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  1. Almost noone I know who plays, plays the current rotation exclusively (currently 3 of my younger ex-colleagues). Most people I know play some version of classic or vintage. Rotation is still useful for newer/younger players however.
  2. Meh ppl come and go - priorities in life change - different things like up time. The last game of X-Wing I played was in April or May this year when we got wave 8 here. Since then the people I play with have been busy, I began learning to play the guitar, Pokemon Go launched and took up a large chunk of my time, etc etc. While I love game data analysis, theory talk, and other technical details of the game, I'm purely a casual player of X-Wing. While I have friends who play competitively, run tournaments & leagues etc, I prefer to play with a smaller group on a non-competitive level. Play the game however you like it with who ever you like to play it with.
  3. The starviper (outside of maybe guri) and the kihraxz are barely any better than the scyk. And scum doesn't have 10 small ships. We have 8 (until wave 10). 3 of those are stolen from rebels (hwk/ywing/z95), 2 of them aren't really competitive (starviper/kihraxz), g1a had slight use with zuckuss, might see more with uboats gone, scyk MIGHT see play with the heavy scyk change. Protectorate is pretty much the one scum-only small ship that I think will see good competitive use. It has 10 as of wave 10 - the rebel and imp numbers are also based on wave 10 additions. A ship doesn't have to be scum exclusive - just because it is not exclusive does not make it any less useful as they have different abilities and upgrade slots, as well as upgrades that can only be used by that faction. Aside from the 4 ships shared by scum and other factions, I have also included the TIE Fighter to both rebel and scum as both will be able to field it but in different roles. Again as I have mentioned, where s&v falls behind is the extra pilots from non-expansion releases - all s&v ships only have 4 different pilots (unique + non-unique), except for the Z-95 which has 1 special pilot that cannot be fielded normally, and can only be used with a specific upgrade, & the Protectorate starfighter which has 6 different pilots. As of wave 10 S&V will have 58 different pilots + the Natash Pup. Rebels and Imps have had additional pilots from core sets, aces-type expansions and huge ship expansions. As of wave 10 Rebels should have 84 different pilots (If I counted correctly; not all of them can be used in the same squad, eg Rebel Han and Resistance Han are the same pilot for purpouse of uniqueness, but are different pilot cards with different abilities; likewise various members of the Rebels crew are the same pilot for purpouse of uniqueness and abilities, but are flying different ships with different stats and dials.) As of wave 10 Imps should have 94 different pilots (If I counted correctly). FFG has obviously taken this into account as wave 10 is the first wave where the only 1 S&V ship was announced at the normal announcement time. Hopefully their next step is to balance out the number different pilots for S&V; dumbers don't have to be exactly the same (imps and rebels don't have exactly the same number either, and rebels have more uniques, while imps are heavier on non-uniques), but a 30% gap in the options for pilots is very large. As of wave 10 Rebels should have 80 different pilots
  4. A K-Wing comes with 2 TLTs - unless you want 4 you don't need 2 K-Wings.
  5. Haha despite the name of the game - I have never paricularly liked the X-Wing. Only got into the game when they announced the Mist Hunter and Punishing One. Of the stuff I owned and never played are: A-Wing E-Wing Lambda-class Shuttle K-Wing T-70 X-Wing TIE Fighter TIE Phantom X-Wing I always play with at least 1 large ship
  6. Hantheman


    I won't say that wolf pack is "dead" there are still ways to make it work - the super easymode, alphastrike version of it was killed but you can make it work in other ways - you just need to work harder.
  7. Well there is a variant StarViper variant from FFG's SW RPG, and the Vaksai (sp?) variant of the Kihraxz if they choose to go forward with an Aces box. I feel Scum is in a decently mature state at the moment now that our total stinker has been given a slight boost. 10 small and 5 large is a good number vs 10 small/4 large for Imps & 12small/3 large for Rebels. The only difference is in huge ships and number of pilots per ship. I wouldn't mind if they issued a more pricey "Most Wanted 2" with 3 repainted ships, and a bunch of pilots and upgrade cards spread various ships in the faction while fixing the StarViper & Kihraxz (and maybe the G-1A Starfighter as well).
  8. hmmmm... I don't really care for the huge ships other than the Gozanti due to the scale - I especially dislike the Raider as there were other EU ships they could have used. I've always hated the E-Wing. I'm also one of those guys who buys secondary faction ships based on what helps my main faction (Scum), so to the the following expansions are worthless to me: X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing Pretty much most TIE variants
  9. I've not even got my wave 9 yet - but hmmm wave 10... Sabine's TIE Fighter Expansion Pack - 1 for EMP Device and to add stuff my secondary rebel fleet. Upsilon-class Shuttle Expansion Pack - 0 for now, when they spoil the new upgrade cards I might change my mind if I find the upgrades usable and get at most 1. Quadjumper Expansion Pack - 2 for now, maybe more once more is spoiled, looks like it has some tractor beam mechanic. U-wing Expansion Pack - 1 maybe at most. Could use another Sensor Jammer, most of the unique stuff look to be Rebel only, depends on the 2 unspoiled upgrades. TIE Striker Expansion Pack - 0 for now, maybe 1 depending on what the unique Elite card does.
  10. Dislike the hard errata but honestly, I don't see them fixing it any other way. All other methods required some rule exception as the title slot for this ship had already been used. +1 Hull and sec weapon slot for 2 pts makes this ship much more viable now - while cannons remain the best sec. weapons, missiles/torpedos with guidance chips are also a possibility and utility sec weapons might be usuable (eg tractor beam, tacking missile, seismic torp). I've not played in a while - gotta see if I can find something fun!
  11. I haven't been falling in love with the G-1A doesn't seem to play well at all.
  12. Hmmmm more wolves.....
  13. Mara was never a rebel - she was at the last point of her life a Jedi - which happened to co-operate with the Republic most of the times (when they were not falling to the dark side). Han was both an Imperial and Scum before joining the Rebellion - however I dun see this happening until the Han Solo anthology movie releases the year after when the movie writes the new canon. Fel was only briefly with the rebels - he left shortly after to found the new empire. A lot of the Rogue Squadron pilots flew as Imperials before their defection (Biggs, Tycho, Klivien). Ashoka recruits Wedge to the Rebellion in the new canon - not sure of his past before.
  14. This ship, if it does appear in X-Wing, is going to be big and fast - its slightly bigger than the Jumpmaster but not as large as say the YT-1300. It's also a pure combat vehicle unlike every large ship beside the Decimator. The Decimator is good comparison - it has good forward firepower from primary weapons, a turret, and a proper bomb bay. It should be able to carry astromechs and crew maybe both at the same time. The Havoc in particular is very cutting edge so the tile may grant the systems slot. I'd say we will see Nym, Jinkins and Kole as unique pilots plus 1 non unique pilot. I believe this will be a lighter but more nimble version of the Decimator & Ghost Attack is likely 3, with agility 1 or higher, but with less combined hull and shields.
  15. Lone Wolf is a good way to get her targeted as the first ship to need to go down...
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