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    Hantheman got a reaction from VanorDM in Is this a MINIATURES Game or a CARD Game?   
    Actually for almost every miniature game the model itself is just a piece of decoration - the base is what get measured to and from - only in certain cases such as height based LOS does the actual mode get measured to.
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    Hantheman reacted to EastCoast in Justify LRS   
    I couldn't fully justify LRS, so I right justified it instead:



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    Hantheman reacted to stuffedskullcat in How Noone talking about Rear Torpedoes??   
    Because rear torpedoes are nobodies business but their own.
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    Hantheman reacted to Chucknuckle in Ordnance fixes might have broken (some) missions   
    This attitude is part of what is wrong with this game.
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    Hantheman reacted to Belamont in System Open Voting is Live   
    TIE Puninsher
    Rebel Hawk
    For the best troll
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    Hantheman reacted to Djaskim609 in What is the new missions in Punishing One and Ghost?   
    punishing one gives one player the punishing one with a loadout (or you can do your own with a total of 56 points) against a 100 pt rebel list that must have four ships. You have six obstacles like normal, but the punishing one player gets to place 3 warp tokens on the map. after every round the P1 has the option of moving his ship within range one of one of the tokens. Either player wins by destroying the other. 
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    Hantheman got a reaction from heychadwick in What is the new missions in Punishing One and Ghost?   
    Title says it all - I won't be getting the wave soon - so I'm just wondering for those you get it on release date what's the new missions?
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    Hantheman reacted to FTS Gecko in Tractor Beam amount in Mist Hunter?   
    You could even say it's... baffling
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Sacrilege83 in The Cataclysm new expansion is announced   
    Hmmmm interested in how this works with the 4 corner boards and other expansions. 
    Extremely interested in this as this finally replaces one of the most dated components - the main board. Hopefully this can speed up games so that it no longer takes half a day a game.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Biophysical in Who do you target first in a Chewbo list?   
    Need to know what stuff... 
    Chewie with 3PO, Han and stuff Falcon Leebo with HLC, outrider, recon spec   This is already 95 pts - the last 5 is impt. I'd choose the first most exposed and burn it.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Odanan in X-Wing "Advanced" Miniatures Game project   
    Yeah most of the TIE pilots shold be able to fly a TIE fighter as thats the basic trainer
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    Hantheman reacted to Dagonet in What if certain ships had special rules that applied to them based on what they were used for in-canon?   
    People tend to confuse what they've seen with how little was actually shown, in canon material.
    In canon, it is known to be slower but stronger than an X-Wing, but naught else.
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    Hantheman reacted to AdmiralThrawn in New to Scum what are the killer combos and such   
    Spice runnerX6.
    With a four point initiative bid how could you loose?
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Odanan in X-Wing "Advanced" Miniatures Game project   
    Well... its just the more content u generate at a go without testing means a LOT more testing is required to tweak. This is what I actually do, but for video games - by the time I'm tru with game usually I'm quite sick of it Try to have fun at it tho! When I rope in people who work on other parts of the game to help me on some tests, they at least have a lot of fun.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from nitrobenz in Price Check: HWK-290 (Scum and Rebels)   
    Palob Godalhi & Roark Garnet need a name swap. 
    Palob Godalhi was a member of the resistance against the empire and rebel alliance supporter.
    Roark Garnet was a politically neutral smuggler.
    Their abilities PS and other stats can stay the same.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from mamajamma21 in What do you do with three players?   
    Royal Rumble!!!!!
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    Hantheman reacted to Warpman in Help Choosing Which Scum Large Ship To Buy?   
    Get yourself a Tooth and as soon as Punishing one arrives to the shop, take it as well!
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    Hantheman got a reaction from ptg2000 in In the EU, is there ever a case of a bounty hunter or smuggler using a Lambda Shuttle?   
    Jodo Kast - the Boba Fett wannabe - used a modified Lambda.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Jiwestone in X-Wing "Advanced" Miniatures Game project   
    Just get your own thing up and enjoy the stuff you bought - I've had similar ideas in the past but they've never gotten past the idea stage.
    Don't let ppl pressure you into making things you are comfortable with modifying. What you are doing is similar to modding/hacking a pc game. You can choose to do anything from simple skinning to full blown code fixes. You aren't being paid to do this - so do what's fun for u
    Writing a game system however can be really tedious - and this isn't a commercial project for us - its basically "for fun" - for our own homebrews. Start small - if just modifying cards then playtesting is what you are comfortable with - do that. When ppl throw out big ideas, just use what you think you can use in your homebrew and try not to be intimidated by the immesity of the whole game system at once.
    @MajorJuggler the idea of different dice has come to me, especially for different weapon types (energy, ion?, explosive, ballistic), so have the actions introduced with huge ships - the main impetus was not really to replace X-Wing (which has its own charm in abstract simplicity) but to a system that bridges closer to the SW lore. Haven't had the time to think too deeply into it yet let alone play with the math.
    And yes as I currently do game testing, consumers and non-technical testers are generally the worst accept game design ideas from, but the best people to actually find problems.
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    Hantheman reacted to Odanan in X-Wing "Advanced" Miniatures Game project   
    It's an interesting idea for an "X-Wing Miniatures RPG", but not inside the scope of my mod.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Plainsman in What do you do with three players?   
    Royal Rumble!!!!!
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    Hantheman got a reaction from DagobahDave in Price Check: System and Tech Upgrades   
    I wouldn't mess too much with Enhanced Scopes for now - its a perfect minelayer's system - tho so far only the only bomber that can use it is the punisher (and aggressor kinda). It's one of those upgrades that just doesn't have the right ship to pair with yet.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Baaa in HOW IMPORTANT IS PILOT SKILL?   
    Scum's a later designed faction - a lot of their great skills are in the mid PS level - a lot of ships here break the golden rule by having an ability that you want to play - so you just ignore PS and roll with the ups and down of the PS game.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from Sir Orrin in HOW IMPORTANT IS PILOT SKILL?   
    Currently PS is best at the extreme ends - either as high as possible to move last/shoot first or as low as possible to save on points. Unless you need a specific ability, or EPT slot, this is more or less the golden rule.
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    Hantheman got a reaction from KryatDragon in X-Wing "Advanced" Miniatures Game project   
    Game design is always messy
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