as I'm concern. I'm not allowed to do any house rules or anything like this. From all the details I've been given I'm suppose to run this game as if I was giving a demo at a game conference. Make it fun and Challenging but not to where its not forgiving. This part worries me since the universe of 40k is unforgiving in itself. which just feels like a oxymoron to me. If the players don't understand the risks or feel there really isn't one and since this game is only for a con they might think that gives them the right to play stupid. I'm suppose to make sure that those that do play smart don't get killed. I tried to explain lots of things about the Degrees of success and failures and Fate points but no idea how much the guy actually understood.
  9. Thank you for your responses. If I was running this game for the sake of those that know of our world well I'd have no problem with wiping out a party if it happens. I mean it's just as easily for me to roll really bad and the players roll great. Although those running this con want me to scale and such but from what I've seen that seems to be difficult. Those hosting this con are mostly experinced with games that as you level up you get more health as in this game that is enterily based on your job I'm going to have to make all the characters and such myself and they're talking about a level 3 3-4 hour game so everyone has a chance to try it. And this is suppose to be tailored to those that have never played so I do want to incorprate both interaction but some combat so they can truly learn the game and get a feel for the universe. One of the guys in charge of the GM's doesn't seem to understand the concepts to well compared to what other main stream games contain in them. I'm just going to setup a simple mission that can be played reasonable fast in real times since the medium I'm required to use is some kind of virtual table thing. Having more idea of what monsters I shouldn't throw at a party would be good. A simple game of maybe smuggling or something like that would be enough I suppose and keep the enemies to be like a PC Scum or something and a boss type character at the end for a guardsman kind of character. Allowing for all kinds of different options to take not just kill the guys but what ever the players can think of. As I see it this game is really based on team work and thinking. NO matter how much you hate each other. I say this last part because in the DH game I'm in I play an Noble Arbitrator and we have a scum in the group. Not exactly going to like each other but will work together to achieve a common goal. Everyone's opinions are welcome. I want to make this game for first timers as fun as possible. If I do poorly on it then I have failed as a GM.
  10. Hello everyone I'm needing advice as the title says. I've been roped into playing a small "Mission" at a Game convention next year and wish for all the advise I can get. I've never GMed this kind of game and have little experience with it. I was hoping of some things that I shouldn't do when making this mission this game is suppose to be a way for folks to learn and i've been told i can't use the introductory mission listed here on this site. So any advice on what monsters and such to avoid and such for skill tests so people don't get angry about it. This game to me seems very harsh and unforgiving compared to most games like Pathfinder or D&D type games I kind like it where the risk is great and the reward is little. It's all about the story to me more so then getting the better weapon ect. I prefer a game that requires you to think as dark heresy has vs D&D where most of time you roll and hope to get lucky. Any and all advice is welcome to assist me that will bring future gamers into this game. Thanks you, Niles Draconia
  11. It's okay my friend. I'm sorry that you were sick glad that your okay tho. Also i wish you had been there as we might not have gotten in such trouble if the smooth talker was present at the location the guardsman had tried to gamble with a pirate and lost. Almost getting us killed because of a freaken mining planet that had some Xeno's on that that reminded me of Tyrandis. I did manage to keep the party and my self from being ate by one such Xeno. On the note of the game this week not sure if we're going to have a session or not. DrPerson said he has something important to do this weekend that will mostlikly prevent such a thing. On the Christmas Eve thing I'm game. I don't celebrate the holidays for various reasons. But that doesn't mean everyone else doesn't.
  12. Kagra said: That's the complete opposite of what I'm used to seeing in the games I've played before. I remember back in a D&D game about a year or so ago, we had more critical misses in combat than hits. That's especially bad, because we weren't just level 1 either, and most of us had good bonuses to attack. Then, we'd get like 20s galore on the climb, jump, knowledge, ect tests. That's funny. that was like me a few week ends ago at a 4E D&D and I couldn't hit crap with my combat spells. But I'm unsure on what everyone's rank is. I know the guardsman isn't far from hitting the Scout Rank table. I'm only a Rank 1 Wolf Scout right now but I'm also the power house when it comes to Combat.
  13. Okay thank you. I was looking through all the books and couldn't find anything to say one way or the other and the Errata for DH doesn't have a FAQ section like the Deathwatch one does so I thought I'd ask here to see if the books have it some where that I might have missed before asking the GM. Thank you again. I shall send him a message.
  14. I'm extermly sorry if this has been answered before but I couldn't find it in the forums through the search function. I'm wondering if you get a extra "mastery" of a skill if you get the same skill due certain things at character creation. I'm right now trying to roll up a Noble born Arbitrator And I get skills that are from both the Birth place and Job part. So would I get a +10 to those skills or is that left to the GM's descrission this game is to be played using a combo of Maptools and Skype. Thank you, Niles
  15. ROFL. Well if you plan on joining us then allow me to warn you as our new navigator has found we're a very broad group. It's just funny with all the things that have happen int he last 3 game sessions. I have come to the conclusion that the god Emperor only helps us when we really need it. Like allowing me to grapple a giant centipede like Xeno instead of being ate. But when we try to do simple mundane tasks we fail at every test that we are given by the Emperor. Only when our lives are in moral peril do we actually succeed at anything.
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