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  1. Thanks! I plan on coming, if not this week then the next. Is there a current plan for organizing the evening, like a certain quest or any guidelines you have for coming with decks? Does everyone sideboard or have a specific sphere, for example?
  2. Hello! I got in fully recently due to AGoT 1.0 getting the Sean Bean treatment. I am looking for a group to play with on a regular basis. I thought I had seen you all at ET before, but I went last week and no one was there. Do you still meet there or have you changed time and/or place?
  3. Arise, oh Thread! I'm looking for a regular LotR group in north Austin. Is this group still active?
  4. Hey all, I just saw this. I just moved to Austin area (Temple) and I'd love to find a regular play group. I know that DL is open to hosting for their LCG nights, but just need to know there are players. Email me at ach.dan | gmail and we can talk about getting something together after I get back from Worlds in November.
  5. Hello! You should go to the cardgamedb.com CoC forums where most of the traffic has fled. There is a OCTGN league that just got started which you should check out.
  6. Hello Cthonians and Cultists! Please mark your calendars for the DC/MD area Regional Call of Cthulhu tournament. When: Saturday, May 17, 9am Where: Dream Wizards Address: 11772 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852, Phone: 301.881.3530 RSVP to let us know you are coming! On Site Registration: 9 -10 am. Play starts at 10:00. Please be there a little early to sign up and prepare your deck list before the 1st round begins. (RSVP is optional but allows the store to have a better idea of attendance to plan.) Entry Fee: $18, cash (paid on the day of the event) Tournament Description: Swiss-style rounds (number of rounds to be determined by attendance), followed by a cut to the top-ranked players. Finalists will compete in single-elimination rounds to determine the Champion. NOTES: Card sleeves are mandatory at Regional sanctioned tournaments. Deck Lists are required. The most recent rules and FAQ documents will be in effect. Please familiarize yourself with these important documents: Core Rules, FAQ, Tournament Rules, Deck List Form. Prizes: This event will award prizes from the Regionals Championship Kit. Additional Door Prizes will be awarded TBA. Top 64: Alternate art card. Top 16: Set of Clue Tokens. Top 8: Top 8 playmat. Top 4: Set of wooden domain cards. Champion: Regional Championship acrylic trophy and 1st-place certificate granting one bye at the National Championship. More Info: Phone: 301-881-3530, email: laurel@dreamwizards.com Visitor Information: Hotels, Transportation, Sightseeing - Please see Dream Wizards website.
  7. btw Damon. It's MEA culpa. And yes, tua culpa.
  8. No, what matters is how that face-up card got there. Prism only allows for a card that is in your deck to be physically flipped over. It hasn't changed it's state as a card in your deck, and you normally can't trigger cards that are actually in your deck. Prophecies however are played on top of the deck through a triggered effect, which allows for the effect on the prophecy to be triggered. It is creating a special state which physically is on your deck for purposes of drawing or manipulating the deck, but is also triggerable. It's confusing as heck, but hey.
  9. The Shifting Sands pack is still generally available, but it's stock may be dwindling a bit. I recently asked my FLGS to order a few and they said that their distributors still had it in stock. Perhaps you should ask your FLGS to order it for you. Yep I did that and they still can have some. Glad I asked Should I complete this cycle too? Some packs are under 10 bucks at my FLGS...Into Tartarus and Breathinj Jungle are sold at 8.99CAD... Yes, you should. Those packs have some excellent cards for all factions, including the Master of the Myths, which can be played in any faction. It is a great deal!
  10. Updated the OP with the info for the SC on March 15 in Fairfax, VA. Also, don't forget the SC in Baltimore on March 16!
  11. The Shifting Sands pack is still generally available, but it's stock may be dwindling a bit. I recently asked my FLGS to order a few and they said that their distributors still had it in stock. Perhaps you should ask your FLGS to order it for you.
  12. Welcome to the game kkortekaas! What area are you in? Just fyi, a lot of the community has migrated over to the Cardgamedb forums (www.cardgamedb.com). You may get faster and more thorough responses over there. Expanding your cardpool can seem very daunting, but FFG has done a good job making the deluxe boxes very good options to make interesting and competitive decks without having to get everything. Right now, MU, Yog, and Syndicate have their own deluxe box, so any of those would be a good faction to expand at first. So it's good that you like MU. In regards to good cards/sets/packs, I will refer you to the deckbuilder on the site I mentioned above. You can peruse cards there to see which ones you like. I would also recommend looking at posted deck lists from recent tournaments that feature Agency, Shub, or MU to see which cards they tend to use. Lastly, I have written some articles called Pacta Arcana that explores deckbuilding with two factions, and I've paired the 3 factions you like in different ways. So you can read those and see which pairings appeal to you and go from there. I hope this helps, but you also may want to start a thread over on cardgamedb to get more responses.
  13. Just a reminder to RSVP for the CoC Store Championship event so that we have an idea of attendees. This will help us make sure we have enough space and enough story decks. If you're unsure at this point, it's okay, but try to RSVP if possible. This will be a great introductory tournament. I'm bringing a fun deck and we will have a lot of new players by the sound of it, so please come out even if you're new to the game or to tournaments!
  14. The only ones I can think of specifically for supports in MU are Lucas Tetlow, which you should have, and Magnetic Spike from the pack Never Night. As far as packs go, the following are pretty good for MU: The Spawn of the Sleeper (Dr. Carson, Sleeping Pills, and Rabbit's Foot) Into Tartarus (Archaeology Interns, Mask of Sthenelus) Words of Power (Infirmary, Research Assistant, and the neutral Marcus Jamburg)
  15. Glad you are back trying out the game! Most of the traffic has moved over to www.cardgamedb.com in the forums there. A lot of the more seemingly complex questions are answered in the FAQ found on the CoC support page. 1) Nope. 2) Yes. The only time it matters is when exhausting is part of the cost (you can tell it's cost because it will be worded "do X to do Y"). 3a) Yes, events and abilities (effects on characters and supports in play) can be triggered any time you have the opportunity. For Actions the opportunity to trigger passes back and forth between you and your opponent, active player first. For responses and disrupts, you can trigger these when you want when the opportunity arises, which is stated on the card. For forced responses, it's similar to responses, but you must trigger it, and it's treated like a game triggered effect, not a player triggered effect. 3b) Events are never considered to "enter play" per se. You just "place" it in the play area more as a reminder but it doesn't physically enter play. Once it's resolved it goes to the discard pile. 3c) Sometimes card abilities will specify a limit, but if there is no limit then any characters and supports with Action abilities can be triggered as many times as you can pay for the cost. Disrupts, Responses, and Forced Responses can only happen once per trigger. Events are one shot as they go to the discard (per 3b).
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